The Whistle Pig Hunt’s Page Anomalies

The Whistle Pig treasure hunt consists of page anomalies that remain to be explained.  One has to wonder if their understanding is crucial to the final solving of this literary puzzle.  It would seem to reason that the person who discovers the ‘unmistakable key’ will have learned their intention. And so trying to discover why the anomalies are there would seem to at least lead one closer to the goal.

One of most obvious page anomalies is the fact page 11 is missing.  The numbering of the pages in  the book goes immediately from 10 to 12. This omission reverses the odd and even numbered pages.  Evens are now on the right, instead of being on the left.  Is this change a clue?  Did the missing of 11 (shadow/darkness), bring new light?

Another page anomaly is the X in place of the page number 22 in the book.

These two instances of numbering are definitely deliberate.  What is the Author’s purpose for them?  Like mentioned it’s worth pondering.

As ‘X’ is known to mark the spot, and 22 could be seen to represent February 2 (2-2), could this anomaly be seen as a clue towards ‘seeking the shadow of the pig’.  The key has been in place since 2-2-2003, and the shadow of the pig was seen in that year.  On the back cover we are told to ‘look for the shadow of the whistle pig’, so I find the possibility of X marking the spot (22) as something to investigate further.  Where the shadow is, so is the key, perhaps?

Some of the thoughts I have considered on the deletion of page 11 relate to the theme of ‘firsts’.  11 could be seen as two ‘firsts’.  Or even 1-1 (A new year, January 1st(which is mentioned in one of the stories).  The discovery of the hidden message in the last chapter of the book required the use of ‘firsts’.  Did the missing page of 11 hint to the finding of this message, since it could be represented as ‘missing Firsts’?

It is also interesting to note, that in the beginning of the book is ‘_Year of the_’, with the shadow of the pig on the following page.  This leads one to consider the ‘year of the pig’ in the Zodiac.  Years of the pigs are noticed in the stories.  The year of the pig is the last of the Chinese Zodiac. This would mean the pig comes to light every twelfth year, and so is the ‘shadow of the pig’ the other 11?

This thought of linking the shadow of the pig and the 11 could connect to the instructions stating ‘find the shadow’ and the need to find the ‘firsts’ or the ‘secret message’.


If this is the case, then the anomalies may have been used to clue one towards the finding of the message.  Is the location of the key given by understanding the above ‘first’s’ Riddle?

There is another instance of page numbers I find interesting.  At the beginning of each chapter is an image of a ‘Key’.  There are 3 smaller keys found within the chapters, however.  Two of which are in the ‘First’ (two firsts).  These keys are on pages 4 and 13.

At the end of every chapter are the initials of the Author, DM.  Obviously they are the first letters of his first and last name; Duck Miller.

The initials, DM, can relate to the key’s pages of 4 and 13.  If one numbers the alphabet, D=4, and M=13.  These keys then are also ‘firsts’ in relation to the Author’s name and page numbers.

The third smaller key is found in the last chapter.  Seems to me, the first and last, appear often, but anyway, this key is found on page 78.  I haven’t discovered a connection with this key, other than it is in this chapter where the secret message is found.  This third key is found after the word ‘LEAVE’.  A stretch, but 4 and 13 (DM)add to 17, and there are 17 letters to this point in the message.  Coincidence?  I have no idea.  Lol…but thought I would mention it.

I suppose I sort of like the thought because DM was two firsts (like the missing 11), and the only way to ‘see’ a connection (if even intended and I know it could only be circumstance) is if one knew of the message to know it was after the 17th letter and before the other 21.  Could the location of the key be discovered in the pages between 17 and 21 in some way?  It’s intriguing the word ‘Bare’, ‘center’, Fruit’ and other curious words can be found here.

These are just some thoughts I have considered in my quest for the key of The Whistle Pig treasure hunt.  Feel free to take them or leave them….or offer any of you have had.

Best of luck with whatever you seek.


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