The Undercover Job Treasure Hunt

Mission impossible?  Not at all!  Undercover Job is a wonderful challenge involving nine missions for you to accomplish.  Acting as one the many secret agents on the task, you are on a race to be the first to discover the mysterious location of Depot 2BSTX.  This valuable information and treasure is revealed to you once deciphering all of the nine musical codes! Its exact contents become known further along in the missions!

The treasure hunt was created by The Henning Wolter Trio.  From what I understand, as being one of their new co-agents, they are top secret agents who are undercover, and have disguised themselves as talented jazz musicians.  This is an excellent cover for them, because they are great performers.  I would have never suspected they held hidden agendas.

Alas though, the three super agents are now being watched, and so they need to use their music to conceal hidden messages.  They need our help.  It is up for us to discover these secret messages, so we can retrieve the treasure.

All that is required to become a co-agent is registration on their site; Undercover Job. Here you will find the details to begin your first mission immediately. Each mission must be solved before the next is taken on.  I am assuming, as agents move closer to discovering the location of the treasure, the codes may become more challenging.  However, the trio has stated that any agent, even without any musical talent or knowledge, will be provided with the learning tools needed (if needed) to solve the missions.

Right on the site, in FAQ, they show an example of how music can hide words and messages. The Henning Wolter Trio demonstrates how the number of notes per measure can correlate to letters.  Since we are shown the sheet of music, we can easily see how there are 10 notes, 15 notes, and then only 2 notes in the different measures.  Apply these to a numbered alphabet where A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on, and it is seen the three measures coded the word JOB.

And what a JOB! If you have never been a secret agent before, but wanted to know more about this adventurous life, lots can be learned while trying to solve the codes.  The missions include a mixture of ways messages have been hidden in the past (and present), who have hid them, and why.  It’s exciting!

The first mission is solved by using Morse code. Some of the music notes must in some way compare to ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’.  Now, I haven’t given anything away with saying that.  This important information was released on the site under the NEWS section to help agents quickly complete their task; a place worth looking into.  Clues to various missions are provided here.  The three ingenious agents want to help us discover the location of Depot 2BSTX.  But since they are being watched, they can only give enough away for us to secretly find it, without those ‘bad guys’ getting it first!

So if you want to be a secret agent, here is your chance!  But beware! You might find being a code breaker is more fun than first thought!

Best of luck to all!

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Photo credit- commons-wikimedia/Magnus Manske


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