The Truth in Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Poem

In the search for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure, I find the phrase ‘Where Warm Waters Halt’ fascinating.  Many puzzlers have been relating it to a ‘watery’ location and it may very well be that.  I, too, continue to consider that option.  However, there is said to be an old Indian Proverb which states, “Listening to a liar is like drinking warm water”, and this has grabbed my devotion.

We know Forrest Fenn is interested in the history and culture of Native Americans.  It is not unreasonable to think he may know of the above mentioned Indian Proverb and may have used it in his treasure hunt poem.  If so, then ‘Where Warm Waters halt’ may have nothing to do with ‘water’ specifically, but, where Truth is found.  Truth is discovered where all ‘lies’ of drinking ‘warm waters’ halts.

I suppose I really like the thought of this.  Even though I am just as unsure as to where Forrest Fenn’s Truth could be found, as to where any ‘actual warm streams or rivers (or other warm waters interpretations) halt’, I love the thought of hunting for this special place instead.  For me, the search for Wisdom is the same as the search for Gold.  The tagline for my site is ‘and the Search for the Holy Grail’.  There are many definitions for the Holy Grail.  The one I refer to is the search for ‘Ultimate Wisdom’ (It is an endless Quest for Treasure).

The fact that the beginning of Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt possibly relates to an Old Indian Proverb makes me wonder whether the line ‘If you’ve been wise and found the blaze’ connects, hints, or adds support for a proverb to be used.  Only by discovering ‘where warm waters halt’ (the understanding of a wise proverb), can the blaze be found.  Maybe they are one and the same?

It also makes me question another line of the poem; ‘So hear me all and listen good’.  We are told to ‘listen good’.  Does that imply do not listen to bad/‘lies’.  If this is the case (and I know it may not be), then ‘Your effort will be worth the cold’ (the line of the poem following ‘So hear me all and listen good’), could have some connection to the proverb or blaze.  Since Warm Waters Halts at Truth, it seems to me that then ‘worth the cold’ implies ‘worth the Truth’?  Touch it!

What I find most amazing about the above scenario is how using a different understanding for ‘warm waters halts’ can elegantly bring together and provide important meaning to different parts of the poem which before seemed like filler items.  I believe whoever finds the treasure will understand the deeper meaning behind ALL of the lines of Forrest Fenn’s poem.  It will flow like one complete and essential circuit.

The finding of Forrest Fenn’s treasure is said to be difficult.  It is not supposed to be simple or the value would be worthless.  Whether or not Forrest Fenn’s treasure poem begins where Truth is found, I don’t know.   However, I am thinking it definitely ends there.

Best of luck to you all!


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44 Responses

  1. I feel nothing but outrage when reading about Fenn. I was personally involved with him when working as an Indian Trader in the Northern N.M. area in the early and mid 70’s. I traded and sold “artifacts” and jewelry with Forest for several years, as did many of the other traders in the area. I was more than once invited to view his collection of “artifacts” located in a very private vault in his gallery. Among the pieces I viewed were some rather “macabre” treasures, e.g., an Egyptian mummified foot, and contraband “Indian burial beads”. The latter were collected from burial sites located high atop Mesas in the Hopi tribal grounds. Fenn and his then partner hired a helicopter and desecrated these grave sites in order to gather a collection worth millions. I’m not sorry that I don’t share the awe and respect you all seem to have for the man.

    • Onefeather says:

      If Fenn has taken any thing from a burial site belonging to Native Americans then something should be done about it and he should be made to return the artifacts back. No one has the right to take from any Native American burial site and if he did that just tells one what kind of person he really is. How sad that we have people who steal/take from a burial site.

    • Woody Bogg says:

      Richard . I have to tell you that back in the 70s no one gave a second thought to collecting arrow heads or artifacts . It was something every country boy enjoyed doing along with exploring , hiking hunting and fishing. I grew up in the four corners area and my brother and I spent a lot of time and energy looking for arrow heads and pottery . Mom liked to display them so she had Dad cover peg board with felt so we could tie them down and it would keep them from being lost or taken . When the government made it illegal to own theses things Mom hid them and still to this day no one knows where they are. If you think that is bad. What is worse . Some so called government official that has access to all those things that does what he wants with it at his discretion because he supposedly has the authority where he sells them or puts them away where no one will see them again or an individual that owns them. Many of those things came from private property and ranches in the area.Why should the government be able to steal them from you. If you think they do such a better job (they don’t) look at the scandalous crap they do and their track record. Preservation is a matter of opinion. I think Forrest has done a good job and the treasure poem is right on the mark.

      • Woody Bogg says:

        As a prime example . Take the McPhee Reservoir at Delores Colorado . When they built that Reservoir some of the best artifacts and Indian ruins I’ve ever seen including a mummy with a bone knife went under water to be lost and ruined forever . Our gov did a wonderful job making sure nobody could get to see it.

  2. At first I was intrigued and of course I would love to find gold but after reading about someone knowing him and telling a completely different side of the story. I have always believed that there are 3 sides to every story,yours,theirs,and the truth! Also Forrest says that anyone dying with more than 50 dollars is a failure but here he is with millions and selling books trying to make more.there are more problems with Forrest Fenn! Cat’s don’t change their stripes so what is going on?

    • Checking out says:

      Some people just want to play, others are serious and want to get something done. Bye-bye! This birds flying away!

      • Wink Wink! says:

        75,000 copies of TFTW/TTOTC possibly @ 40$ a copy = 3 million. 10% goes to cancer fund rest goes to Dorothy Massey/Forrest Fenn

        • Jdiggins says:

          And if you had talent and something to market you wouldn’t? Negativity breeds negativity.

        • A,Renee says:

          So what, many write books and not donate a cent, at least he donates to help others, no matter the amount, he doesn’t have to donate anything. But he does, I call it good advertising, this treasure hunt has saved lives, and brought families together, don’t hate on him because He knows how to make money, I hope he grabs every single banana that he can before he,s gone, so screw you and all of the rest of the haters, I wish I was discovering. All of that stuff with him back then, I would’ve grabbed all of the bananas, grapes,pottery, mummies, narrowness and your mom’s shoes too, it dumb if u think the government Hasn’t made tons from selling the same study that they confiscate, I would rather my son be able to see and touch and learn from it. Then to have it taken by the feds, get a life, make your own money and leave him alone, you weirdo freaks,

          • Carolyn says:

            A,Renee, you cracked me up with that one. Jdiggins too. I’m with y’all on this one. Forrest has done a great thing with hiding the treasure and people can change; I have. Perhaps the haters need to take a chill pill and go learn something about themselves.

      • Jdiggins says:

        The truth will be told and the negative waves will be blunted maury…woof woof!

  3. jdiggins says:

    So its better if the winds and sands just bury their beauty and historical importance? Never their story to be told?

  4. Iron Will says:

    WWWH could refer to atleast one of the following….

    1. The beginning of a cold water stream or name…. I.e.: If its where warm waters end then it can also be where cold waters begin….example: Agua Fria – Cold Water.
    2. a border crossing into private property such as Indian reservation (“inviting” waters halt) possibly where a river or creek is.
    3. A time when water is warm not cold hinting at seasons and then using that fact to draw a starting point name.
    4. Any number of hot springs.
    5. Any number of natural lakes (not dams).
    6. Any number of streams that have a name associated with “warm” in normal or even abstract ways(like the ever popular Red River in NM).
    7. Where warm waters halt(freeze). 32 degrees. Freezing. Any stream or lake with a name related to Frost(frosty from book), Ice, Rime, Snow,
    8. Any name related to Fog, as this is where warm waters in the air halt temporarily.
    9. Any Glacier within the rocky mountains.

    I’m sure there are a few more but these are the main concepts. Also be aware that WWWH could have a dual meaning, with a NAMED LOCATION and then a COMPASS AZIMUTH of 32 degrees.

    Hope all this helps some.

  5. Waist says:

    I can’t believe people are still looking for this treasure. Someone found it and remove it along time ago. You’re wasting your time folks!! Move on! Forrest Fenn has never proven to anyone that it’s still out there.

    • Large grey says:

      Ha ya amazing how many solves there are people running in circles wasting their lives years of wasted time pointless endeavors Forrest laughs as they continue to follow endless fruitless pursuits.

  6. Come on somebody’s got to believe in the character of Forrest. Look at his record…does he seem like a fraud? Somebody that would leave people hanging? I don’t think so! He’s invested way too much time, it would be hard to imagine that someone would have found this without Forrest knowing.

  7. Jenny Kile says:

    I’ve said this before: It is each person’s choice to decide whether they should look for the treasure or not. Any treasure. People believe and say what they will. I won’t ever try to persuade someone’s decision. I don’t feel the need.

    I love the Thrill of the Chase. It’s my choice. I continue to ponder it for my own fun. There are those who don’t want to. It’s their choice.

    So many people didn’t think the legendary city of Troy was real……..and then he who ignored the naysayers, grumbles, and jives, found it. No one makes anyone look for anything….but those who seek will find ‘something’……and that is what is most important.

    I will be deleting all other ‘hoax/gone’ statements……it gets old after awhile. Those who are searching heard it already.

    • Jdiggins says:

      Thanks Jenny. No negative waves here, right?
      I admire your drive jenny. This site is so full of interesting and fun puzzles, and chock full of opportunity of so many varied degrees. It must truly be a passion of yours, and thank you for sharing it all with us. There are so many bright people in your following jenny, you should be proud! 🙂

      • Jenny/sixer says:

        Sweet and precious words, Jdiggins; thank you for them. Exploring (in all ways) and sharing is a passion….and I am so happy and honored to be surrounded by so many adventurous others, like yourself. I feel we cheer each other on, and it makes the journey all the more great! thanks again for your encouraging comment….it means a lot.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Jenny! I recently read your post on finding the location of the spiral horn! You give me hope that people can figure out these cryptic riddles! I have been going crazy looking into every avenue that might lead me the the location of Fenn’s treasure, and knowing that someone has already accomplished something like this makes me feel a little more sane haha!

      • Jenny/sixer says:

        Hi Jennifer, It was an awesome adventure! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

        The poem leading to the location of the Horn was very much like Forrest Fenn’s- and was solvable.

        So I do believe Forrest’s treasure can be found just like he says it can, too!!

        Best of luck to you!

  8. Jdiggins says:

    Now about that poem…
    I can’t get it out of my head. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s more of a constant “subconscience” that resides in and repairs my neural pathways! Everything I do, and everything I see, somehow now relates to the chase…weird…but, I digress.
    The poem.
    Imo, multi faceted and and absolute creation of pure genious!
    I see the 5 w ‘s of a good story, at least I think so, and they are layered upon one another. And, you do not need to “mess with the poem” either. Just read it over and over and it begins to come alive!

  9. 23kachinas says:

    Foreshadowing and Suspense

    1. Leaving Your Readers in Suspenders
    2. Make the Climax Live Up to the Suspense
    3. Avoid Contrived Suspense
    4. Avoid False Suspense
    5. Suspense Should Come Out of the Characters
    6. Use Mood to Evoke Suspense.
    7. Don’t Make Things Too Easy
    8. Real Life Should Intrude
    9. Foreshadowing

  10. The desecration of the burial sites is reason for this whole endeavor. This is Mr. Fenn’s redemption to the Indian spirits.. He will bring it back onto Indian lands and be cleansed from “the witch”. He will then travel on to the fifth world atop his spirit horse… Which is not far but too far too walk.

    The entire poem is likely Indian myth starting with birth.. This is the spirit journey. PM me if you know the other myths and their relation to path of life.

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