The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt and Six Questions with Stonerolledaway

thrill of the chase treasure hunt

Six Questions

Twelfth in a series on Six Questions with searchers of the Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt. Questions are asked and then answered by those who are enjoying Forrest Fenn’s dare!

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1) When did you first hear and learn about the Treasure Hunt?

I first heard about Forrest Fenn and his hiding of treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in June 2016, from a friend at work whose family had been searching for the past year. That evening, I read about Forrest and read the poem, and was immediately hooked.


2) What inspired you to become involved and begin searching?

The kid in me delighted in the idea of being involved in a real treasure hunt, while at the same time wanting to take on the challenge of trying to figure out Forrest and his poem. I’ll admit that the possibility of finding a chest full of gold nuggets, gold coins, and ancient jewelry and artifacts got my attention initially also.


3) What is your most favorite part about the Treasure Hunt so far?

My favorite part so far has been my first BOTG trip that my wife and I went on. We saw some beautiful paintings and artwork, soaked in a hot spring, hiked and did a little rock climbing, and took in some amazing views. It is especially fun to explore some of the interesting places that I have learned about during the Chase. I believe there will be more incredible trips to come and more great memories to be made.


4) What is your least favorite part of the Treasure Hunt so far?

Up to this point, I have not been able to get my children (all in high school or college) as involved as I would have liked.


5) What is the best or most unique thing you found while searching for Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest?

The best/ most interesting things found so far would have to be pieces of pottery along one of the trails. Of course, I didn’t take any with me, but I bet each piece has a story to tell.

The other best thing found (with the help of my imagination) was the double omega sign that had to have been left by Forrest on the trail. I’ve got to be getting closer…


6)  What more would you like to say?

I have been impressed and pleasantly surprised by this whole treasure hunting community.  It is a tighter knit group than I was expecting.  Many searchers seem willing to share their insights and experiences.  In a way it almost seems like a big crazy extended family.

I feel Forrest has shared a tremendous amount of his wisdom and given us all a wonderful gift, so thank you so much, Forrest.



What great answers Stonerolledaway!  The Adventure continues around ever twist and turn!  Thanks for sharing them with all of us.  And yes, it is a great treasure hunting community!  So glad to be part!


Best of luck with all the you seek!  Always treasure the adventure!



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10 Responses

  1. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure Stone. I agree with you, most of those in the Fenn community are good honest people with a common bond. Now get those kids involved, thats where the future is and the real treasure lies.

    • Feathers-n-Glue says:

      Couldn’t agree more Strawshadow. Thanks for the Q/A stonedrolledaway, those kids will love it in time. Just wait.

  2. pdenver says:

    Hello Stonerolledaway. Enjoyed reading about your adventure. I love the photo of the pottery shards. They’re beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. ace 340 says:

    It would seem not all people (some of my family included) can feel the chase as this community does. We don’t find it, it finds us. g

  4. tighterfocus says:

    I almost sprayed my coffee, reading about finding the double omega sign left by FF on the trail . . .
    but I wasn’t drinking coffee.

  5. Awesome!
    Good luck to you!

  6. I’ll be on my 104th on the 23rd

  7. Geydelkon says:

    Welcome to the quarry to a better path of understanding. All the chasers, in my own opinion, have built there very own toolbox. I am sitting with my grand daughter right now and telling her to always be alert of her surroundings, especially being in the desert. It just makes my day. It sure is hot out.

  8. TexasGal says:

    My hubby and I set out on the treasure hunt in the fall of 2014. First visiting friends from high school along the way, then on into New Mexico all the way up to Montana. What a wonderful trip filled with memories, fun and adventure. We did the Oregon Trail near Abiquiu and saw more back country then people even know exists. Walked the cliffs that were blazed with pictures to warn hikers of snakes. Went to the monastery to search at the foot of the owl rock to find an eagle nesting. Visited Sacajawea’s grave and the home of a famous Smithsonian potter in Santa Clara Pueblo, who walked us through start to finish on the making of Indian pottery. She was just one of the many wonderful people we met along the way and purchased several pieces of Native America art, pottery and jewelry off the beaten tourist trail.

    At the end of the trip, I brought home my most prized possession; a bottle cap from a bottle of orange crush to turn into a magnet in honor of Forrest Fenn. A couple of weeks after returning home, we found out my husband had Stage IIIC cancer. In the hands of the wrong doctor, it would have been a death sentence. So pulling him out of a hospital bed to travel over 200 miles to a skilled surgeon was done without hesitation. Now three years later, we are ready to set out again on another adventure in search of the treasure as he is cancer free.

    Yet recounting the memories over our month’s journey sustained us as we recounted almost each day and laughed, because memories are all we get to leave this earthly plane with that no one can steal, can help heal, bring you closer together and share even though only you two really understand why and what you went through even if others think you crazy or on a fool’s folly as the adventure escapes them.

    For this reason, I will always be grateful to Forrest Fenn and the joy of reading his life’s journey knowing ours has been just as much fun, full of wonders, antics and love. I am my husband’s thrill of the chase after 27 years of marriage and greatest treasure regardless of whether we ever find the bronze box.

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