The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt and Six Questions with Focused

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Omegas in The Thrill of the Chase

This is the seventeenth in a series on Six Questions with Searchers of The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt by Forrest Fenn. Questions are asked and then answered by those who are enjoying Forrest’s dare!

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Six Questions with Focused


1)When did you first hear and learn about the Treasure Hunt?

I first heard about the treasure hunt late in 2013. I was recovering from a heart attack and I had plenty of time to surf the web. I’ve always been an outdoors person and my doc said exercise would be good for me. I ran across the “chase” and I’ve been running ever since.


2)What inspired you to become involved and begin searching?

My inspiration to search came from the double omegas in the back of Forrest’s book. While looking on the web I came across a picture of them and it just clicked. You see, omega means “end”. During my dreadful night (which was in New Mexico at the time) I coded 3 times. One of my “ends” had approached, and God gave me another “end” , which I hope is a long time That Jenny is how the double omegas inspired me to search. It was kinda like “Here’s your sign”.


3)What is your most favorite part about the Treasure Hunt so far?

This was a tough question for me. I couldn’t just pick one, so I’ll tell you both of my favorite things about the hunt. The first is the ” Thrill Of The Chase” itself. It has lead me on 24 trips into the Rocky Mountains, covering all 4 states. All the while, my father (74yrs old) has been on every trip with me and has taken every step I have. The memories in those 24 trips I owe to Forrest and the dare he has given me.

My second favorite thing about the “chase” would be the people. I have made many friends online. Some I’ve met at Fennboree and many I have not met. They have pushed and inspired me to write poetry. For example, Before I entered into the chase I had never written a poem in my life, then I finally get the courage up to post one on Dal’s “Poetry Page”. I was new to the page and new to the chase. They accepted me with open arms as if I had been there for years. Jdiggins pushed me to write early on, so I did, then she kept pushing, so I kept writing. As of now I have about 300 or so poems to date. Many other friends chimed in with very kind comments and words of encouragement.

The people (friends) are right there at the top as my favorite thing about the treasure hunt.


4)What is your least favorite part about the Treasure Hunt so far?

My least favorite part of the hunt is when some people argue about solves etc. or just bicker back and forth. Conversations like that discourage others from posting their ideas, in fear of what some might say. I would just like to say, everyone just get along, we are all in this together, we all have the same goal, we all have our opinions. So respect is vital, for the information to be shared.


5)What is the best or most unique thing you found while searching for Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest?

They may not be unique but I would say, SHOES! They’re everywhere! I have found shoes in all 4 states and in the strangest places. I feel like half the people in the Rocky Mountains are running around barefooted.


6) What more would you like to say?

I would like to say thanks to Forrest for the chase. Thanks to you Jenny and Dal for everything you guys do with your blogs. Thanks to all my online friends for your support. Last but not least thanks to God for giving me another omega……… until next time… see ya



It was so great to meet you in person at Fennboree, Focused!  You’re such a positive force, and ‘focused’!  Thanks so much for sharing your answers……they had me laughing (answer to 5), which was great after the real seriousness and so emotional and touching answers before.

The Chase gives LIFE in each of us…..  I’m glad you have another Omega!  Just awesome!


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49 Responses

  1. Focused says:

    Thank you jenny for your kind comment at the end. It was nice to meet you and your husband at Fennboree. I love your site and all your mind sparking stories.have a great day jenny and thank you for all you do behind the scenes… until next time… see ya jenny

    • Twingem says:

      Although I’ve never met you in person Focused, you are the bees knees in my book. Keep penning. I can’t wait to purchase your poetry book.

      • Focused says:

        Thanks twingem for the compliment, I would like to meet you someday…. until We do, enjoy chasing your dreams…..and keep penning yourself…
        I’m editing poems now…I’ll keep ya posted..k see ya my friend

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thank you Focused and Jenny. I enjoy reading these and learning about people.

  3. MartinS says:

    One of my favorites! Thanks Focused and Jenny.

  4. Buckeye Bob says:

    Shoes, they are such a symbol of humanity. “Footprints in the sand”, and all that.
    When I was a kid, my friends and I used to play in an old, abandoned brewery that had closed after prohibition ruined their business. In the basement was the packing center, and there stood an old tall cabinet. It was the only cabinet in the whole, large place. One of the guys noticed there was a door sized opening behind it. The cabinet was on hinges, and we spun it open to find a hidden cavern dug out of the dirt, below the rest of this large structure.
    We went back with flashlights to explore it.
    There was one thing, and one thing only, inside this cavern. A man’s shoe. It was pretty old, and had a hole worn in the sole. Our area was on the escape route of the slave underground railroad. This was a hiding place for escaped slaves. And that shoe, what was it’s story? Who wore it, what became of him? No one will ever know, but his shoe tells at least part of his story.

    • Focused says:

      Buckeye Bob,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I could see it all. See…that’s what I’m talking about. I found shoes all through the Rockies and like you I wondered who they belonged to and how they ended up in some of places…
      Great story, sounds like it would make a great movie… take care and have a great day… see ya

  5. Spallies says:

    Great answers Focused…. I’m so glad you got a second omega…. It was a true pleasure to meet you at Fennboree!

    • Focused says:

      Yeah spallies I’m glad to get another omega too. I look at things differently now (the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, etc.) since that night I use my time wisely and with others in mind, because we’re never promised tomorrow….
      It was great to meet you at Fennboree, just to put faces with names was awesome.. I have a pic of me , you and Dal, you were wearing your hat. I look at it from time to time and it makes me smile every time. Thanks spallies for the ongoing smiles….
      Have a great day my friend… until next time… see ya

  6. Jdiggins says:

    My favorite so far…you are a true friend and one golden heart!
    I’m honored I helped spark your imagination and lucky to see the results. You have an unbelievable gift with your words and you are an amazing person! Quite handsome too!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Focused says:

      I’m glad it’s your favorite so far jdiggins. Yes “you” were a major role in my poetry early on… you pushed me (quirks back and forth) and challenged me to write more. I know I thanked you for the nudge at Fennboree but I’d like to thank you again. Wether I’m writing a short poetic story or a regular poem , your inspiration jdiggins is imbedded in every one.
      But this is not all about me. You jdiggins along with spallies and many more have penned amazing words on the “poetry page”…. the talent of everyone is amazing…
      I’m working on editing my poems now and hopefully someday I’ll have all of them in one place (book form). And you jdiggins will receive the very first book , as a thanks for all you’ve done…
      Handsome ? Hey I know a good eye doctor if you need him… 😁
      Have a great at my friend…. until next time… see ya…😎

  7. Buckeye Bob says:

    I gotta say, I’ve had my fill of negativity in life and I love positive thinking.

    • Focused says:

      Me too ,Buckeye Bob, me too…….see ya

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, Buckeye Bob.

      So…you love positive thinking. Are you SURE? 🙂

      I mean…are you positive? I tend to be negative sometimes…it’s in my blood. :/

      And…Hello, Focused. I enjoyed reading your answers. I have enjoyed reading your heartfelt poetry over the years. You have a gift for that which will be enjoyed by many others for along time.

      “Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow…” – The Forrest

      Thank you, Jenny and Focused.

      Now SHOE! 🙂

      • JC1117 says:

        Sorry. The intent of the oak/acorn thought above is incomplete…

        “Mighty oaks from little acorns slowly grow

        Then finally fall and wisp to naught,

        But those who plant a seed of words

        Live on in groves of human thought.” – Forrest Fenn

      • Focused says:

        Thank you JC1117 for your kind comment. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed my words over the years, just knowing that inspires me o write more.

        Thanks too for posting the “Mighty Oaks” poem… I’ve always loved that one….
        Take care and cherish every day as you chase your dreams….
        Until next time…. see ya JC1117

  8. Hear me all says:

    Focused – Thanks for sharing. Sounds like quite a journey and hopefully many more wonderful discoveries along the rest of your journey. What is it with all those darn shoes? I think Forrest will chuckle since he was shoeless at times.

  9. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny and Focused,
    I haven’t forgotten about the forty-miners…is it ok if we take along Jenny?

    What a way to wind it down,
    Focused at play away below Brown.

    His double Omegas were only the beginning,
    So why is it that there is no ending?

    Just ask him yourself and don’t be meek,
    For we all know it’s his poetry you seek:)

    And don’t ever say he has no clue,
    Focused you see is dealing from a shoe.

    • Strawshadow says:

      Oops, Forty-Niners

    • Focused says:

      Wow! Thanks strawshadow for the poem… great job my friend! Maybe we’ll live to see who’s rocking on their front porch…

      IT was nice to meet you at fennboree…. hopefully next time we can spend more time in conversation….

      Thank you for the poem strawshadow ….. until next time… see ya my friend

  10. Sandy says:

    Focused…your answers capture the true essence of the thrill we call the chase. Thank you.

  11. Focused says:

    Your welcome Sandy, to me it’s not about the fame or fortune of finding the chest…. it’s about the memories in my footsteps along my journey. And when my journeys over and my time has come , my family will know that i cherished my every step…

    HAve a great day… until next time… see ya…

  12. Ramona says:

    Thanks Jenny and Focused. I always love reading your stuff Focused and it was such a pleasure meeting you at Fennboree. So glad you got involved with the chase.

  13. Jeremy P. says:

    At the end of the recently posted “Slough Creek” video on Dal’s site, Forrest says:

    “I don’t know why I get myself in terrible situations and I don’t have any shoes on.”

    So I found your shoes answer funny as well. It is weird all the things people lose out in the wilderness. I never did understand underwear on the trails.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Focused says:

      Your welcome Jeremy P…. you know, I never thought about the slough creek story… that is funny….. yes your liable to find anything on the trail, for sure…. I never found any underwear 🙂

      Have a great night my friend…. see ya

    • Hear me all says:

      Hi Jeremy P. – The Slough Creek video was very funny and is my favorite to date. In time I trust that most searchers will appreciate the depths that Forrest has gone to with this hunt. I’m not aware of any other treasure hunt in history that has ever included as much information as The Thrill of the Chase.

    • Pen Ghost says:

      The topic of shoes is really strange because I just finished writing about shoes – all the pictures of shoes without their owners. I was in Asia and shoes had to be removed to enter most places. Children wore socks everywhere rather than put off and on their shoes. Their socks had gray soles and seemed to clean well. I guess this was a time for shoes.

      • Pen Ghost says:

        I looked back in my e-mails and discovered on 13 September I had sent ff a picture of scout shoes left behind. The socks were in the shoes. The scout was out having fun. Just returns memories of a time and place I long to be.

        • Focused says:

          Isn’t it amazing how some of the strangest things can jog the memories of cherished moments of a long forgotten day…….enjoy your memories Pen Ghost….. until next time… see ya

  14. JDA says:

    Focused, you have a good heart, and I am not talking about the condition of your aorta :-). So glad that you found that second Omega YEA for you. Take a break, and work on that book, and maybe we will see it published. See Ya’ my friend – Hope to meet you in November – JDA

    • Focused says:

      Thank JDA for being you ! I’m still editing right now , but working on it…. I hope to see ya too… have a good night… see ya

  15. SL says:


    I thought of you whenI was writing this:

    Shoes show character; just like an old pair of faded jeans, shoes can show where you’ve been and sometimes where you’re going.

    Go where the journey takes you my friend, and above all else; be comfortable in your own…



    • Focused says:

      There’s a lot to be heard in your words… like you, I am comfortable in my own shoes….. thanks for thinking of me and sharing your words…

      P.s- I reposted a poem for you on the poetry page titled ” Old Homeplace”

      Have a great evening SL…. until next time… see ya my friend…

  16. nice job, focused,as kids we ran around barefooted in florida all the time.keep on footing my friend.

    • Focused says:

      Thanks Virgina Diane Arvada…. I’d like to do a little barefooting in Florida myself… have a great night…. see ya my friend

  17. ironwilly says:

    Focused, It’s been an honor hearing your poetic voice within the shadows of Dal’s blog. I enjoyed our conversations during Fennboree this year. 😛

    • Focused says:

      Thank you ironwill… I have kicked a few of them from the shadows my friend, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them…
      It was nice meeting you at Fennboree and just for the record…. you make a great fried pie… 😁
      I enjoyed our conversation too… have a great evening my “friend”…. until next time… see ya

  18. NearIndianaJones says:

    Waiting for your book of poems 😉
    Keep up the good work!

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