The Sroda Treasure Story Inspires Treasure Hunters of Today

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Photo Courtesy: Tlumaczek

The Sroda Treasure is a discovery which instills hopes into those who dream of finding lost treasures.  It is a treasure which had been lost for over 600 years and was surprisingly found while renovating a section of old town in Poland.  It proves one never knows what hidden treasures are out there lost for you to find.

The treasure hoard was discovered in 1985 and included items considered to be one of the richest finds of the 20th century.  Most historians agree the valuable cache of jewels, coins, and royal ornaments, to have once been owned by Charles IV (House of Luxembourg), King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor.  It is believed the collection of precious artifacts had been hidden, forgotten, and lost since 1348.

One of the most notable pieces of the found treasure was a Royal Crown.  The adornments and style of the crown helped conclude the treasure belonged to Charles IV and most feel the Crown was that of Charles IV’s first wife, Blanche of Valois.  Other items in the found treasure cache included 12 and 13th century gold pendants, rings of various designs, gold coins, and silver coins.  Much of the jewelry was set with incredible gemstones and included intricate designs.

sorda treasure

photo courtesy: Tlumaczek

The homes being demolished in Sroda, which the secret treasures were stowed, belonged in the distant past to Jewish Bankers. Renovations were being made in this section of town to make way for newer buildings in the mid 1980’s.  Because the items of the treasure finds can be linked to Charles IV, it is thought Charles IV gave the valuables to the Jewish Bankers in exchange for cash to help secure his seat on the throne.  The ordeals involved in becoming King sometimes required large amounts of cash, and he most likely gave the treasure as collateral for loans and probably planned initially to return.

But unforeseen circumstances occurred.  Black Death consumed the area soon after the exchange of assets, and it is believed death came to those holding the treasures.   It was from this that the treasure hoards were lost then to history.

Renovations of the area had taken place over a course of time; from 1985 to 1988.  And although the initial find of some coins was found in 1985, it wasn’t until later, in 1988, that a larger find of coins alerted locals that much more could be discovered.

Authorities didn’t act quick enough to secure the location where the ‘rubbish’ of the past demolitions from the area were being cast.  People heard of the larger find and began to search through the thrown out materials and began finding the more valuable items of the Sroda Treasure Hoard.  It was in this way the Crown and Jewels were found.

Many of the items were respectfully returned to authorities, and these treasures are now on display at the Sroda Museum.  However, it is very likely, not all of the treasures were properly returned and remain hidden elsewhere now.

What might happen to those?  Might they be lost forever or will these looted treasures reappear sometime in the future unexpectedly?

Time only knows.

The circumstances surrounding the Sroda Treasure involves a fascinating tale of historical value.  It is one which inspires treasure hunters to never give up on the search.


Best of luck with all that you seek!  And always Treasure the Adventure!

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