The Seven Images of the Maranatha Puzzle

The Maranatha Puzzle included seven images within its encoded text.  After five encrypted pages the first image appeared.  This was immediately followed by three more.  The fifth, sixth and seventh image appeared after the first, second, and third chapters, respectfully.

With the permission in order to do so, they are included below.  Along with the decoded text, they are the two main puzzle pieces which may allow a person the opportunity to find the ‘Secret Key’ as it was hidden in the puzzle book. This ‘Secret Key’, in turn, is believed to then reveal the Holy Grail.

Even though the puzzle competition has ended, the search for the ‘Key’ and ‘Holy Grail’ can continue for those wanting.

maranatha et in arcadia ego puzzle image

Image 1


maranatha et in arcadia ego puzzle image

Image 2


Time Monk Project puzzle image

Image 3


maranatha et in arcadia ego puzzle image

Image 4


Image 5


maranatha puzzle et in arcadia ego puzzle image

Image 6


maranatha et in arcadia ego puzzle image

Image 7


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6 Responses

  1. HappyThoth says:

    the page numbers of your images do not match my LRB.. which leads me to think that page numbers are irrelevant (at face value, deciphered text does say we only have to discover lines and words).. am I missing something here?

    • jkile says:

      The images are from the newer version of the puzzle. I would agree with you that it would seem the page numbers were then not vital for a final solution since the TimeMonk project used a different numbering system. Unless somehow they both contained it.

  2. Jerry says:

    you’ve done such a wonderful job with all the Maranatha information. I come here often as it is such a perfect reference. If I may be so bold, I’d like to make a special request. And it goes without saying that if you are unable to fulfill it, I totally understand. OK, so here it is.. along with the images from the LRB, would it be possible to list the planetary symbols, along with names and maybe some back story? 🙂

  3. Jerry says:

    doh! wow, now that i take another look at the page, the link jumps out at me, lol. thank you Jenny 🙂

  4. Maria Rigel says:

    I wonder if the fact that the first four images appear after five encrypted pages is some sort of subtle hint, to get people thinking about number five when they are looking at the images.

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