The Secret of Rennes le Chateau Solved: Questions with Duncan

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mystery of rennes le chateauMr. Burden, Do you feel you have discovered all that there is hidden on the Grail of Rennes le Chateau or do you feel you are still missing pieces?  ~ TD


With regard to what I personally would term as the ‘Grail of Rennes le Chateau’, as in the subject that was sold at the village, I am confident that the issue, for want of a better word, is solved.

Yet, we are talking about various people and their lives, and subject matter that spans centuries, so there is always extra things to find out. I am still chiseling away at things. D


Much more is being shared on Duncan Burden’s own website:



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5 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    I will probably ask this question on the HumbleMason website…..but I wonder if ‘this Grail’ is thought to possibly be encoded or sold any where else other than in connection to Rennes le Chateau and the secret Rituals of Freemasonry?

    Duncan discovered it through his expertise and research in Freemasonry……but is it possible it is hidden elsewhere, not realized yet? or is that not a possibility because of what it is?

    Any one have thoughts on that?

    Plus, thanks again for another intriguing Question and Answer- TD and Duncan

    • haywardG says:

      HI Jenny-

      Another great question and answer for/from Duncan!

      From my perspective I would answer “most definitely” in terms of it being encoded elsewhere.

      The Rennes Le Chateau story seems to have “piggy backed” on what was there in Poussin’s and Tenier’s work. And in fact, the two parchments themselves contain the same geometry as Duncan showed.

      I would say-

      Greek myth gets really close to it, perhaps in a more meandering way.

      Heinrich Madathanus’ Aureum Seculum Redivivum
      The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I’m sure there’s more to it than just Rennes le Chateau and Freemasonry. People wouldn’t keep pointing at it if it wasn’t a significant clue to something more important. My theory is that the origins of it can be found in the New Testament (and perhaps even earlier). Remember the peculiar relationship Sauniere had with the Vatican, as if he knew a secret that could affect even the Catholic Church. And that’s why there is a connection between the Grail and the Last Supper.

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks haywardG, you’re true.

    So yes, I’m thinking, and is it your understanding too, that it is a ‘belief’, shared throughout the ages within the Invisible College or Underground Stream, and then used by Freemasons in one of their Rituals for the ‘worthy’ to discover?

    From Duncan’s last answer, and even the puzzle book, it is the same secret hidden/encoded in Nicolas Flamel’s writings……and so can be found encoded there.

    I suppose part of my question was concerned with wondering IF it wasn’t found through Freemasonry, then could the entire understanding of it be discovered or realized in today’s time somewhere else?

    I think in one of Duncan’s last posts on Humblemason, he mentioned that since some Freemasonry wordings for the Holy Royal Arch were changed in 2004, it altered the possibility of it being found. I suppose that was referring to ‘being found through Freemasonry’?

    Let me review some things….and I’ll get back to this. I just love it! And Duncan’s use of ‘chiseling’…I wonder if that was intentional…lol….

  3. haywardG says:

    Yes Jenny-

    As you state I believe it was passed on to Freemasonry. The core of it is there in the first 3 rituals, the culmination is in the final Royal ARCh.

    My train of thought is most likely that the Knights Templar, before their demise, passed it on to the builders of the temple, which would have been the Masons themselves prior to their ‘speculative’ period. Perhaps their experience with building cathedrals with golden proportions (divine geometry) made them worthy recipients.

    The question I have now is about whether the Masons were just custodians or caretakers of it without any (or most) of its members having any knowledge it was there.

    Perhaps the reason and need for someone who discovered it to ‘reforge’ it from time to time to ensure it wasn’t entirely lost.

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