The Secret: A Treasure Hunt

image 11cover of The SecretFor over 30 years, The Secret: A Treasure Hunt, has taunted searchers. This book, published in 1982, includes 12 images and 12 verses which need correctly matched together in order to discover the locations of 12 buried ceramic casks. Each cask contains a key to be redeemed for a valuable gemstone.

To date, only two of the twelve casks have been successfully unearthed. The first cask was found in 1984 in Grant Park, Chicago, shortly after the hunt’s release. Not until years later, in 2004, was another discovered. Hidden at the Cultural Gardens in Cleveland, this second cask was finally brought to the surface after an internet forum (Q4T) got involved in the hunt. Searchers, in both cases, connected an image with a corresponding verse, and followed clues found within both image and verse to the exact spot of burial.

From these successful finds, clues for the remaining 10 casks might be able to be identified within the verses and images for casks yet to be recovered. It is reasonable to think that similar elements used to locate the found casks might also be used for others still hidden.

One promising connection is that in many of the images numbers can be deduced. Some of the numbers noticed within the found treasures’ pictures turned out to be latitude and longitude lines for the secreted spot. Used as a general guideline, the area/city was confirmed.

Image 4 The SecretFor example, within image 4 (shown right), which was used to locate the Cleveland cask (along with verse 4), the numbers 1442 and 1881 are clearly visible. The latitude and longitude for Cleveland related to these; 41/42 and 81. The same was noticed for the Chicago cask. The latitude and longitude numbers of 41/87 are seen in the image, and relate to Chicago’s location.

Looking at the unused images then, and noticing numbers, may offer the same guidance. They are not always conclusive results, but if found, will certainly support an area or narrow down a search to a more specific location of consideration. It is believed some of these numbers point to areas such as Boston, Roanoke Island, San Francisco, etc. (Note: numbers are not believed used in Image 10, but instead a Mill (stone), Walk (ing stick), and Key are seen…to give ‘Milwaukee’ as the probable city; so the number method is not always used)

Other elements confirmed in the found treasure puzzles can be recognized in the verses and images of casks left to find as well. Items like outlines or silhouettes of a state, structure, monument, or major landmark; remarkable/unmistakable resemblances to objects found near the actual location; rebuses and word play. Many of these types of clues are being noticed and are helping to pinpoint the cask’s hidden locations.

You would think with all this to go on, the remaining gemstones would have been quickly redeemed. But one of the biggest detriments on locating a cask now is the passage of time since concealment. Thirty years is a long time. Although the treasures were buried in areas that were thought to be somewhat ‘discreet’ at the time, they may not have been hidden where expansion and change couldn’t have happened.

It’s possible, most likely really, that some clues in the images and verses refer to things overgrown, eroded, moved, or destroyed. It is known that Byron Priess (author of hunt) once said he felt the treasures would have been found within months. For this reason, it is thought he might not have planned for solutions to endure the test of time. And unfortunately, Preiss, the only person who knew where the casks were buried, tragically died in a car accident in 2005. Since he was the only one having knowledge of the hidden cask’s locations, searchers are completely left on their own to find them.

Image 3 of The SecretThe challenge for discovering a cask, however, makes the reward of unearthing one all the greater. Sure, there are some casks which may be totally lost to the land.  But there could still be one, maybe more, that could be physically found! And these possibilities wait for those persistent enough to continue with the quest!

Summaries will be shared about different believed locations in the coming months here. My family and I had visited Elizabethan Gardens a few years ago and scoped out a possible place of a hidden cask. Our interest was near the gate, coast line, and bench area. I’ll share this story and our thoughts in an upcoming article.

The book, The Secret, is currently out of print. However, high resolution images and the verses (all that is believed needed to locate a cask) are available here. The hunt is still active and much discussion on possible spots can be found on Q4T. Plus, an upcoming documentary on the hunt is being produced and is planned to be out soon after the turn of the year.

Updated: So it is known that each image links up with one verse. Together, the correct image and verse, provide clues to the exact location of the buried cask.

As of now the most agreed upon locations are as follows:

Image 1 matches with Verse 7 : possible location San Francisco

Image 2 matches with Verse 6: possible location Charleston

Image 3 matches with Verse 11: possible location Roanoke Island

Image 4 matches with Verse 4:  CONFIRMED location Cleveland: Found in 2004

Image 5 matches with Verse 12: CONFIRMED location Chicago: Found in 1984

Image 6 matches with Verse 9: possible location St. Augustine

Image 7 matches with Verse 2: possible location New Orleans

Image 8 matches with Verse 1: possible location Houston

Image 9 matches with Verse 5: possible location Montreal CANADA

Image 10 matches with Verse 8: possible location Milwaukee

Image 11 matches with Verse 3: possible location Boston

Image 12 matches with Verse 10: possible location New York City

The above are ‘ideas’ based on sound reasoning and years of research.  It should be remembered, like any treasure hunt, until the treasure is found they are not confirmed locations and remain only possibilities.

A lot has been shared by old and new searchers on The Secret. There is a group effort and it would be great if another was found! Join the hunt!

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10 Responses

  1. Demopolis Alabama, Gainsewood Mansion.

    Buried in the tunnel connected to the river.
    Seek out Kaleb Flowers, I can show you.
    The others I also can locate.

    A Friend

  2. William says:

    Heading tomorrow to look for the St Augustine location until the snow melts for Forrest Fenn treasure

  3. jenny says:

    Best of luck, William!

  4. William says:

    Thanks Jenny
    Our group came up with a great location and the problem is the property is privately owned. If would give of the right to the key to the property owner just to verifiy my location for namesake to the find. We believe the key to the solve was helped by how the previous riddles were solved. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

  5. William says:

    Update: We are making ground on our search part time from Forrest Fenn treasure hunt. We have found the wind rose, It is a tool for measuring wind when sailing. The only problem that we run into is the grounds of the property has changed and have to go by old plans from property appraiser of Flagler County

  6. Lonnie says:

    I was looking at the image for this one, am I correct that the outline of the rock the guy on the horse is standing on on the right from the bottom of the image all the way up the rock is the outline of the lower part of Florida? (minus the panhandle apparently)

  7. JL says:

    My daughter bought me this book for my birthday, maybe I will move it to the front of my reading list. I concentrate on one book at a time or I will have 5 that I never finish.

  8. valina says:

    the cross’ in the picture with the knight seem to remind me of the knights Templar. the garment he’s wearing is the color of their cross’ its believed they came to united states they followed a star called la merica.

  1. September 19, 2014

    […] Have you worked on any other armchair treasure hunts in the past? Or, now that you have researched The Secret, do you feel you might do so in the […]

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