The Oracle: An Armchair Treasure Hunt

2015The Oracle: Lost in Time by Pete Wilder is a book filled with adventure and excitement!  It shares not only a tale of exploration, but offers an amazing opportunity for the Reader to explore its pages for clues to a hidden treasure worth over $6000!  How incredible!  And what’s also remarkable is it can be downloaded for less than $5 dollars!

The story tells of how two young boys (brothers) find themselves traveling through space and time after accidentally activating their father’s secret machine.  During their efforts to try and reach back home, they visit many places and ‘times’.   By researching the story’s historical locations, events, subject matters, and other numerous threads for possible clues, both in images and text, a lot can be learned and discovered!

This exploration gives the chance for a family to work together, realize wondrous things, and use the information gained to determine the location of a valuable token hidden somewhere in the UK.  A Reader does not have to travel to the UK in order to ‘claim’ the prize, though.

So don’t let ‘hidden in the UK’ discourage you if you are from another country!’  If a Reader feels he has solved the puzzle book for the location of the ‘token’, he can contact the Author (on the official website for The Oracle) and supply him with the correct solution to be rewarded the prize. (It should be said, however, random guesses, incorrect answers, or simple propositions will not be responded to. Sending ‘solutions’ should be done seriously, thoughtfully, and respectfully.)

armchair treasure huntPete Wilder, the Author of the book, is a father of four; so he knows how kids and families love an adventure.  He provides such a journey within the treasure hunt mystery book of The Oracle: Lost in Time! The hunt is for anyone who dares to take up the challenge to solve clues and find a treasure!

He has said the most important qualities for a puzzler to have when working on the puzzle book are to keep an open mind, have good spatial awareness and possess an ability to think laterally.  Even though the book was first published in 2005, and has remained unsolved since that time, the token is still available to be found.  The prize yet to be claimed! Will you be the one to claim it?!

In the preface are a possible few hints on how to solve the puzzle.  There is a poem which includes phrases like,

“Every picture tells a story, every picture tells a lie.  A picture’s worth a thousand words but you must find out why.”


“Numbers spinning round, I am the final six. But you must find the four before in the order that I fix.”

Could the ‘four’ be a Year?  Something like 2005?  And what’s the final six? Could it be Six and then the Four for a total of 10 numbers? Who knows!

Time does seem to play a definite roll, and it seems some images hold anachronisms which might lead a seeker to further clues.

It certainly is an interesting Quest to consider, and I’ve only recently started this treasure hunt, so will share more later as I move along.  But as with all hunts, even if the actual prize at the end isn’t ‘won’, the amazing things learned on the journey are just as valuable as the prize, if not more so!! Treasure is always found!

Best of luck with whatever you seek!



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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    How many pages is it?

  2. Spallies says:

    Thanks Jenny!!! Looks interesting thanks for posting… But, I have to admit I had to look up the definition of “anachronism”… Thanks, I learned something new today…:)

  3. It’s good the author allows submissions from the states to be sent. I’ll look into this hunt. thanks.

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