The Foldings of the Parchment in the Maranatha Puzzle

maranatha puzzle parchmentBelow are images of the folds and unfoldings of the Parchment of Clues in the Maranatha Puzzle. Some of the puzzlers, who had requested to be sent a parchment of clues, actually received two; one flat and one folded. This was unexpected and would seem like the ‘foldings’ of the parchment may hold some meaning then, or why fold it?

Although the folded parchment I received was not sealed with a red wax-like substance, some of them were sealed in this particular way. As the first image shows, the title Maranatha- Et in Arcadia Ego-, and The Parchment of Clues, were cleverly displayed on the closed sheet. The fact the title is ‘upside down’ when the parchment is opened, indicates the folding of the parchment was planned before printing (shown at the end).

A person could consider the phrase ‘Parchment of Clues’ to imply the parchment itself (without the writings), held clues.  It is one interpretation for the phrase. Obviously, the images and words on the parchment held clues. However, I believe the method in which the sheet was folded, and ultimately opened, may have provided hints, as well.

I only just recently located my ‘folded’ parchment. I knew I had one, but was unable to find it for the longest time. (The other day, going through a tote of miscellaneous toys, there it was (don’t ask me how it got there, I have not any idea)). But, happily, I can now show the method in which the parchment was opened and what I believe is a clue to the puzzle.

maranatha puzzle parchmentNotice what appears when the parchment is opened with its first unfold. The pigpen code is shown printed down along the edge. Those puzzlers, who have used this pigpen code to decipher the text of the Maranatha puzzle, will know it is not correctly positioned. The first symbol, in this initial position presented, would be the letter C. In order for the pigpen code to match the one used to decode the Maranatha Text, the parchment needs to be ‘Up- Righted.’

Imagine a pivot point in the center of the parchment’s image (shown to the left). The bottom of the parchment is moved UP, and to the Right (shown), for the Key to be used correctly to the text of the Maranatha puzzle.

I suppose I feel this is important because I believe the Wisdom of Solomon (a wise and discerning heart/ knowing how to distinguish between right and wrong)  is important to the puzzle and the Wisdom of Solomon is shown linked to being UPRIGHT in heart; a person who is just.  Was the folding of the Parchment a clue to this?

I have also liked one interpretation for the line in the puzzle, “write the wisdom of numbered lines, and words of the king” to hint towards the ‘the wisdom of Kings’ (as the book in the Bible). ‘Words’ could imply the plural form of ‘King’. The wisdom found in the book of Kings is the Wisdom of Solomon. So in order to ‘write’ (like we did for the Maranatha text) we have to be upright in heart.  (1 Kings 3:6, “You have shown great kindness to your servant, my father David, because he was faithful to you and righteous, and upright in heart.”  and 1 Kings 3:9, “so give your servant a discerning heart…”)

I realize this is my interpretation, and may not be intended by the Authors of Maranatha Puzzle, but I like the thought that the folding of the ‘Parchment of Clues’ hinted towards this powerful Upright Wisdom.




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