The Find a Devil Anagram in the Maranatha Puzzle

Asmodeus-photo by Andy Hay, Wikimedia

One of the few un-debated discoveries of the Maranatha Puzzle book was an anagram found by a forum member (under the username of Synchronicity) of the tweleve website.  On page xiii in the original version of the book were the words set aside from the rest.  They were as follows:

Nicolas Flamel discovered it


Leonardo da Vinci encoded it.

Synchronicity shared that she noticed by taking the first letter of each word, NFDI, A, LDVEI, and then anagramming them into words, a short message appeared of ‘FIND A DEVIL’.

Simple, but elegant, the discovery correlated with the text and other clues in the puzzle.  It definitely seemed as though it was intended.

Near the end of the decoded text were seen specific instructions and phrases, like, ‘Such is the beast you must seek…..’ and ‘Here conjure the beast…’ which further supported the anagram.

The monthly clues of the puzzle also contained a few direct references to the ‘beast’.  For example, the May 2007 clue was “All the parts you look at conjure the beast’ and soon following in that July was the clue of “The quest is ended with the true number of the Beast.”

There are other clues which include the word of ‘beast’.  Taking a quick glance down the list of monthly clues, they can be realized.  There could be many others which may indirectly or imply the importance of ‘find a devil.’

In addition, the Companion book which was published in 2006, contained many other snippets (some longer than others) about devils, serpents, Rex Mundi, Asmodeus, Lucifer, and others.  The companion helped define and explain many of the terms used in the puzzle.  However, it was said not to be necessary for the completion of the puzzle.

And evidently, since the second version of the book from the Time Monk Project did not contain the wonderful little anagram, either was it.  Obviously, it was given just as a hint towards the solving of the puzzle.  It was considered a neat find and one which, like mentioned above, most puzzlers agreed upon.

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  1. Maria Rigel says:

    Leonardo da Vinci certainly encoded a lot of sacred geometry in his paintings and drawings.

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