The CustardQuest Treasure Hunts

CustardQuest Treasure Hunts are said to be as easy as ‘Read, Unravel, Retrieve, and Redeem’.   One of the past winners found this to be just the case!  Wondering what to do one evening, Travis P. decided to read one of CustardQuest’s Treasure hunt stories.  Living near where CustardQuest had secreted one of the coded stones, a certain clue from within the story caught his attention.  Later that same night, Travis was able to unravel more of the clues that directed him to an exact location.  And then the next morning he and his wife visited the spot to Retrieve and Redeem the CQ stone for a $350 reward!

You could do the same!  Currently, one of the four CustardQuest treasure hunt stories, released so far, remains to be solved.  More will be released in the future.  Be sure to Like their Facebook page for updates.

Official rules can be accessed on  But, basically, special CQ stones are hidden somewhere across the United States. These small stones come from Custard Mark’s ‘Rockpile’, and will contain the needed information to redeem for the stated prize of a particular hunt.  The story, provided free on site, contains clues to the location of a hidden stone. A person, who has deciphered enough clues from the story, and retrieves (and redeems) one of these stones, gets the reward money.  He also gets the excitement of finding a treasure!

Stories about the past three solved CQ hunts are shared on the site.  These are great to look over.  Not only can you learn some of the possible methods used to key a person into discovering a stone, but you can enjoy a wonderful and successful treasure hunting tale.  So far, stones have been found in Las Vegas, Nevada; Triangle, Virginia; and Charleston, West Virginia.

The first CustardQuest hunt was released on April 1st, 2012.  It wasn’t until a year later, April 22nd, 2013, that the elusive stone was found.  The second stone was also found almost a year to the date later, and the third was found before any of the previous two!  Although challenging, the hunts are not impossible and are a lot of fun.  The latest hunt (CQIV) was released on June 15th, 2013.  This stone carries a $200 cash prize and continues to escape searchers.  Can you find it?

No one knows for sure where the fourth stone will be found; and won’t until rock is in hand!    Anyone who can read can take up the mission to solve one of the treasure hunts.  There are prizes out there to be found and you could be the one who catches the needed clue to make the final find!

I wish you the best of luck with whatever you seek!

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  1. October 27, 2013

    […] CustardQuest Treasure Hunts is a hunt for various cash prizes.  A searcher  ’Reads (the story on site), Unravels (clues to the special  CQ stone hidden somewhere across the United States), Retrieves (the stone with a code), and Redeems (for cash prize on site).  (currently one is unsolved and involves a prize of 200 dollars). […]

  2. December 4, 2015

    […] CustardQuest Treasure Hunt IV involves the search for a hidden stone somewhere across the United States.  This […]

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