The Bossall Armchair Treasure Hunt Remains Unsolved

armchair treasure huntRecently I chatted with Douglas Pearson about his armchair treasure Hunt book entitled The Bossall Treasure.  I wanted to confirm the hidden prize is still out there to be found.  Douglas confirmed it is and stated that no one has yet come close to solving the clues within the book’s images and text to discover where his secreted treasure rests.

In the Six Questions with Douglas Pearson I did a while back, Douglas shared how he studied various puzzles, riddles, and other armchair treasure hunts, like Masquerade, in order to create a solvable, but challenging puzzle for all.  Also in our recent chat, he mentioned that when he first published his book in 2014, he was concerned he might have made his treasure hunt too easy, but that it was proving not to be the case.

All good though!  The treasure waits to be found and that is exciting to know!  It will be discovered some day, and it could be by YOU!

The Bossall Treasure is a Golden Cross Lorraine with Jewels.  A monetary value has not been placed on the hidden item, but as with most hunts, it is often the journey, and the things learned or discovered through taking that journey, which turns out to be of most worth anyway.  This treasure is available and attainable by all who participate in the hunt.

As detailed in a previous summary on The Bossall Armchair Treasure Hunt, anyone who solves the clues to the treasure’s location can forward a claim to the prize without actually having to go and retrieve the hidden Golden Lorraine Cross. The person needs only to provide the correct solution- satisfactorily- to Douglas.  Since it is secreted in the UK, this is especially great for USA or other out of country hunters.

For those who have read The Bossall Treasure, you know that the Lorraine Cross has deep historical meaning to the story and it is for that reason why it was chosen to be the treasured item to find in Douglas’ hunt. For those not familiar with the book, however, I’ll offer a quick summary.

While researching his ancestors and family’s history, Douglas discovered a real life lost treasure. One filled with astonishing history and mystery.  He weaves actual facts of this treasure into a tale to provide clues for finding a Golden Cross of Lorraine. Within the book, it is a Golden Lorraine Cross which was snapped off the neck of Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar.  This cross was passed down for safekeeping from generation to generation. It was later lost, and no one today knows where that particular treasure now is.

The actual history is amazing! However, the difference to this real life treasure and the one Douglas has crafted for in his treasure hunt, is within the book are definite clues to provide a path to discover it!


Best of luck with all that you seek!   And Always Treasure the Adventure!

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3 Responses

  1. MartinS says:

    I need to keep working on this one. The story is really interesting. It’s also really long. The number of clues buried in there could be astounding. I may have to special order an actual book, rather than using the kindle version. Maybe I’ll have more luck with it!

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    It is a great hunt. It seems the clues shouldn’t be that difficult, but maybe only a bit puzzling on exactly how they work. There is supposed to be one in every chapter….11 clues providing ‘location’….

  3. umut says:

    Looks like the paperback version is out of print and it is unknown when it will be available.

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