The Announcement of the TimeMonk Competition End

The February 21, 2011 TimeMonk email, which included 5 PDF’s and sent to various people, was short and to the point.  It simply announced the competition was over.  The race for the million pound prize saw all puzzlers and seekers of Truth crossing the finish line simultaneously at 9:00 AM.   But the competition was all that was terminated for puzzlers on that day.  The search for the Key and the Holy Grail would continue for those who wanted to stay on course.

The ending, appropriately, gave rise to something even more powerful.  Instead of a sprint, the hunt became more of what it was always meant and said to be; a journey.  The TimeMonk or Maranatha-Et in Arcadia Ego book was merely the starting point for some.  Once the contest came to a close, all of the controversy and the emotion which had become attached to the puzzle was stripped away.  None of it mattered in relation to the continued search for Truth.  The remains presented a clearer picture for the intended purpose.

The quest could be described as a path which has many turns, and yet, like a Labyrinth, is contained in one straight continuous course through time.  The Maranatha-Et in Arcadia Ego puzzle could be compared to the Labyrinth found in The Garden of Forking Paths by Borges.  It is made of words.  Since Maranatha presents such a vast array of topics, it provides a reader the freedom to explore any path he desires.  The text and images of the puzzle may lead a person towards the center and back out again; escaping the Labyrinth, and the beast within.  And so, for those who enter or have entered, the journey persists, despite the following email:

(The TimeMonk Announcement):

“It is with great regret to announce that Priory Publications (GB) Ltd., has seized trading as of 9:00 AM from the 21st February 2011.

As such it cannot support the competition known as ‘TimeMonk’ or ‘Maranatha – Et in Arcadia Ego’.

We understand that many people will be disappointed by this news, as much as we are.   I would like to forward a personal thank you for all the support and dedication we have received through the years.

We have released ‘Final Stages of the Solution’ PDF to confirm that to this date we have received no ‘Successful’ entry, after ‘Liquidation’ is complete, a full PDF Solution should be made available.”


And the five PDF’s which were included in the email:







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5 Responses

  1. PL289 says:

    I’m confused. The Pingback (due to linking?) generated by today’s posting “Maranatha Puzzle and the Lost Secret of Rennes le Chateau: Five Years After End”, states that this original posting was created the day the original PDF’s were sent out on February 21, 2011. However the date at the bottom of the original post says it was made April 10, 2012…over a year after the PDF’s were made public. Curious but not earth shattering. I may however be misunderstanding the date stamp on the original post though.

    • Jenny says:

      The PDF’s were released in 2011 to various people…….but I didn’t create this site until a year later, and didn’t post the PDF’s as a Post for this site until like you state in April 2012.

      My goal was/is to create a resource for the Maranatha puzzle so any who want to work on the ‘hunt’ has the information and background readily available to do so.

      I should also state that I received permission from the author to post ‘Maranatha copyrighted Material’ on this site.

      That is why the dates differ….sorry for the confusion… my post yesterday was five years from the date the competition ended (in way of PDF release with email), but not from my own posting of them here on this site to use as a resource.

  2. PL289 says:

    Thx. That’s an interesting way to end a treasure hunt. Some have suggested Forrest might do the same thing following the disappearance of Randy.

  3. Horatio says:

    Just for clarity, and going by the Tweleve site, weren’t two sets of the PDFs released. An initial set with errors and then a second set that had slight modifications?

  1. February 21, 2016

    […] on the date of this posting, February 21st (2011), the competition for the Maranatha Puzzle ended. PDF’s with a short email were released. They informed those working towards the finding of the powerful ‘Key’ of the […]

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