Thank You ALL!

   WE WON!

And I do mean WE…..I feel this site is not just something of mine, but OURS…

Thank YOU and Congrats to YOU too!

(and I know many of you found this out already…..:)…..but I’m just getting home from the Event’s official announcement today in order to write this post.  Give me a few days, but we are going to celebrate!  I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but there will be something fun and special)

Thanks again……  You’re the BEST!



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30 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Congratulations!! Excellent work! Well done! You deserve it! You work really hard here and I’m sure it’s the least we could do to vote for you and make sure you won!

  2. Strawshadow says:

    Nicely done, congrats:)

  3. pdenver says:

    Your award looks wonderful, Jenny. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Congratulations.

  4. waterhigh says:

    Congratulations, Jenny!

  5. ROLL TIDE says:

    Kudos Jenny,
    I tip my hat to you. Much respect and appreciation for all that you do.

  6. JC1117 says:

    Congratulations, Jenny!

    Keep those Mysteries coming.

  7. SL says:

    Shine, Jenny! Shine ~


  8. Buckeye Bob says:

    Jenny, a deserving award. Congrats!

  9. JDA says:

    What a team – You, Forrest, and thousands of bloggers chasing after Forrest’s treasure, along with other treasures around the world. CONGRATULATIONS ALL! JDA

  10. Iron Will says:

    Nicely done Jenny!

  11. 23kachinas says:

    Cheers to you Jenny K! Love your blog to the Moon and back 🙂

  12. ace 340 says:

    Outstanding. Ride the wave, Jenny for President.

  13. jdiggins says:

    Jenny, I had no doubt. And, you are correct. This is a colective group of folks who add to the wonder that expands your site. A big thank you to all. It’s quite an honor to be inclusive of this cast of genious, creativity, logic, humor, imagination and drama. Indeed, we all do play our part. Each of us has an entrance and an exit. There is talent here, in abundance.
    Thanks to you, Jenny, and all who make this forum a pleasant adventure.

  14. nmc says:

    Gratz Jenny, Well deserved.

  15. ACE says:

    Congrats Jenny!
    A wonderful prize to someone who is seemingly very deserving. Thanks for putting smiles on all our faces and keeping adventure in our hearts.

  16. Twingem says:

    Congrats!! Well deserved Jenny. Well done.

  17. astree says:

    Excellant, Jenny. Very definitely earned, with your superior work.
    I’m trying to figure out what that squirrel on the certificate is doing 🙂

  18. litterateOne says:


    Congratulations, well deserved.


  19. HaywardG says:

    Wonderful News!! Congratulations!

  20. nearindianajones says:

    Well done, bravo!

  21. Belle says:

    Awesome news! Congratulations! Job well done!!!

  22. Nate Beck says:


    You certainly earned it. So happy for you!

    Mysterious Writings is a treasure that can and should be enjoyed by everyone!

  23. Chase Fan says:

    Congratulations, Jenny! So glad you won…this is a well-deserved honor. You have a wonderful site. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  24. Joe Sparrow says:

    Congratulations Jenny! This truly is a great site and you deserve it!

  25. Onuat says:

    Well deserved. Congratulations!!!

  26. Bailey says:

    Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Congrats. I’m sure this site is a labor of love, but that still qualifies as a labor. Way to go and thanks for all the hard work.

  27. Moonshadow says:

    Congratulations Jenny! We were all hoping that you would receive recognition for your great work!

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