Six Questions with William Lynhope: Author of The Ultimate Quest and Alpha to Omega

The Ultimate Quest by William Lynhope encouraged others to research the history and knowledge surrounding the Holy Grail.  The book compelled readers to explore clues provided within the story, in order to uncover the truth concerning the Holy Grail.  Now, with his newest book entitled Alpha to Omega, William continues to stir the motivating sense in each of us to wonder; to discover if there is more involved than what is seen upon first glance.  I greatly enjoyed reading both The Ultimate Quest and Alpha to Omega.  While having the pleasure to ask William the following Six Questions, he was able to share more about his intriguing work and thoughts with all.

  • Q1)  You post on your BlogSpot (link below) how the writing of The Ultimate Quest, along with your most recent book, Alpha to Omega, reflect some of your own amazing experiences.  What inspires you to write about them?

The Ultimate Quest and Alpha to Omega certainly reflect not only my experiences but, just as importantly, utilise information I was given or managed to discover. Both books, therefore, have a good deal of fact woven into the fiction.

Some years ago, in another interview, I said that The Ultimate Quest came to be written because I was sure the information I had been given was provided in the hope or expectation that it would be passed on. That view has not changed; in fact it has strengthened as I contemplate the major changes in the world that I now see and expect to take place. It was, however, my decision to encapsulate it in what most people would initially perceive as a treasure hunt book. It was then left up to the reader to decide whether to take it as it was or go beyond it.

Alpha to Omega is different. I have absolutely no reason to believe that anything I was told, heard or experienced was meant for wider dissemination. I was often a ‘bystander’; but one who listened and observed closely. I do not imagine it is often that anyone gets to experience things that go on in the dark world of espionage, without actually being part of some security agency or service. Add that to information that had already been published in some form and the factual content of the book becomes very significant. One reviewer a few months ago said something along the lines of: “Just ask yourself, could it actually happen? The answer is yes.” And that is one of the reasons I wrote Alpha to Omega.

But there is also an important link between the two books. Without The Ultimate Quest, I doubt that Alpha to Omega would exist. The need for understanding and change that is part of The Ultimate Quest was the precursor for the ending of Alpha to Omega. At the end of The Ultimate Quest, there is the following exchange:

She smiled knowingly. “I understand. That’s why I’m here. It’s time,” she said.

“Time for what?”

“The truth. A little of it you already know. But when you learn the rest, you must be prepared for all things to change.”  (TUQ)

The end of Alpha to Omega is also concerned with great change; in this case, change that will have a major impact on everyone.


  • Q2) After ten years, the decision was made to end the armchair treasure hunt contained within your first book published in 2001, The Ultimate Quest.  Some of the answers to the questions, along with the ‘Grail’ remain unknown.  Do you have any plans on furthering the hunt or offering any additional clues? Or what are your hopes for the book now that the official hunt has ended?


The decision to bring The Ultimate Quest to a close was because it seemed to have run its course. Thousands had embarked upon it and even after 10 years, there was still obviously a core of devotees committed to it. The problem was that only a handful had come anywhere near to completing it. And near, meant with quite a lot still to do!

It was for this reason that an additional clue was provided as an alternative route for completion. But even this was not enough. The inability to crack this new clue – that I thought would be of particular interest to those who liked their clues to be cryptic – was particularly disappointing. As I indicated in another interview when the clue was first published, it would have revealed the origin of the grail as we know it today. To the very best of my knowledge, this has never been stated or even hinted at in the last two thousand years in any publication or by any group claiming any relationship with the grail. Yet when it was told to me and I had the opportunity to check out a couple of things, it made perfect sense.

At the time of bringing it to a close, the publishers (with my agreement) did indicate that they would consider offers from another publisher to take over or even perhaps re-launch The Ultimate Quest as an e-book; but no serious offers were received. In the meantime, a few ‘entrepreneurs’ (or perhaps wishful thinkers!) have been offering second hand copies of the book at vastly inflated prices. In one case, I understand, at ten times the original price.

The final truth seems likely, therefore, to remain hidden for the time being.


  • Q3) The Holy Grail can evoke many different images to various people; a golden cup, platter, lost knowledge are only some of the examples.  From your understanding of the Holy Grail, what do you feel keeps people from finding it?  Do you feel the Church or other organizations have suppressed, hindered, or kept people from obtaining it? 


The Holy Grail as it is presently perceived is either myth or a conundrum based upon many different stories or beliefs. For this reason, it is either going to be dismissed as nonsense or the various conflicting stories are likely to confuse rather than inform people. It is for this reason that I am sure I was originally told the story that I eventually incorporated into The Ultimate Quest.

As I understand it, the story/origin is very straightforward and it is a cup or chalice. You have, however, to understand the world prior to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth and the ensuing centuries after his death; not least the evolution of the early Christian church and the manner in which the scriptures were then written. Only then does the ‘muddle’ begin to make sense. So much is either hidden or suppressed and when this happens (as we know from the world we currently live in) myth, rumour and opportunism take hold. Add to that the various religious turmoils that happened subsequently and it is not surprising that the truth has all but disappeared.

I did some radio interviews in the USA not long after the book was published. I was warned in advance, however, that on certain radio stations I should avoid any comment about the bible or early church. This, I think, illustrates how entrenched opinions can become and the unwillingness of many to recognise that some of those responsible for writing the scriptures as we now know them were writing to support their own view or agenda. In modern day parlance, they were not above putting a spin on some things!


  • Q4) Related to the previous question, what was the most important step which helped you to discover the Grail?


You could say that the truth of the Grail was handed to me, rather than having to discover it for myself. That said, I did a considerable amount of research and reading before I ever started to write the book. I didn’t necessarily disbelieve what I had originally been told, but I was skeptical. Once I had disposed of most of the ‘cobwebs’ and spotted what I believed to be blind alleys, what I had been told then seemed to fit nicely into place; a bit like putting the last couple of pieces into a jigsaw puzzle.

I am sure that many who read The Ultimate Quest went on a similar journey. By that I mean, read and researched a great deal. Hopefully, some had their eyes opened and some are better prepared for changes that will come or have already come.


  • Q5)  It would seem from the writing on your Blog, The Ultimate Quest, and Alpha to Omega, there is an implication that actions of the past cause future occurrences.  From this, I wonder; do you believe that all that happens is a consequence of the past? 



To answer this question, I would quote directly from Alpha to Omega:

… is a continuous chain of such incidents, with no moment in the present or future being unconnected with some moment from the past.

That concept is integral to the plot of the book, but it is also one that I personally believe. It applies to both countries and individuals. There is always ‘history’, if you just take the time to think about it or investigate further. Or put it more simply: a reason. That reason may be obvious or hidden from the view of most people, but it is always there.

It also applies, I believe, to the planet we live on. It is a dynamic structure that is part of something much larger; not just a large lump of rock spinning around in space that is suitable for human habitation. It has a ‘memory’, is capable of great change and has shown on numerous occasions that it has the power to rebalance itself.

I have elsewhere referred to a ‘tipping point’. This phrase is often used in connection with environmental issues, but I would use it in a wider context. We are, of course, back to the idea of change. Not just minor issues, but things that impact on the way we live and behave. At its most basic level, it’s things like corrupt bankers, oppressive political regimes and terrorists. Widen it out and it’s about the environment, about unsustainable populations and countries that (for whatever reason) cannot live at peace with their neighbours. And let’s not forget the ‘outside influence’: our sun. For some years now, scientists have been warning us about the immense damage possible from solar flares and similar activity.

I think we are now in such a period of great change and that will begin to gather pace over the next year or two. To most people, each ‘incident’ is taken in isolation, without any thought of viewing it as part of a much bigger picture.

In Alpha to Omega, I have centered the final trigger on the UK (with good reason) – but with the consequences being felt worldwide.


  • Q6)  Your current blog, and book Alpha to Omega, are very intriguing. You discuss topics which many may find hard to believe or may just not want to think about.  Although, you may not be able to answer whether you are a ‘spy’ or not, how do you know so much about their inner workings and radical plans of rivals?   


I think I’ve already explained at the beginning of this interview that I am not, nor have I ever been a ‘spy’. But I did gain an insight into how this world operates and those who have read my blog will know that I got spied on as a result of this. This knowledge and these experiences were invaluable when it came to writing Alpha to Omega.

The background to The Ultimate Quest was as a result of a once in a lifetime access to a previously untold story. I fear that I may not have served it as well as I might, but only time will tell.

Brief details about Alpha to Omega can be found at or by accessing my blog

I am also to be found on Facebook.



So very interesting, William, and thank-you! You offer a lot to ponder and consider.  I appreciate you taking your time to share and help expand not only my mind, but others as well.


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5 Responses

  1. jjack says:

    Does anyone know if the book ‘Alpha and Omega” contain clues about the Grail? Interesting that he said “The Ultimate Quest” was the only book to date to expose the Grail, a little conflict with Maranatha?

  2. I think this is a very interesting and thought provoking interview with William Lynhope. It reinforces what was in The Ultimate Quest and, I think, adds further to its authenticity. Like you, I also enjoyed his latest book Alpha to Omega and was left wondering whether Quest was written to prepare us for what transpires at the end of Alpha to Omega.
    I also read your Maranatha interview with its author. Bad luck, incompetence or something else? I’ve read comments on other websites about the ‘similarities’ between The Ultimate Quest and Maranatha, where it has also been pointed out that The Ultimate Quest was published first, some three or four years earlier.
    You mention a ‘curse’ in your interview and I wonder if you had considered the possibility that it was the curse of The Ultimate Quest – or rather what was contained in it? I went back to the book and, sure enough, there are a number of ‘warnings’ in it. Perhaps one of the mistakes of the Maranatha author was the idea that you could take something so important and as well presented as The Ultimate Quest and commercialise it into a £1million treasure hunt. Just a thought.

  3. jkile says:

    Hi jjack and norma. Thanks for your questions and I apologize for not responding sooner. I had been traveling.

    Personally, I don’t feel a conflict between the two books. It would seem the ‘Grails’ of both may represent powerful, yet separate, beliefs or items.

    I relate these possible different ‘Grails’ to my own experience in the following. Some may know I love games and so I am always asking others, “what is the best game?” Most times the answer is not the same. However, wonderfully, each person is correct and is sharing ‘the best game’. I don’t think the different answers diminish the value of the others and I love learning about all the various games. For me, the same goes for the ‘Grail’.

    From working on the hunts, TUQ and Maranatha, I did notice similarities and appreciated both. The monetary prize offered in Maranatha’s hunt never bothered me; nor the loss of it. I suppose because by working on the hunt I discovered much and realized that even in Proverbs 2: 1-5, it tells man to ‘look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.’

    This seems to imply the same type of motivation used in Maranatha as used to find the knowledge of God. I have to smile, because by looking for the answers to Maranatha as like ‘hidden treasure’, I have gained (however small) a bit of wisdom and understanding. Mostly, I learned how very much I don’t know. Lol….treasure just the same. TUQ provided this as well, for me.

    I am curious to know what the hunts did for others, if any would like to comment.

  4. Carole W says:

    I very much enjoyed reading this interview and it got me thinking again about the Ultimate Quest.

    Actually, after a break of a year, I think I have made progress (it just sort of clicked as to what Question 6 meant) and I have a solution that I would really like to be considered by the author/publishers – not for the prize as they have declared the Quest finished but just to know whether or not it is correct. Please see the Quest4Treasure forum for more details about what I have done.

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