Six Questions with The Wolf: Author of Finding Forrest Fenn

Wolf finding forrest fenn coverNext to doing it yourself, nothing takes you on The Thrill of the Chase better than The Wolf’s book Finding Forrest Fenn. It is a must read for not only any one wanting to learn more about the Million Dollar search for Fenn’s Gold hidden in the Rocky Mountains, but anyone in search of treasure!

The pages of Wolf’s tales captivates readers from start to finish! He truthfully and humbly shares how heart wrenching, and yet thrilling the Roller-Coaster ride of treasure hunting can be.  During his action packed adventures, The Wolf reveals logical and well thought out solutions for Forrest Fenn’s hunt.  These valuable thought processes and deduction skills can be applied to any mystery or puzzling hunt though; making it an universal treasure guide.

Finding Forrest Fenn’s inspiring account of The Wolf and his family’s search for Gold does not end giving on the last page. All Monies from Sales of the book are being given to Cancer Research. I appreciated The Wolf’s time in answering the following Six Questions.  ‘Ripple effects’ of treasure hunting are some of the best waves being created today and I believe The Wolf has started a powerful one.  Enjoy!


  • 1Q) The adventures to find Forrest Fenn’s hidden chest of gold, worth possibly millions, began in the fall of 2010 with the release of his memoir, The Thrill of the Chase.  When did you first become inspired to chase after this amazing treasure secreted in the Rocky Mountains? Do you remember what your first thoughts were? 

I was watching The Today Show during the March 2013 clue give away.  I remember being instantly attracted to the treasure hunt.  I called to my family, “Everyone gather around, this guy hid a million dollar treasure!” It was like yesterday and my instant thought was, “What an absolutely amazing idea! How did he know that I and so many others wanted to go on a real treasure hunt!?”


  • 2Q) You’ve decided to share your incredible experiences looking for Fenn’s treasure by writing the book, Finding Forrest Fenn. This includes numerous ideas about how the poem can logically lead a person to various locations and contains immense and significant information.  Anyone searching for the treasure will gain remarkable perspectives to help them with their own hunting.  How did you feel about sharing this information?  Do you have any regrets, concerns, or second thoughts in doing so now?

I decided this would be my last treasure hunt. I had gathered so much valuable information that I felt was right on the ledge of discovery and I felt it would help me move on if I could pass on that information to someone else who could use it to discover the chest. I have never had any second thoughts and I feel really good about disclosing this information. I would be extremely happy if the treasure was found due to the information disclosed in my book.


  • 3Q) Besides your book offering tremendous value by revealing ideas and vital thought processes on how the poem could be followed to direct a person to the treasure, it offers, most importantly, the opportunity, to give a gift.  A Treasure. All proceeds go to Cancer Research. What encouraged you to do this and why did you choose this particular and extremely worthwhile cause?

Mr. Fenn was 58 years old when he got cancer; I was only 25 when I found out I had malignant melanoma, a skin cancer with an very low survival rate. Instantly, I could relate to Terry Fox, a young Canadian who died running across Canada with only one leg trying to raise cancer awareness. I always wanted to do something unique like what that brave young man did. Terry Fox started out slow but his foundation has raised over $600 million for cancer research.


  • 4Q)  Year after year, the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn continues to go unfound.  Searchers are realizing how difficult it is to discover a 10×10 bronze chest in the Rockies, even if they feel that they have narrowed down a search area.  Do you feel the treasure will be found in Fenn’s lifetime?  Your lifetime?  Within the next 200 years? Ever?  Why or why not?

I sense the treasure will be found in Mr. Fenn’s lifetime, perhaps sooner than we all think. He buried his bells and jars with the intent of discovery thousands of years from now, but the chest is different, and his own words confirm this hypothesis.


  • 5Q) You end your book by saying, “My quest is complete,” and although this implies that your search for Forrest Fenn’s chest is over, I have to ask if you believe it truly is. Won’t you miss the chase?  What did you enjoy most about the search?  What did you like least?

I wanted to search with everyone in my family and I accomplished that, with the exception of my dog, Lucky. I will always miss the chase for it has brought adventure and many fond memories with my family. I loved trying to solve this difficult puzzle with people I love and that is what I will miss the most. What I least liked about the search is the countless hours I spent in deep thought and sitting in front of my laptop that I wished I could have spent with my family.


  • 6Q)  You have actively and enthusiastically searched for the Treasure of Forrest Fenn.  From this you have gained experiences, memories, and knowledge that can only be given by taking part in the roller coaster ride of treasure hunting. Would you offer any advice for searchers? 

I truly believe this adventure is called The Thrill of the Chase because we are supposed to ride that emotional rollercoaster, and thus it was designed in such a way that our initial instincts will be wrong and we must fail first and then learn what the clues mean.  Thus, my most important piece of advice is to search with someone you love and enjoy the Rocky Mountains, because at least you will come away with something. Too many people lock themselves into one concept/solution.  Keep an open mind and make a contract with yourself and acknowledge that you can be wrong; if you can’t find the treasure in two trips to the same location, it is not there. Learn from your experience and move on.



A huge thanks, Wolf.  Your honest account and answers inspire. I feel the Quest (of anything and everything) is one of the most important adventures we all can go on.  So much is learned by the journey. 

Through your answers above, and within your book, you have proven this and demonstrate how the adventure will live on in the hearts of questers one way or another.  I love the quote:

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



Best of luck to all in whatever you seek!



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26 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks again, Wolf. Excellent answers. Loved them.

  2. E* says:

    The Wolf – Congratulations on your book! Thank you for sharing your experiences,….and for donating the proceeds to cancer research. I have always admired ALL of your contributions to The Chase.

  3. Thrillchaser says:

    Interesting and sounds like a good book and good cause.

  4. Joe says:

    I think you will be out searching again. You have been bitten and it won’t let you go. Next time might be the right one. Nice questions and answers.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Thank you Jenny and Wolf! Your answers were good and your book sounds interesting. I love to read stories about adventure that are true.

  6. 23kachinas says:

    So inspiring Wolf, nice job with Finding Forrest Fenn book and donations to cancer research.

  7. Spoon says:

    You’re one of the good guys, Wolf. I hope you got what you wanted out of the treasure hunt. You deserve it.

  8. astree says:

    Thanks for the Six Questions, and answers. Seems like a great book, I’ll look for an opportunity to review it.

    Jenny, your Emerson quote is also one of my favorites. I’ve seen it attributed to both Emerson and Oliver Wendell Holmes, so a mini-mystery until a bit of research can be done. Maybe Holmes lifted it from Emerson.


  9. The Wolf says:

    Thank you Jenny for all your support. Thank you for all who have supported cancer research – you are making a difference.

    I actually wrote a much larger book and decided to keep it at 49,000 words. I have several theories and concepts that have never been discussed before sitting around collecting dust so I thought I would release one maybe more depending on how they are accepted.

    This is concept came to me at the very end of the book as I sat I Doc Holiday’s grave. Enjoy my Western Theory – and give it to a (Ringo) Kid!!Western-Theory/cam/55c61f950cf2be396baba87f

  10. The Wolf says:

    I have posted a new theory about Kidney Cancer and the Environmentalist Forrest Fenn which sheds a new light on what is special.!Kidney-Cancer-Theory/cam/55c771880cf25fa64a0f13f1

  11. The Wolf says:

    Another topic posted on my blog “Only the Phantom knows”!Only-the-Phantom-Knows/cam/55c80a340cf232fa510e85f4

  12. The Wolf says:

    Thank you everyone for supporting cancer research through your donations and purchase of my book. As I prepare to exit the chase I plan to leave on last solution which is an application of my book. It was intended to be my second book, and as Lee Iacocca said before he left Chrysler, “It is nice to hit a home run when it is your final turn at bat”

    Follow my adventure or in this case “prediction” of where the treasure lies on my blog!My-Final-at-BatThe-Home-Run/cam/55d5dc570cf2083e080b014d

  13. Jeffrey Brown talks to Michael Danti of Boston University and Brenton Easter from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement about the losses at Palmyra and how authorities are tackling antiquities smuggling.

  14. The Wolf says:

    What colour is a daffodil?

    Hi everyone,
    I just thought I would stop by and remind everyone that April is Daffodil month in Canada, supporting those living with cancer.

    I have posted an update on my blog as this is the last month that I will be accepting donations for the Canadian Cancer Society (cancer research).

    Thank you to all who have purchased my book Finding Forrest Fenn (all revenue received goes directly to cancer research) and to those who have donated directly.!Cancer-Mont…d402fe82ab

    Lets join the fight!

    Thank you all for supporting cancer research!

    The Wolf

    I have included some reader feedback as well for those who are interested.

  15. The Wolf says:

    Thirty-six years ago this week (April 12, 1980) a brave young 21-year-old man began an epoch journey when he dipped his prosthetic leg in the Atlantic ocean near St John’s Newfoundland. His goal was to raise $1 dollar from every Canadian to support cancer research. His name was Terry Fox; born in Winnipeg, he unfortunately acquired osteosarcoma (cancer of the bone) and had his right leg amputated. A natural athlete in high school, he was inspired by Dick Traum, the first person to complete the New York Marathon with a prosthetic leg. That inspiration lead to a dream, a dream that motived a nation to participate annually in a drive to raise cancer awareness honouring his name.

    Terry Fox began his “Marathon of Hope” committed to running a marathon everyday without rest until he crossed Canada. After a slow start, the young man fought through the resistance to impede his race and by the time he reached Ontario, he was drawing crowds of 10,000 strong. The nation was inspired by his determination, but on Sept 1st, 1980 his Marathon of Hope came to an end just outside Thunder Bay, Ontario, as his cancer had spread to his lungs. On June 19, 1981 Terry Fox died having reached his goal of raising $23 million.

    On Sep 19th of every year, Canadians take up the Marathon of Hope and have donated over $600 million to cancer research under his name. Cancer survival rates for osteosarcoma have risen to 80% thanks to Terry’s efforts.

    Terry Fox was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of Dogwood (the province of BC’s highest award) and was voted second only to Tommy Douglas as Canada’s greatest hero.

    April is the Cancer month in Canada, symbolized by the daffodil. I was delighted when my son Blake (pictured here), joined the fight to help raise money for the cause.

    When I was 25 years old, I too had contracted the deadly form of cancer, Melanoma. I was fortunate to survive, but contracting this disease, so early in life, allowed me to understand he motivation behind the brave young Terry Fox. I have followed his lead and I hope to motivate others to donate generously to cancer research. Every penny raised through sales of my book, Finding Forrest Fenn, go directly to Cancer research. I ask that you too join the fight and purchase my book or donate directly to my Canadian Cancer Society research fund. Your donations are making a difference.

    Lets join the fight and honour Terry Fox!

    Posted at!Terry-Fox-Canadas-Greatest-Hero/cam/5712475b0cf20ee5e3c554d8

  16. Strawshadow says:

    Very worthy cause Wolf, it’s amazing how a person with a vision can have such a lasting effect. Truly inspirational, guess the least I can do is order your book. Thanks for continually bringing awareness to such a worthy cause. Kudos to you, Terry Fox and also Napster founder Sean Parker, two bits of a billion dollars to cancer research. WOW!

    • The Wolf says:

      Thank you Strawshadow for the kind words and continued support. Terry Fox was the first person on my mind when I received the news I had cancer back in 1989, and his inspiration grows in Canada each year. You can read more about him here: I am confident with continued donations from generous people like yourself, we will have this indiscriminate disease licked some day!

      Thank you for making a difference!
      The Wolf

  17. the Wolf says:

    Hello everyone!
    First off I would like to thank everyone who purchased my book or donated directly to The Wolf’s Cancer Fund. I just added up all my book sales and deposited the funds into the account (minus the $90 Amazon will pay out next quarter).

    I was able to sell 173 books, and raised $930, which leaves just one week to reach my goal of $1000. As an incentive I have offered a discount coupon for my book “Finding Forrest Fenn” if purchased through Smashwords. The coupon code is YQ59Z and the details are published on my blog:!Finding-Fenn-40-discount-coupon/cam/5717d3bf0cf2b05e61f67be1

    All book sales are donated directly to cancer research.

    Once again, thank you to all who have donated to this worthy cause and some day we will have this disease beat!

    The Wolf

    • The Wolf says:

      I just received a generous $2000 donation to the Wolf’s cancer fund. With generosity like that we will soon have this disease beat and I will have to start a new fund for the heart attack I just got after hearing the news!

      Thank you all for supporting such a wonderful cause! We can beat this!
      The Wolf

  18. The Wolf says:

    My Book Find Forrest Fenn is now available in Kindle Unlimited. Subscribers may now read the book for free for the next month. Enjoy!
    The Wolf

  19. The Wolf says:

    Hello everyone, I am very excited to announce that my 5 year old niece Leighton will be running with her school in the annual Terry Fox run tomorrow 18 Sept, to raise awareness for cancer research.

    Anyone who donates to cancer research or to her run page will receive a free book Finding Forrest Fenn.

    Read about Leighton and Terry Fox here or visit

    Please give generously and make a difference. Run Leighton Run!

    • The Wolf says:

      Leighton tells me she is so happy with the generosity that she is going to run like Andre De Grasse!

      Apparently the school is running this week not last Sunday and she promised to send pictures. I updated my website so Leighton’s Terry Fox page is at the top “Donate to Terry Fox” so she is still accepting donations.
      Thank you for supporting cancer research.
      The Wolf

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