Short and Sweet Featured Question with Forrest

fenn's treasureTry I must in hopes ff will answer…

Mr. Fenn,
The “Treasure Chest filled with Gold” and the “Title to the Gold”.

The “Chest” and the “Title”, are these 2 separated objects?  ~Mr. T


No, Mr. T. f




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40 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Sometimes two or three letter word answers say so much. 🙂

    Now that isn’t to say, I don’t love long answers too. Which do you like best?

    • E* says:

      Jenny – My favorite short answer is actually a question:

      Why not?

    • 42 says:

      Other inferences could have been made, had Mr. T asked his question differently.

      1. Mr T asked if the chest and the title are separated. Forrest answered no. Inference = they are together in the same place.

      2. IMO Mr. T. Should have asked if the title to the gold is in related to anything different than the treasure chest and its contents Probably not. Still a curious way to state the question..

  2. cowboy says:

    is the a blackfoot medicine bag from your collection in there too!!

    • lia says:

      Mr. Fenn, Nice concise answer. Thank you.

      @ Cowboy. No, It’s the blaze. You have to look quickly up from the gold to see the medicine bag.
      In my opinion, of course cowboy! Someone has to mess with you after all of that gibberish you post!

      • E* says:

        Lia and Cowboy – I wouldn’t want to “look quickly down”,…at the gold,…in the Bronze Chest,…then only to “look quickly up” to see these Piegan raiders,…carrying THEIR medicine bags!:

        They would probably just want my best horse, Alone in There,…and my long, blonde scalp,…of course. 🙂

        Sometimes I pretend I am Osborne Russell,…when it’s REALLY cold outside,…like now,…except that I know I don’t have to worry about being attacked by Blackfeet Indians,…like he did. That’s a relief.

        • Lia says:

          Mr. Fenn,
          do you own this CM Russel painting with the Piegan Indians? I love the sky, it takes my mind off blonde scalps that E* brings up just to give me nightmares since I have blonde hair. My granddaddy used to tell me that if I had to stop for lunch in Browning, I should eat a grilled cheese sandwich, not a hamburger. He would never tell me why but said if I ever met Forrest Fenn, he would know the answer. He remembered your NA gallery collecting days.

  3. Forrest Fenn says:

    I didn’t mean to b short and sweet. I was just short of words. Jenny, why don’t you ask your bloggers to answer the question? I’d like to read what they say. f

    • Seeker says:

      “Sometimes two or three letter word answers say so much. 🙂
      Now that isn’t to say, I don’t love long answers too. Which do you like best?”

      I like the answers that gives knowledge or at least, makes me feel smarter for it, even the ones that are not so obvious….The Cold One.

    • E* says:

      Forrest – I like this example of a short but sweet answer,…to a pivotal question,…from the movie, “Dances with Wolves”:

      [talking about the white men coming]
      Kicking Bird: How many?
      John Dunbar: Like the stars.

    • locolobo says:

      Hello Forrest,

      Well, from my perspective, title = heading!

      Example: If you are brave (at no place for the meek) and in the wood (in the right canyon), then you have been on the correct “heading”…..all that is left is to “tarry scant with marvel gaze”!!…..crazy, no??……LOL!!

      So, NO, they are not two separate “objects”!!!
      loco 🙂

  4. JC1117 says:

    Mr. T’s question is an interesting one. A couple of thoughts come to my mind. First, most human attributes can be defined as good or bad. For example…PRIDE. Pride can be good or bad because it can compel a person to do good or bad things. A mother can be proud of her child…which is a good thing. How does she physically show this? She holds the child close to her heart. She does this by holding the child close to her chest. Sure, there might be a kiss and/or some cheek-to-cheek with a young child, but it almost always accompanies an embrace by bringing the child close to her chest.

    The second thought that comes to me is of an Olympic gold medal. When an athlete “wins gold” does a person’s mind typically focus on the “small” gold necklace around their neck? Maybe…a little bit…but the more common understanding of “winning gold” is of a much larger concept or ideal…the blood, the sweat, the tears, the determination, the sacrifice, the struggle, the Victory (etc. etc.) …the TITLE!

    So, in this way, “good pride” is linked to the chest and the title. That’s the simple way those two words seem to be linked when I think about it. It may not be exactly what Forrest is thinking…but maybe that’s why I don’t have a “treasure chest filled with gold”. LOL!

  5. Jenny Kile says:

    Just to note…..if I can….we are having issues at the moment with the site/wordpress on commenting here. Some show, some don’t…..working on it……

  6. Chris says:

    The “Treasure Chest” is one object. The “Title” is just a word.

    • Seeker says:

      Title may not be JUST a word as much as, symbolism, the honor of holding the title. The finder, The first to discover, is now the Proud owner or symbolic of Being the first….If your not the lead dog the view doesn’t change.

      Now relating to the poem, what could the first mean?

  7. InTheKnow says:

    They can not be two separated objects, since the title is to the chest. That means without the chest, the title means nothing.

    At least, I think.

  8. The thrill says:

    Well I might have got that wrong, I thought Title to the gold was the title of the book meaning The Thrill Of The Chase

  9. E* says:

    Forrest – I don’t even know why Mr. T asked that question,…he CLEARLY already has the Gold and the Title:

  10. Project Why says:

    It means finders keepers. 🙂

    How about: Is the “cold” and the “chest” the same thing? ~ PW

  11. Mr T. says:

    @ E* :)
    @ response # 3; … I pity the fool who called me short and sweet!

    So much info to process on your – “No”.
    So what is “Effort”?
    Throw us a metaphor?
    Mr T.

  12. {} says:

    OK Forrest, I’ll try answering for you 😉

    No Mr. T, “Chest” and “Title” are one and the same.
    Fate ruined my well laid plans and as I grew stronger, some years later I finally decided to write TTOTC and add the last two stanzas.
    As a consequence, I had to come up with another clever ending; “Title to the gold” is a confirmation of the initial conclusion: “take the chest and go in peace”.

    • locolobo says:

      LOL!! 🙂

      Mr. T (and others who may not know)…..Forrest has NEVER made these comments, in written form or verbally!!!….. {} is just playing his little game!!!! 🙂 ……loco

  13. colokidd says:

    I think married would be an appropriate word to describe the two objects.

    • E* says:

      colokidd – You must have looked up the definition for Mr. T’s use of the word, “separated”,…like I did,…and you are referring to number 4. below,…in which case “married” would be a much better word usage:

      sep·a·rate (sp-rt)
      v. sep·a·rat·ed, sep·a·rat·ing, sep·a·rates
      a. To set or keep apart; disunite.
      b. To space apart; scatter: small farms that were separated one from another by miles of open land.
      c. To sort: separate mail by postal zones.
      2. To differentiate or discriminate between; distinguish: a researcher who separated the various ethnic components of the population sample.
      3. To remove from a mixture or combination; isolate.
      4. To part (a couple), often by decree: She was separated from her husband last year.
      5. To terminate a contractual relationship, as military service, with; discharge.

  14. Mr. T says:

    Can you supply where ff said ” I finally decided to write TTOTC and add the last two stanzas”.

    I do not have every quote that came from ff. Can you supply where and when he said this?
    It would be huge if he said this.
    Thanks for your input!

    • {} says:

      Mr. T,

      Forrest never said that, I’m saying it because he asked us to answer when replying to Jenny.

      In any case, what I said it’s my belief and my solve is based on him “throwing” his money in a wishing well, metaphorically speaking.
      His secret (google “secret”) place is where he prayed and vowed to give it away in exchange for more years on this Earth. IMO. To me it’s the only reasonable explanation why he did it.
      He was, still is, a person who tends to keep things, wouldn’t you say? So why he did it…?
      Because when it’s a matter of life and death you’d give away EVERYTHING for more time, and that’s the answer he already knows.

      “I’ve DONE it tired and NOW I’m weak” couple with the “take the chest and leave my bones” which he hinted as a previous version of the poem, leads me to believe that the last two stanzas were added later when he finally decided to hide the chest.

  15. Crazy Horse says:

    No, a separated number?

  16. JC1117 says:

    Maybe Forrest is talking about “NO”. You know…Nitric Oxide. Everybody knows nitric oxide was given the TITLE of “Molecule of the Year” in 1992.

    Fascinating stuff! For example, “inhaled NO can improve hypoxemia in acute lung injury”.

    That’s great and all…but I fail to see what’s cute about lung injuries. Who do they think I am?

  17. E* says:

    JC1117 – And when Zeus,…or Forrest,…says, “NO”,…they mean “NO”!

    Nitric oxide is a by-product of combustion of substances in the air, as in automobile engines, fossil fuel power plants, and is produced naturally during the electrical discharges of lightning in thunderstorms.

  18. Mr. T says:

    Thank you kindly for answering my question!

    Your reply had a lot to say. “I was just short of words.”
    In the same manner on how you worded your poem, is this your cleaver way of saying if I had used a “short version of the word” (separate instead of separated), you would have given a longer reply and the opposite reply of Yes?

    The “b” by its self, looked like a “d” when I first read your reply. You left out the letter “e” for a reason.

    My theory that the Title is an object, I can on only hope it could be reviled and made into a clue for all of us. Thanks again

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