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Summary of Puzzle

Time Monk's Maranatha Puzzle BookLaunched in original form in October 2005, the Maranatha- Et in Arcadia Ego puzzle book offered readers the unique and wonderful opportunity to discover a powerful and secret ‘Key’. The mysterious ‘Key’ would then be used to lead them to the ultimate discovery of the Holy Grail!

Duncan Burden and other authors of the book (which remain anonymous) claimed to have uncovered a valuable, hidden, and immense secret while researching the many enigmas surrounding Rennes le Chateau and lost knowledge.

Inspired to share the discovery in a way which could be appreciated and understood by others, they formed a puzzle book (armchair treasure hunt).  By following a path riddled with clues, hints, insinuations, and obscure instructions, a reader of Maranatha-Et in Arcadia Ego was encouraged to learn and discover the astonishing ‘historic secret’ for himself.

In efforts to help the struggling puzzlers, a companion book was released in the fall of 2006.  This additional information was said to offer guidance.  It provided details about the many phrases, places, or people mentioned in the puzzle book; while presenting possible explanations or purpose for their use.

In what seemed like other efforts to help continue and further the project, a different version of the Maranatha- Et in Arcadia Ego puzzle book was written and released in 2009.  This new book, in addition to an improved and interactive website, was part of what was known as the Time Monk Project.

The puzzle remained the same.  The decoded pages within the new book still held the identical mysterious phrases as the first, and the seven images based from Nicolas Flamel’s legendary book depicted nothing different.  The Secret Key continued to wait to be discovered.  The puzzle was an amazing piece of work.

Unfortunately, the puzzle competition ended in February 2011.  The million pound prize, which was advertised on the front cover of the book and to be awarded to the winner of the competition, never happened.  No one was believed able to solve the book’s mystery.

After another brief period, one of the authors, Duncan Burden, would release the ‘Key’ as it was known in Poussin’s time on the Arcadia website. Burden offered an explanation and a reasonable conclusion for the Time Monk Project.  It was told no further information would be shared.

Even though a key was given, the puzzle cannot say to be solved.  One of the most contemplative clues of the puzzle informed the readers, “The power of the secret is not what it is, it is how it is used.”

Supposedly, in order to have submitted a successful claim during the time of the active puzzle, a person had to use the ‘Key’.  The Key, as re-forged in the Maranatha- Et in Arcadia Ego/Time Monk Puzzle book, remains to be used.  Although it will not lead to the milliion pound prize, it could lead to the Holy Grail.

This site will strive to bring together the generous information provided during the puzzle; so any one can challenge themselves to the solving of the mystery.  The discovery of the ‘Key’ (which has been given in at least one form as the tilted hexagram) is said to have led the authors to the Holy Grail.  The understandings, and possibly learning how the Key was used in the puzzle book, may help others in the final unearthing of the Holy Grail.

Feel free to browse the information found here until your heart’s content and I hope you may discover the meaning behind the Little Red Book and the Holy Grail.



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