Reverse Featured Question with Forrest!


Forrest has been so generous and awesome with answering questions from searchers. Now it is his turn! He has requested one to be asked of you all and he is curious and keen to learn the answers.

It is as follows:

If you could know everything there is to know about one subject, which subject would you choose, and why? Give it some thought before you answer. f



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201 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks for such an stimulating question, Forrest! You’re as interesting on the flipside….lol

    For me, this will be difficult to answer, because I love mystery and I’m not sure I ever want to know everything about anything….but if I could……? I will think about it!

  2. william says:

    Why not, its the one thing i see myself doing for the rest of my life and has a positive effect for everyone that does it.

  3. Iron Will says:

    One word…. TIME.

    It is the one constant that provides answers to everything in life. With a complete and universal knowledge of everything time was, what time is, what time will be; how it interacts with life, and how it can be manipulated. With a complete final understanding of all that is TIME you can….

    – Manipulate and travel back in time to right a past wrong or regret.
    – Manipulate and travel ahead in time to gleen a wisdom of future generations to help guide the present.
    – Understand where everything started from and when it all will end.
    – Understand how time affects human regeneration, hence the halt of aging and achieve immortality for as long as your choosing desires.
    – Restart the day and gain life experience like no other, by travelling unlimited paths instead of one.
    – Achieve world peace by controlling the “players” of each war through time manipulation.
    ….. But most of all, you can grow old by choice….and die….knowing that you saw and lived EVERYTHING that life could possibly offer you.

    …..or I’d like to know EVERYTHING about pleasing a woman, that’s my second choice 😛


  4. Jamie says:

    I think I would pick that subject to be ‘myself’…because that would be the scariest thing I had ever done to date. Once I knew…I wonder most what I would wonder after that? Would I even wonder? I bet I wouldn’t even exist after that. Well, I’m sure I would, but just not the same. I hope I’d still enjoy things like pizza and puppies all the same though….those kinda things would be a shame to lose.

  5. Project Why says:

    The TRUE origin and history of man?? To know where we began and the answers in-between …..could help us to determine not only where we truly have been, but where we are going and WHY, and perhaps solve many things we have been faced with in the past and are faced with even now?……….

  6. Sam Smith says:

    My subject to be the world’s greatest know-it-all would be – Anthropology…Why?…It is my belief that the races of men have been walking this planet much longer than science or religious belief currently allows…That civilizations worldwide have grown, thrived and disappeared without a trace over and over again…That unknown technologies have developed and died never to be rediscovered…And even with all the fantastic gadgets and knowledge we possess in the small window of time modern man has blossomed on this planet, we still cannot determine when and how the race of men truly began…I, for one would love to know that answer…

  7. This question makes me feel like a child being asked this to find out what they would want to do with their life….so ill answer it from the childish perspective in me…

    Area 51….

    I mean, whats that about? aliens? secret weapons? the burial ground for jimmy hoffa?

    But I always thought about space as a kid, and still do, so i guess area 51/aliens or is there life out there? and what kind of literature, music, if they love, art, politics, skyscrapers, spacecrafts do they have? I think human civilization is cool, rome, religion, native americans, revolutionary war, Philadelphia, kings and queens, egypt…all that is awesome but imagine how many other civilizations are out there…is it an infinite amount? or are we all alone?

    ps..Eagles vs cowboys next Sunday for the division crown…cowgirls are gonna choke…GO BIRDS!
    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!

  8. Jamie says:

    * I think my second choice would be plumbing…because that pretty much encompasses everything else at some point.

  9. Jason says:


  10. Project Why says:

    I would NOT want to know the future though or be able to time travel. Some doors should just never be opened. The effects, I believe, would not be positive, but catastrophic……….

  11. spallies says:

    Wow!!! I agree with all the answers everyone has given so far… Well except maybe Will’s #2…:) I was going to say something ambiguous like “unconditional love” but i don’t think that is what Forrest is asking so I have to go along the lines of Samsmith and his anthropology…. But more specifically I would like to know everything their is about Ancient Egyptian history. Why… I find it fascinating and I suspect there are some very interesting things to be learned.

  12. Mark J says:

    I would love to know all the languages. My ability to learn languages is disappointing. My wife speaks 3 languages fluently. I was once able to have a conversation in German with a 4 year old when I was in Berlin, and that was a struggle. I worked in Costa Rica for 6 months and learned about a dozen words and I worked in Slovakia for 2 months and learned fewer than that. I have been married to my wife for 8 years and can speak and read passing Greek (her native tongue). The only foreign country I have visited and been able to truly converse with the citizens in their own language was England. I have books in different languages that I had purchased hoping to trigger some slumbering ability to learn, plus I just like to buy a book from the country I am visiting. Knowing all the languages would open up so much of the world. Learning the roots of words opens up so much of the other fields of study, be it medicine, biology or science.

  13. JJ says:

    I would love to know if there is life outside of Earth.

  14. Bops says:

    I asked my grandma this question once and she thought for a single moment and said quite matter of factly “Well. I’D want the recipe for Stricklands custard.” I pushed her for a second and said “no grandma…you can know ANYTHING in the world” She kept a stern hold on her answer and said “yes, I know…but why would I want to be a know it all? Then again…one little secret can’t hurt, can it? Yes. I’m certain. I’d want that recipe” She was so positive, and the grin on her face explained away any doubt in the world, it was almost like she already had it. So pleased with her answer. I like to think she has it all figured out.

    So for me? I guess I’d want to know that recipe too. Just so I could taunt her with it 😉

  15. colomtnman says:


    I have always had a green thumb. It started with house plants. I now have had a garden every year for about 12 years now, ever since I bought my first house. I would love to live off the land full time! I have 3 acres of mountain land at 8200′ and have really been interested in high altitude farming lately.

    I also think that this skill may come in handy in future years. The bee scare over the past few years has shown me how vulnerable we humans can be.

  16. Whiterock7 says:

    but that would be a sinful desire, so I believe sometimes knowing less is adequate, in some circumstances even safer.
    Sofia has made that mistake once.

    • I think that I most want to know all about our Creator. I don’t know why that would be sinful…as Whiterock suggests. I think the way our DNA is designed, even the enthalpy of living things as opposed to the entropy of the inorganic universe reveals a sort of direction for our knowledge to keep increasing. The more we understand of quantum physics, the more we see the “spiritual” nature of existence. When I see the star – filled sky, I long to know the Maker of it all more than anything.

  17. Forrest Fenn says:

    Look what you could do if you knew how to cure every disease?

    • Bops says:

      I don’t know Forrest..maybe eliminate pain, but cure all diseases? how would anybody ever die then? Would it all be wars and car accidents and brutality? If we lived forever wouldn’t that kind of seem like we were hogging a bit too much of our space?

    • Mindy says:

      There would be a lot of moral and ethical problems that would arise from one person knowing how to cure every disease. It would probably make a person be regarded as a god, especially in some other countries. A lot of good could come from finding cures for the most horrible diseases, but I would not want to discover that knowledge on my own.

      Most likely, the government would take all of the good I could do and twist it away to make it bad, by imposing harsh taxes, or making far too expensive for those who needed it most or rendering the formula mostly ineffective by strict FDA regulations.

    • Whiterock7 says:

      Unless man learns to accept death, the life will not be sustainable on the earth. Death is a natural part of life, and we should learn to accept it rather than fight it. Then the focus would be on the eternal aspect of our life, that is our soul, rather than on the mortal physical body, which is no more than a temporary vehicle for it. We would be so much stronger if we did, and we would live in harmony with nature.
      Curing diseases, extending life and extreme saving newborns that would otherwise not make it, is a double barrel shotgun aimed at human survival as a whole, which indirectly results in wars over resources and other disturbance in otherwise perfect balance. Human race was, and is being deceived. Man has been weakened by his own insecurities.

    • 23kachinas says:

      How to build healthy homes so we would not get diseases or illness as easily. Since the building is our third skin we need healthy materials and low EMF designed homes and workplaces.

  18. bajaau says:

    God, women, time all are great answers but my answer would have to be myself. Simply because it’s the one subject I know the least about. And the one subject that no one else does either. Not to be selfish but to be more selfless. Hey somebody has to pick a boring subject.

  19. The Wolf says:

    Subject: Universe

    How did it really begin and what existed before? During creation, when and where did life begin and how did it arrive here – on a comet from and ancient exploded star? Are we alone; and if not where does life exist beyond our pale blue dot?

    Oh! to be able to slip the surly bonds of earth
    And dance the skies on laughter-golden wings;
    To star-ward scorch, and join the tumbling mirth
    Fly star-split nebula, and view a billion things

    Up, up beyond, delirious burning blue
    Warp through galaxies unknown with simple grace
    Where never a Pioneer, or Voyager ever flew
    And, while with silent, lifting mind to trod
    The vast untrespassed sanctity of space,
    To put out my hand, and touch the face of God.

    Then return and see earth as if for the first time.

  20. jdiggins says:

    If I knew everything about one subject, then that to me is finite knowledge. No thank you. I would rather keep discovery alive. I would much rather know a little of everything, then all of one.

  21. Cynthia says:

    I gotta agree with the aliens/outer space/astronomy folks…as I sit here looking out the window at the almost full moon. I’ve always loved looking at the night sky especially in the remote dark southwest where you can see the Milky Way…always loved watching the space shuttle launches from cape canaveral and toured Spaceport America in southern New Mexico a couple years ago and witnessed the construction of Virgin Gallactic’s hangar. Or…learn how to distill my own tequila, age it for several years to make a great anejo, and get away with it!

  22. Seeker says:

    First, Great question.

    Question: …. The when, where, why, and how of “existence”? To trace the origin of existence.

    The Knowledge and understanding of not only the human race, but the existence of life through-out.
    Mankind has traveled through time, learning and understanding so many discoveries. I could only dream of what we will discover in the tomorrow’s. Maybe My question should be,
    Why do we dream of the unknowns?

  23. ritt says:

    I would like to know the real truth as to why we are all here. Is there a purpose for the human race and if so what is that purpose? I know that of course will probably never be answered, so I guess I would like to know everything about history, the true story of it all, not just what has been written by the victors of war. The history of everything. That way you would have the “knowlege” to proceed with the up most confidence in what ever you chose to do, and you could help to provide for a better way of life for all.

  24. Thomas D says:

    I have to agree with jdiggins. My kids have always told me that my head was full of useless facts. I guess I do know a little about a lot of subjects and I like it that way.

  25. Lol, it’s so sad that I know where that comes from! Love it!!

  26. locolobo says:

    The human mind.
    If every mind on the planet could unleash its full potential, everything listed above could be achieved!

  27. Jason says:

    Nothing…….. I’d want to know everything about Nothing.

    Because it’s more powerful than God and more evil than the Devil…… which is funny because the poor have it and the rich lack it……….. and if you eat it you die………

    Plus I think it was Tolstoy who once wrote, “We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.” That quote was just a ripoff from Plato who came up with this wonderful nugget, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” Ha!

    So, yeah……. Nothing.

  28. Moonshadow says:

    I too agree with the astronomy type of answer. The universe is a lot to know and discovering new things about the universe is actually the most fun and the anticipation of learning the next thing, so I may not want to know all about it. It would keep me from learning more.. The most fascinating thing on earth however, my be DNA. What an amazing thing and most likely the whole key to life.
    So for my one answer, I would say DNA.

  29. David says:

    Nothing… Even to know everything about one thing would take the mystery away. Everything in life is a challenge. There’s no easy way out and no cheating.

  30. Mindy says:

    Parenting. My main priority is to raise my kids, and try my best to ensure they grow up to be a man and two young women of integrity. I would love to know how to respond and react in every situation to give them the best possible chance in life.

  31. JC1117 says:

    That’s a difficult question. There is so much I would like to know…although I usually get bogged down with minutiae and move on to something else. Life is a lot like that.

    “The more we think we know about…the greater the unknown.” …from one of my favorite bands, RUSH.

    But to answer the question, I would “simply” like to know the answer to the question, “Why?” for ANY subject that I choose. I don’t want to get bogged down in the details. I just want to know “Why?”

    Of course, in order to truly know the answer to that question at any moment I would have to see through the eyes of The Creator Himself. Is that too much to ask? 🙂

  32. Probably the mechanism of learning, or all the ways that information can be transferred or taught. How to by-pass all the traditional methods of learning, and be able to instantly install knowledge in another person.

  33. Jon says:

    Questions such as this have plagued me my entire life. I can’t think of one thing I would want to know everything about any more than I could ever find any one thing I wanted to be, do, see. I don’t want to know everything about anything. I don’t want to know half of what I already know about a lot of things.

  34. 42 says:

    The TRUTH about…past future.
    Because it answers who is man, why he exists, who created us, how the universe came to be, and would reveal the truth about God, His son, etc.

    Great question Forrest!

  35. Seeker says:

    Look, if you knew how to cure every disease, what could you do?

  36. mary says:

    Why we believe in dreams….

  37. Great question, Forrest! I would like to know everything there is to know about ENERGY, especially that which can’t be seen with the human eye. I believe it is the root and answer to all of the other questions, including curing disease.

  38. I would like to know where the treasure was.

  39. Carolyn says:

    I would like to know how to fix all animals that came across my path. I would also like to know everything about rocks. Thank you for asking Forrest!

  40. crazyfamily says:

    Mr Fenn, If I could know anything about one subject, I would want to know about my daughter and who she will become. I can only hope to live long enough to see her into adulthood and her adult life. Beyond that, I would want to know her family, her husband and children. I would want to know of all the goodness that she will bring to our world.

  41. Why, your treasure of course, after traveling through an amazing series of canyons in three states I would love to know more ! This is a great ride and. I am so looking forward to April when I can begin searching anew !!

  42. Amy Sweitzer says:

    I know the most important subject to me is wanting to
    Know more about God, Jesus, and his word.
    I want to know everything before Adam and Eve.
    Why? Because that is the most important subject to know about.
    And when u know all about The Beginning, and Christ and u live it and
    Breath it, you will draw close to him. That’s where I’m at, at the
    Age of 42, Jesus is our Saviour and we need to be saved.
    We need him everyday in our life. I want to know
    More and more about his word, this is what is important
    To me. It’s the only thing that matters 🙂 !!!!!

  43. Beth Benton says:

    My subject would be history, specifically of the United States. Thanks to Forest Fenn, we learned so much history of New Mexico and states we traveled through on way there from upstate NY in search of his treasure. It sparked eagerness to learn of our great history, that so many times in a school environment is lost due to boredom by the presentation so many teachers give. I am constantly reading, researching the amazing history of our ancestors and the people that lived in our vast country long before Columbus landed here. There is so much to learn, I often wonder if I will learn it all in my lifetime. The past often times can give enrichment to our lives.

  44. JCM says:

    Human nature… And not just the psychology aspect of it.

    As a species, we are a curious bunch. My wife and I like to people watch and I find it fascinating all the different behaviors that go on, yet so much of it is often predictable. Some of the greatest triumphs and deepest sorrows on this earth have been the result of actions of our own fellow beings. Somewhere amongst an almost innumerable amount of people is myself, and perhaps if I knew everything about human nature, I would understand how I might be able to affect the lives of those around me for the better; to lift the head and cheer the heart of one who bears a heavy burden in life or to celebrate along with one who has succeeded and accomplished something that is special to themselves. And maybe, just maybe, I might understand why I am the way that I am.

  45. deb says:

    I dont like the idea of knowing all about anything. If we know it all, then we stop looking for new answers. But you asked the question, so I would say knowing all about the brain to understand how to help us all by using that knowledge to offer solutions to brain related illness. Much illness originates in the brain. We understand very little about our brain, how they work and why we use such a small amount of its potential.

  46. I don’t want to know everything about anything, because I need my curiosity, my sense of wonder, and I like the idea of always learning.

  47. JasonDeLeon says:

    Love. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

  48. Shawn says:

    For me it’s energy. I would say Medicine, but without plentiful energy having 100 Billion healthy people on the planet would be an environmental disaster as we mine and extract every last ounce of hydrocarbons stored in the Earth.
    But I’m sure I’d regret this choice once an illness affects my family or I, but sometimes the greater good requires sacrifices and out weighs my own selfish needs. (but I sure would be rich in the meantime)

  49. cowboy says:

    42 a # on a horse mouth

  50. SpecialKLR says:

    From a human point of view, there is no one subject that I would want to everything about. I would rather know a lot about many subjects. I believe this would make me the most useful I could be.

    From a spiritual point of view, I would like to be able to look at everything from God’s point of view. The more I have learned to do this, it gives me a better perspective of all things.

    Humans tend to look at things from the here and now point of view. God looks at things from an eternal perspective.

  51. cowboy says:


  52. Mary says:

    Subject….The oceans…
    Why…….undiscovered treasures and facinating information…

  53. astree says:

    The brain, but moreso, the mind. The answers to so many other central questions are there… they would fall like dominoes.


  54. inthechaseto says:

    The one subject I would like to know all about would be science. I could then cure all world hunger and diseases and with doing just those two things – perhaps end all wars. Peace would prevail, and Art would flourish. The outer space questions would be answered. The oceans would be clean and sea shells would return to our shores. There would be no more animals on the endangered species list. The actual premise of the question prompts one to think that there is an ending to knowledge – and that would never happen as the earth and universe are constantly changing and evolving but what a wonderful dream it is. Thanks Forrest and Jenny.

  55. BW says:

    I would like to know why we are not willing to accept others for their true self. I am no better than one, but no less than another. Mr. Fenn even said,” It’s not who you are, but who they think you are.”

  56. Peter says:

    Nature. Everything Mother Nature does is designed to work with everything else. It’s a perfect plan. Man tends to screw it up occasionally but Nature prevails.

  57. macfinn says:

    The subject of “After Life”….is there one, does our conscience live on, is there another physical one, where does our energy go, can I do something here and now to influence my after life, is there a spirituality to it??
    I would like to somehow study this subject and know all about it…….Thank you Forrest for asking a question that pushes the leading edge of thought forward……..

  58. I would not want to know everything about anything. Where is the thrill in knowing it all? Discovery is what makes life worth living. If I had nothing to strive for, it would make things so boring. It would be worse than watching a movie you have already seen a hundred times.

  59. sixer/jenny says:

    So many fantastic answers……from the witty to the wise……! I just love them all! …..thanks again Forrest for inspiring such a awesome discussion…..

  60. Elementary says:

    A great question to ponder and, as there is no “only one” correct answer, I will give it a go. Like Jamie before I would like to know everything about “me”. Not trying to be selfish at all, but my quest would be to know “every” blood relative who came before me and how they lived their lives.

    In knowing all there is to know, I would open doors to history from the perspective of those who made choices and made it possible for me to exist. Imagine if you could go back forever in your family tree and, in doing so, see life during each of those generations. It would touch on not only wars, illness, hardships, social interactions, etc. but even back as far as you can go. I could even learn about dinosaurs!

    This journey for the treasure has given me a chance to learn about myself and grow. That is a gift in itself. As always, thank you Forrest.

  61. hothgar says:

    The past. It hold the answers….

  62. puttputt says:

    Thank you for the question, Forrest and jenny.
    I hate math. So, that’s my choice. If I knew all about math it would clarify many other subjects.

  63. frank says:

    I would like to know -how close the pope is to god and if they talk to each other and what the pope knows about haven

  64. Good Grief Fenn; couldn’t you have started out with a simpler question. Like which dog has the cutest puppies, or how deep is a hole.

    Certainly curing all diseases would be wonderful for our sick relatives and friends and would stop much suffering of human kind. Would that make us fatter, lazier, and more reckless than we already are? Is old age a disease?

    Knowing everything about Nuclear Fusion or Superconductivity would solve our power problems. Knowing everything about Cosmology would answer the question of our origins. Knowing everything about Quantum Mechanics would solve problems we don’t even know we have. Of course knowing everything about all these things would do us no good unless we leave this rock. Mother Nature is going to annihilate us like she has 99.9% of the species that have inhabited this world. So that would put Astrophysics right up there at the top of things to know.

    Knowing everything about anything could end up being a great burden. What if you knew the answer and no one would listen or understand what you were saying?. You may end up a goofy old guy standing on a street corner holding a sign that says, “The End Is Ever Drawing Neigh”.

    • Mark J says:

      I keep telling my wife I know all the answers, she doesn’t listen. Maybe I will try the sign holding thing.

    • Seeker says:


      You have opened my thoughts in the pass, maybe you can help me again. I see the comment from Fenn differently then some others . or am I just reading into it way too much?

      “Look what you could do if you knew how to cure every disease?”f

      I see this as both a question and a statement of thought, at the same time or…”Look, IF you knew how to cure every disease, what could you do?”

      Or another way of saying it….” If you could cure every disease, what would be the cause and effect, of you doing so?”

      yeah yeah I know…But Seeker that is not what he said…You need to keep it simple, Right?

      Maybe I’m trying to analyze and think too deep. maybe you can help me out again? thanks.

      • Well Seeker, there’s only one fellow that can answer your question. He might tell you it doesn’t matter what he meant, it only matters what you think he meant.

        To me it’s a subject that is close to Fenn. He has dealt with a serous disease in his own life. The older we get the more funerals of loved ones and friends we get to attend. If we cured all diseases those loved ones and friends would most likely still be here with us.

        Looking at the big philosophical picture; curing all disease would mean it’s going to get really crowded really fast on our little planet and may lead to the annihilation of the human race by our own hands. One could get into all kinds of philosophical discussions on the subject.

        As you know I’m a simple guy……to me it’s a simple wish by one of us old guys to stay around a little longer and have our friends and loved ones with us.

  65. Raven says:

    I would like to understand the why and how of mans development from our beginning that led us to governed by the thoughts/concepts in our heads over the needs of ourselves and others. I think such knowledge might lead us to less strife, wars, and despair. Maybe we could find a way out of our heads and stop fighting about being “right” in our politics, religion, and other beliefs.

  66. Steve says:

    Cosmology — the study of the cosmos—, is the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe. Includes, Physical cosmology is the scholarly and scientific study of the origin, evolution, large-scale structures and dynamics, and ultimate fate of the universe, as well as the scientific laws that govern these realities. AND Religious cosmology (or mythological cosmology) is a body of beliefs based on the historical, mythological, religious, and esoteric literature and traditions of creation and eschatology.

    -Humans are deeply inquisitive and love to know the answers to things, and have been actively staring at the sky looking for answers for a very long time. Unfortunately, knowing these ultimate answers would be very dangerous and very unlikely one could share them all unless you wanted to end up persecuted. You would probably be labeled as a heretic with your life in constant danger or you will end up locked up in the depths of some military facility with a think tank of scientists drilling you for answers 24/7. Maybe just knowing some is better.


    The nocturnal sky with its luminous points of light
    Spinning infinitely in the blackness of night
    What is this wondrous universe of ours?
    With billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars?

    I fly up to the moon and out past Mars
    Past Jupiter and Pluto, then on to the stars
    Past Orion’s belt and the Pleiades
    Beyond the Milky Way to the galaxies

    The earth has long since vanished from my view
    The sun has withered to a drop of morning dew
    And our galaxy has become a distant speck of light
    Now fading completely from my sight

    With each leap in scale my heart stands still
    To fathom how the infinitely large, withers to nil
    As galactic clusters become a small dim light
    There is still no end in sight

    I fall back to earth to where I stand
    And start another journey into my hand
    Through the pores of my skin,
    To the cells below and the atoms within

    Each dot grows as I descend in scale
    Revealing another world as I pierce the veil
    Smaller and smaller without end
    To eternity I descend

    Infinitely large, infinitely small
    We will never find an end to it all
    For creation is not found in the tiniest part
    It is the structure that is at matter’s heart

    So seek not the end of size
    Nor the universe’s birth or demise
    For where all creation must reside
    Is in how the space divides!

    The ancient symbols hold the key
    To the sacred geometry
    Two pyramids within a ring
    Can divide to create everything

    Infinite fractals with infinite spin
    Create the shape of Yang and Yin
    David’s star is a pyramid up and down
    Where the conscious feedback loop is found

    Sixty-four tetrahedron’s form the greatest stability
    And match the I Ching’s grid of reality
    What the ancients knew so long ago
    Was how matter ebbed and flowed

    All the universe is on a spinning keel
    From the tiniest particles to a galactic wheel
    What force could play such a role?
    If not the gravitational pull of a dynamic black hole?

    A black hole at the center of all that spins
    Is where matter ends and soul begins
    Moving infinitely between the two
    A double torus in an infinite loop

    From the quiescent potential of pure energy
    To the manifestation of material reality
    We are tied to the Source from every atom and cell
    Constantly moving in and out of the creative well

    The key to heavens door
    Need not be hidden any more
    The hole is the whole, is the Holy place
    With omniscient energy to embrace

    With each breath I expel
    I see the transparency of this mortal shell
    Dare we not forget where we trod
    For everywhere is the face of God

    • lia says:

      Steve, thank you for posting Beverly Anna Farrand’s poem. It holds the answer to a personal question of mine… why am I content in the face of so many unanswered important questions? Because with faith I see God’s presence in our known and unknown world, and I trust Him. Sometimes it pays to be simple minded.

      • Steve says:

        -After figuring that cosmology would be my answer, I recalled some of the points of the relative infinite expansiveness the poem highlighted and such. I have not pondered such things as deeply prior to beginning my personal quest for the TC (which has seemed to become more and more a quest of self-discovery in the process). I believe that if one were to dive deep into knowing any single subject, they will find themselves discovering much more about themselves along the way.

        -It is almost like this was planned from the very beginning, lol, dang it, did I just get ensnared by FF again?

  67. jdiggins says:

    Forrest. To reverse the reverse question; what would your answer be?

  68. Bill H says:

    From the point of view of being happy, then a choice would be to know the depths of the Self. But intellectual curiosity would dictate a choice of the ‘Theory of Everything’, which touches on Cosmology, Quantum Physics, General Relativity, String Theory, etc. Maybe these topics are intertwined and indistinguishable on some level. Does anyone have a clue?

  69. astree says:

    Marilyn, at 11:11, wondered where the treasure could be. The closest to asking

    So why is it that I must go,
    And leave my trove for all the seek?


  70. William says:

    I love the question that is giving to us but I fell there is alittle subterfuge in the question to test people, I know I’m going to get blasted for this but hear me out, The political thing to say is peace, love and harmony but the Homo Sapien in me says just go with your gut. Be true your statements and yourself and pick your answer true and fair even though it’s not a popular choice. Happy Holidays

  71. spallies says:

    Not that I wasn’t being honest in my first answer… But at this exact point in time I would like to know everything there is about The Thrill of the Chase Treasure hunt… I would like to find the chest so I can meet Forrest then have him tell me about everything in the chest and why it is there… Then he can tell me what to do with it. Because, I would have no idea!!!

  72. bco says:

    A teardrop: it’s the difference between human and artificial intelligence. Or a dewdrop: the natural world first. Guess I’m in the generalist group as opposed to specialists.

  73. Angel says:

    I would have to say the Ocean. It is so interesting to me, it is so close, yet so far away. There is so much to learn yet about the ocean. How deep is it (really), what all lives down in those deep canyons, etc. Space is interesting to me too, but the fact that the ocean is so close to us, yet still such a mystery is tantalizing to me.

  74. E* says:

    Forrest – My subject is STILL:

    Forrest Fenn

    And when I am finished learning ALL there is to know about you,…I will FINALLY be able to locate the Bronze Chest,…and I will then write your memoir (sorry, Dal),…including the story of TTOTC,…and then produce and direct the film,…based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book,…which will win the Academy Award for Best Picture,…and then EVERYONE will know how wonderful you are,…and not just us Chasers.

    But I like history, too. 🙂

    • E* says:

      Forrest – Oops! I can’t write your memoir,…nor can Dal,…only YOU can do that,…like Julius Caesar did:

      But I can maybe tell your story, right? I can dream,…can’t I?

    • E* says:

      Forrest – And if you get any rotten emails,…about me being a Brown Noser (aka. “home of Brown”),…in the Spirit of the Holidays,…I give you Randolph:

      Randolph had a special talent that set him apart from the others, Randolf was a natural flying reindeer, When he was in the air he was the most wonderful sight that you had ever seen, he had grace, he had such skill and he could fly at supersonic speed and he was also a fantastic stunt flyer, he could loop the loop then go into a figure of eight and do summer saults and a whole lot more, but when Rudolph was being Bullied by the other reindeer, Randolph came into a class of his own his bombing skills were second to none.

    • lia says:

      E* as long as you are dreaming, write me into your dream as your side kick to all that fun. I dont mind playing second fiddle a bit, and I only want one token from f’s treasure. But I do get to meet him with you and scout the movie locations. Let’s write snow skiing and camping under the stars into the script. I know all the best spots in Wyo and a few in Mt. You will also need me along to tell you when to stop talking on set. Got that?

      No brown nosing here, just simple begging for the emerald ring and some fun.

      • E* says:

        lia – OK,…you get to be that person who yells, “Quiet on the set!”,…as long as we get to scout Big Sky, Montana,…as our first location for the skiing scenes (since I have already spent lots of time in Jackson Hole, WY):

        Unfortunately,…the Emerald Ring has already been promised to my “Wilson”,…who helped me get through a particularly trying time:

        Maybe he could roll in for the campfire scene under the stars?

        • lia says:

          E* you are always fun! Thanks. Jackson Hole is too steep for my old legs and so is BSkys line peak. Yikesaramma. Whoever said 50 is the new 40 was really saying thank heavens for parabolic skis and 12 hour Aleve!

          I love Big Sky. Skied there last Christmas. Plenty of blue cruising. Do you know the main run-out from Andesite mountain. Years ago I was racing my brother there and a snow mobile cut in front of us clipping my ski. Threw me for a loop in the air breaking my binding and cracking my ankle. I was lucky that was all. about the emerald ring – I guess Wilson can have it. I’ll be happy with a coin if I get a ski trip out of it. I take it you are a skier. Tell me about your favorite place or run. Then tie it back to Forrests question so we’re doing the right thing on Jennys blog. She a sweetheart to host all of this.

          • E* says:

            lia – Speaking of old people skiing,…I just read an article about the recent death of Louie Zamperini,… after finishing the book, “Unbroken” about him. The article said this:

            “An athlete who stayed trim his entire life, Mr. Zamperini gave up skateboarding at 81. Ten years later, he gave up skiing.”

            That makes 50 seem like you’re just getting started, right? 🙂

            I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains,…AND fell in love,…in Steamboat, Colorado,…over the Christmas Holidays,…more than 20 years ago. I will always love my memories of that place.

            I guess my REAL subject,…that I would want to know everything about, then,…would be:

            How do I live the most adventurous, fulfilling life,…without having any regrets at its end?

            I am always working on finding the answers to that one. 🙂

  75. Project Why says:

    It doesn’t matter how we answer. It is only important that we do. It is not for fun?? How we each respond is but a brief reflection of who we are as individuals, probably more so than most of our past comments on the blogs. And it should tell him quite a bit about us. No wonder he said to give it some thought? Ahh…….. to dream!! …..Whether it’s in a graveyard looking up at the stars pondering man’s existence and our own; laying under a wagon watching gypsies dance around a fire dreaming of what could be; covering up Philidelphia with our thumbs; or perhaps wondering if New Mexico will eventually be covered completely with asphalt? 🙂 Personally, I’m still looking for that mammoth with a Paleo point in his ribs buried out there somewhere, maybe with a Conquistador still on his horse not too far away, but too far to walk………. No mysteries, just stories that haven’t been told!! For me, knowing everything about the origin and history of man only brings me to NOW and the future is left in question. I would never want to all the answers. Ever learning….. it’s what keeps us going………. And now I’m going to lunch!!

    • locolobo says:

      “He Who Teaches a Child Labors With God in His Workshop.”

      – – – No wonder he said to give it some thought? Ahh…….. to dream!!

      ………..he continues to teach us!! 🙂 🙂

  76. Onuat says:

    Pre- history
    I would like to know what really happened to all the dinosaurs and how there came to be fossils discovered in the highest of peaks today. How the world was then and how it will be,maybe not it my lifetime but in the future…yeah, I know, I know, Noah’s flood,the Ice age and a huge meteo wiped everything out. But do we really know?

  77. MattB says:

    My problem with suddenly knowing all there is to know about a subject is that it would remove the joy of researching the subject on my own. I have always loved finding the answers to puzzles on my own, ideally without cheating and opening the back page. So that really limits what I would want to just have poured into my brain. I did come up with something though. I also love working with my hands, so I would love to know all there is to know about sculpting. While I would then not need to discover new things in the field (unless of course the knowledge granted is only all we know so far) I could still enjoy the use of that knowledge while creating marvelous works.

  78. Cammy says:

    Astrophysics, Star Trek style. I always loved Star Trek the next generation (TNG more than the original) because the writers were able to capture how awesome that sense of “exploring strange new worlds” would feel like…and everytime I watched the show that’s how I felt, like I had just explored someplace in space with that feeling of seeing something others never have.
    So astrophysics/aeronautics so I could build a ship and captain it to the far reaches of the universe.

  79. Matt says:

    I think I would have to go with complete Knowledge of Alternative Energy.
    so your planet could be rid of fossil fuel’s and nuclear power plants and such.

  80. Rick says:

    Money. Then a world of no money could be created. Would be the greatest leap for mankind. No more poverty ill health wars lack of education etc. Then we could move to the stars……….

    People would be left to better themsleves..cough cough Based on the current human race and how pathic it is we never see anything like that………


  81. Rick says:

    Is there a world of no money and no risk is needed to be wealthy?

    Alice again enters a fantastical world, this time by climbing through a mirror into the world that she can see beyond it………….

    Through the Looking-Glass, By Lewis Carroll

  82. rick says:

    Spallies People who are educated finically and it’s society, the greed level falls way down:)

    Currently are society is at a D level. Falling into a F.

  83. Rick says:

    Know fenn has seen this world and plays in it:)

    When he bought out the garage sale. He paid for it all by a check. He could have post dated the check 6 months later sold everything and then paid for it.

    What risk what money? ……..Through the Looking-Glass,

    Wonder if fenn has higher visions?

    Like a man that digs up iron while another one makes horse shoes another watch springs ……..where value is moving from very little to leaps and bounds………..

    Happy Hoildays……….

  84. Project Why says:


    I would like to know how one thinks that by knowing everything about it …..WHY, not how, we would want to create a world without it? I see no difference. Money is not the problem, …..people’s desires are. Anything can replace money, valuables and necessities come in many forms, but it wouldn’t change the outcome. Mr. Fenn said he would like to “alter the gene in all Homo Sapiens that gives it the propensity to fight.” That would be a start……..

    I think saying ‘money’ only reflects another issue and speaks much about the one who said it. 🙂

    • JC1117 says:

      I agree, Why. Money is not the problem. John Wayne had some interesting insights into human nature and money…as well as the concepts of dignity, hope and optimism. It seems that man has always been faced with the same problems over the course of time. He said these things over 40 years ago. It’s interesting whether you like John Wayne or not.

  85. Kathryn says:

    I would like to know and understand more about social anthropology. I would like to know more about quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research (field study, analysis, writing, and publishing). Learning is meant to be enjoyed and shared with others – society. Publishing has more outlets than before; it provides more audiences and participants access to quality study and discussion. Oh yes, and to know more about treasure chest retrieval and to know the true strength and bravery of my located source of brawn.

  86. timberwolf says:

    How to change humans from being so self-centered.

  87. lia says:

    Now that the weightier 42 lb questions have all been asked, I’d like to know Why do people place so much stock in external looks or physical beauty? It’s the mind, soul and personality we should love. If we were each blind to what others look like our hearts would love less conditionally. Right now every guy reading this assumes I’m a dog and bitter about it. Right? truth be told I was once voted most attractive, I disliked that label, nor was it true.

  88. spallies says:

    Fashions change…
    Beauty stays…

    Good night y’all

  89. Overthinker says:

    “If you could know everything there is to know about one subject, which subject would you choose, and why? Give it some thought before you answer. f”

    Knowing everything about one subject would entail knowing everything about every subject. So, I would just get to work, and “follow my nose” — contemplating whatever caught my interest at any moment. That’s more-or-less my daily mode, anyway, since I am retired from having to make a living.

  90. rick says:


    Money only brings out what is already there. If your greedy it makes you more greedy. Giving it makes you more giving.

    Your buddy Nora wanted 50% or $500,000 to recover a chest for 1/2 days of work………..No thinking or hard work invovled.

    This game is weeding out the greed……….From 100,000 players down to 6000 and it will keep weeding them out.

    Mr. Fenn said he would like to “alter the gene in all Homo Sapiens that gives it the propensity to fight.” That would be a start……..

    We already have that it’s called the “Femine Gene” If you ever watch a group of girls around a pool they will all hold hands and jump in at once. Geberally women desire to get along with everyone.

    Boys on the other hand will resort to competition. Who can make the biggest splash. Who can jump the farhest.

    You have a long way to go why…………

    • lia says:

      Rick, f’s philosophy seems to be that we are ‘temporary custodians’ of what we have been given and earned. Giving it away helps become more giving… But only if you hold money and possessions loosly to begin with. If the mindset is “it’s mine” then it becomes more difficult to let go of things and money.

      • Kathryn says:

        Agree with Rick. Greed breeds upon greed. It is one of 7 deadly sins (wrath, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony).

        Sloth – Many do not work upon the clues – they go on a hunch.

        Pride – They think they figured out the true psychology of ff. They boast their conclusions.

        Lust – The chest is more important than “time spent outdoors with the family” which they claim is the reason to travel. The chest is more important than the chase.

        Envy – They fear others will harm or ambush them when they retrieve the chest. They think others will kill them because of jealousy.

        Gluttony – Enough is never enough. Those with money traveled some 50 trips in 4 years. Some risked savings to gamble on becoming richer – they obviously had savings.

        Wrath – Probably offline and with those who do not seek the chest or want to give up searching. Online inappropriate response and “blocking” individuals.

        ff stated that he believed the chest would be found by someone carefully solving the clues and that person would simply walk up to it by following the poem – all that is needed is the poem. I believe he is correct if the person’s goal does not involve one of the above 7.

  91. Rick says:

    Well fenn:)

    Don’t see anything with a higher vision. Don’t think things should be brought together to create that higher vision.

    Have never seen any women with that psychological makeup we talked about

    Maybe in a 1000 a years……………

    Otherwise the game is all about money good times legacy and esteem issuses.

    Oh being negative will get you banned…….Oh joy:)



  92. Project Why says:


    When I read your comments, not only now, but past ones as well, a couple of statements just seem to always come to mind:

    Cool Hand Luke (1967); in which Strother Martin so eloquently said: “What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it… well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.”

    And in another film with a ‘Maverick’, but contrasting something else, yet again representing a man’s overcoming his trials and tribulations within himself and others, I believe Clint Eastwood said, …..”A man’s got to know his limitations.”

    Which I think sums up, not only this, but the main question to begin with …..pretty well?? 🙂

    “You have a long way to go why…………” Rick

    — Yes, I probably do. But I have a short time to get there!! ……..Hey, that sounds familiar? 🙂


  93. RMannaa says:

    Now that I’ve thought about it I would say “survival” in every sense of the word.

  94. waterhigh says:

    I think it would be cool to see a time-lapse video of earth’s history ( if that’s an option in the great here-after).

  95. Halogetter says:

    I would have to answer zig and flea, first.
    Nature, second.

    • E* says:

      Halogetter – Great answer,…”Nature”:

      “The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of mankind.”

      • 42 says:

        Tesla was an unbelievable visionary and inventor for his time! One question I wonder about is why some people are blessed with extraordinary brain capacity and others not. Let’s face it smart, good looking, outgoing, and tall are proven to get individuals further along in life. Certainly the Creator has a purpose for everyone and the less complex minded folks (me) are often more content. I’m in Fenn’s game purposefully, but truthfully not to be rich and definitely not for fame. Forrest is right, contentment is the key to his poem. If you can walk away from it you are on the right path. Christmas baking beckons… enough blog for now.

        • E* says:

          42 – You wrote, “Let’s face it smart, good looking, outgoing, and tall are proven to get individuals further along in life”. So why hasn’t that worked so well for me? 😉

          • 42 says:

            E* it’s not what you’re looking at in the mirror, it’s what others see 🙂 that brings clarity.

            E – Tall (e – short)
            * – very attractive, shines like a star ( . – plain)
            Outgoing without a doubt – (not everyone appreciates extroverts)
            Smart – you have mastered Wickipedia! need I say more? I nick named you WickiE

            And from the text above you fell in love at a ski resort – tall marks again! I hope your significant other sees what we do. lol (btw I’m celebrating advent season by giving up looking for any clues towards solving ff’s poem. Important for me to celebrate Christ with an uncluttered heart. Simplicity and love for the king of my heart. Not participating on Dal’s blog unti January but love to chat with friends during the season.

            • E* says:

              42 – My waiter asked me this morning,…if he could ask me a personal question. I said, “No,…I am very private.” He said, “Well, you just seem to be so happy to be going about alone,…to be standing on your own. I noticed.” I thanked him. And I did not marry the person I fell in love with,…in the Rockies. Looking back,…I think maybe I fell more in love with the Rockies,…than I did with that person.

              • 42 says:

                E* Forrest is helping a whole new generation fall in love with the Rockies! I was raised there and already had a 50 year love affair with her rugged beauty. As a native I really talk up grizzlys and sub zero temps to keep some of the frey at a distance. Please post your growling Bart pics often! My dad is just like f and gets put out if there is too much company on the river (that would be a total of 2 others) 😉 Off topic, what’s with all the juvenile poo talk on both other blogs? Can’t believe it snuck by Dal and Forrest – sounded like 12 yr old boy humor. Weird at any rate.

                • E* says:

                  42 – Yeah,…we like it when tourists have to fly into another airport South of here,…because planes can’t land in the weather. They have to take a bus from there,…SUCH a hassle! I am sure THAT keeps some,…that don’t LOVE it here,…as much as I do,…from coming back. That’s nice. 🙂

                  So,…you have discovered Marion,…have you? Maybe Dal and Forrest find his humor amusing? He has been posting for quite some time now,…and I usually find a way to intelligently respond. There is some GOLD in all that poo…

            • Linda says:

              42, You are a riot…..I will to name her WickiE..Too….Perfect….You have no idea….well maybe you do…..That really made me and a few others laugh….

  96. Louie says:

    FAITH—-Because without Faith it is impossible to please God.

  97. decall says:

    GOD, naturally, if/since he knows everything

  98. Danny-boy says:

    I would love to understand…….Exactly what the heck does happen at the end of the movie Donnie Darko….?

    If I could solve that one, this chest lark is a piece of cake.

    Cheers for the chase Forrest!

  99. Geoff Idaho says:

    I would like to understand the journey that we take from this life to the next, perhaps as described in the Egyptian “Breathe” writings:

    Welcome to the beginning of the way
    To enter once again the presence of the God of Light
    And to change your nature forevermore…


  100. jdiggins says:

    This question reminds me of a poem…

    So many yesterdays could I have saved
    If only I had the wisdoms
    I do today
    And though I am now wiser
    There still is yet tomorrow
    To remind me of my naivete’

  101. Judy Ms.Girl says:

    I would want to know all about Aspberger’s Syndrome and how to completely cure it and why so many children are Autistic in this day and time!! Are the parents the carriers or is it the shots given to our youth in their formative childhood years that has made them this way. I have an Autistic Child and I am consumed with the hows and the whys!!!! It is sooooooo not fair and life is not fair but yes, WILL WE EVER FIND A CURE FOR THIS SYNDROME? It is our children and the future that matters. I love looking for the treasure chest but truly want to know about my child’s future and how he can claim his place in the world where so many are cruel to him! Many unaware of what this illness really is and how we all need to work together to help sufferers and let their true lights shine through in this crazy angry cold misguided world. My son, Cole wants to be an Animator and I will do anything in my power to see his future ambitions come true. He has Aspberger’s Syndrome with ADHD. Both disorders duke it out slowing him down and hyping him up. He is on Medicines and even that does not completely slow him down…..These illnesses are treatable but not curable! Why? is on my tongue all of the time and how to cope with such an amazing, frustrating, awesome, exhausting contradiction to himself wild child is where I am right now. Where is the cure and how can I find it among the tall mountains, below the home of browns and the walk is always tarried with a marvelous gaze but is truly no place for the meek. We are both brave and hidden in the woods as not to tread on anyone else’s interpretation of what or who Cole should be in other’s eyes!! That is not right, we fight every day for his place in school and for his education UNDERSTANDING is the key and it should be imprinted in other’s to have compassion and love for on another not to bully and make fun of something they know nothing about. My search and its journey is to find my child the peace, love and acceptance he seeks!!! To gain understanding from others of his weaknesses ,a help him use them and overcome them to find his place and leave his mark ;are what I SEEK for my son along with all Autistic ADHD children and their parents or caregivers…. This quest is huge the fortune I seek is long in coming and will take some further time to discover. God Bless the Children and keep them safe and in His Care. We all need to follow the path of LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING of our fellow human beings to survive and gain a greater introspection into ourselves and how we are all connected here on this planet!!!! Put yourselves in one another’s shoes and look through that other person’s eyes for just a short while. Walk in their path and feel the pain and struggles just to belong , to be accepted ! It will change your prospective on how others live and how they try to survive on a daily basis. Discover we are all connected and should live as one mind and one heart. This is what my search phrase is ” AUTISTIC LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find a cure and soon….Ms. Girl

    • 42 says:

      Hi Judy Ms Girl, thank you for your refreshing, positive outlook. I’m sorry for all you must go through with your son’s autism. I have friends with an autistic daughter and realize some of the hardships involved. Perhaps your community has a support group. How old is Cole? I will remember you both in prayers. God bless.

      • Judy Ms.Girl says:

        Cole is 14 and he is a handful but we would not have it any other way. Thanks for replying. He went with my Mother and I to NM last summer of 2012 and had a major adventure with us looking for the Chest. It was a wild trip from MS to NM, we stayed two weeks……Merry Christmas and all of us needs prayer, thanks for yours!!!! Where are you from and are you looking for the lock box like the rest of us?

        • 42 says:

          Judy Ms. Girl: Hang in there with Cole, boys in their teens are definitely a parenting adventure. One question for God is why doesn’t each kid come with a specific instruction manual. In hindsight, I believe we are given the children we are designed to love better than anyone else could, and as God brings us to our knees we become humble. My sons are grown and only one has been able to search with me. Since I was raised in Montana I search what I know and where I love best. I’ve enjoyed it but my attention to ttotc was purposeful and in Novemeber I believe my purpose was fulfilled. Not sure how much more time I’ll dedicate to solving clues. As you know it can be consuming and takes away from time spent with family. I was content before I learned about ff’s treasure and will be content when I quit searching.

  102. Music. It expresses what I feel better than I can, and creates worlds beyond understanding.

  103. mine,would be math,in school ,I hated math,could not catch on to it,but you can’t do anything without yes,i’d like to be rather smart in math,maybe I wouldn’t feel so stupid today.and have a good paying job.

  104. Gil says:

    The origin of matter is what drives me crazy. We are told that the definition of the big bang was an explosion in the vacuum of space. If there was matter that exploded, every piece of the original material would travel at 90 degrees to its center, and each piece would be hurled on an exclusive path separating in distance from each other the farther they traveled away from the center of the ignition.
    If this is so, how were the other elements ever created without a collisions? Remember there is no gravity. Gravity is the force that attracts a body toward any other physical body having mass, and if they are all traveling at the same speed, separating in distance at every moment how could it be that one of the particles made a 180o turn (kept-up its speed) to collide with another particle to produce the first element? Without that happening, we don’t exist, and Fenn can’t hide the goods! 

    • 42 says:

      Gil, you’re in the company of brilliance and the simple minded, for we all question Existance and its inception. For me the big bang theory is roughly equivalent to saying fire crackers were thrown into the dirt, an explosion happened, the result was a human being with a brain containing 86 billion neurons. Consider Einstein, Ptolemy, Socrates, Davinci. The insect kingdom and phylum alone are an amazing argument for intelligent design which evolves and adapts to its environment over time. Here is an example which illustrates intelligently designed creation functioning with evolution: a wild octopus who has never seen or held a glass jar with a screw on lid can figure out how to unscrew the lid in seconds if it holds food the octopus eats. IMO fireworks or a random Big Bang doesn’t explain creatures as well as an intelligent Creator. Just ideas to consider.

  105. Marybury says:

    Thank you FF for your question,
    I would have to answer
    If you know all about a subject, that is not the same as knowing a subject.
    You can know all about bicycles, that is not the same as bicycling.
    Perhaps knowledge, by itself is not as valuable as we have been led to believe.
    The value is in the experience. The truth of it.

  106. puttputt says:

    Good thoughts marybury. Thus the think before you speak comment (paraphrase). Makes good sense.

  107. Gil Garcia says:

    42 – Sometime in the past, maybe TVs Discovery Station TV I’ve seen that Octopus open that jar. Although I was only an average student in high school, it never stopped me from mentally dissecting thoughts about the universe. Here is another one that bothered me:
    Our entire body is made up of round cells, billions of them and all earth’s matter is made-up of Atoms/protons/neurons (all are round). Look into space and what do you see; round planets, the sun and other stars…all round? They make-up what we call our universe. My question is: What if all that can be seen through mankind’s most powerful telescopes (the universe) is nothing more than another round cell (one of billions) making up something even bigger)? In other words, like the round cells in the human body, our universe, is one of billions of universes making up something even bigger, and that too must be round. Why should the pattern ever stop? It boggles my mind. Maybe I’m going a bit overboard and this is not the forum to bring up such thoughts, but ff open the door by reversing the question, and I thank him for allowing me to get it off my chest.

  108. Chad says:

    I would like to know how to end the things that plague mankind. I.E. War, greed, poverty and disease.
    Without these things we as a species could reach for the stars and and explore the vastness of creation.

  109. Connie says:

    The “beginning and the end”.

  110. Dik Mickle says:

    I would like to know everything about NOTHING. I remember my first college professor asking her new Freshman class to write a paper on Nothing. I was elated and thrilled at the opportunity. At last I was going to get an in depth education and what better question to start off the new semester!
    I immediately went to the local University library to unveil the answer. This was an academic challenge like I had never seen before so apart from my own wanderings, I wanted to see what scholars had posed on the subject.
    To my surprise, there was very little written on the subject (1965). ‘Surely there must be more,’ I said to myself.
    ‘Nothing is the opposite of EVERYTHING!’. So I grabbed the few hardbacks that I could find on the near empty shelf and hurried to the secluded, heavy oak table in the corner and spread out my find.
    Hours past like minutes, and minutes passed like hours. I was totally into nihilism and subatomic particles. When I condensed the matter into a single written paragraph, I was exhausted and fatigued like I had been in the ring with Sonny Liston.
    Next class, I handed in the work I had crafted to the minimalist, reminiscent of Honest Abe. The following week, Professora handed back the papers complete with corrections in red ink and with grades centered at the top. My look of amazement must have been something like a reflection in a Fun House Mirror, exaggerated and bemusing to the casual observer. ‘A QUESTION MARK????!!!!’
    I looked over to shoulder of the guy sitting next to me and he got an “A” and to my left, the girl got a “B.” This was no joke! Why the question mark?
    I stepped to Professora’s desk and asked for some kind of feedback on what just happened to me. She told me she didn’t quite know what I had written and if I’d just take a seat, she was going to call on some of the better papers in class. I returned to my desk, slumped in my seat and surely going into catatonic shock, I started doubting my own existence.
    Professora called on the guy next to me with the “A” paper. ‘Nothing is going to a closet and not finding any clothes on the hangers. Nothing is seeing an empty waste paper basket. . . . . ” and so on and so forth. OOOOOps! I began to chuckle inside, that uncomfortable chuckle I’ve developed when I realized I’ve been played for a fool.
    I left the class during the bathroom break and never looked back. If Professora didn’t understand what Nothing truly is, how can she teach me what everything else is?
    I guess I’m just plagued by curiosity.

  111. Scott W says:

    In a word – Physics

    It’s all one question? Left?

  113. 23kachinas says:

    JC1117 – I like your James Taylor idea. I’d say “Shower the People” is a good one to remember and Country Road if your in the car driving.



  114. Anthony says:

    Stem cells. Mainly why our bodies stop producing them as we age, what in the body triggers this decline in production. If I could know all about this I would be able to stop or possibly repair the aging process. I’ve got a couple leads but it’s hard researching something as an undergrad when men who stand on the books of giants instead of becoming a giant themselves attempt look down on you with doubt in their eyes. After all if they hadn’t thought of it or done it themselves how could a simple student do it. That is kind of why I’m into the whole treasure thing. I don’t want to worry about bills or rent or anything and can devote as much time and effort into this project of mine.

  115. JL says:

    Limited to one subject is crazy but here goes:
    What is the reason for a birth? If God has a plan then we are part of that plan from the second we are conceived everyone has their part to play and then their exit. Because if there is a reason for our conception then there is a reason for our death. Why are some to lead such a glamorous fulfilling life while others struggle just to survive? Why are some mean and ugly while others are kind and gentle. Why do some die early and others live too long?

    • rose says:

      my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, hosea 4;6… To understand the present, you need to understand the past, like a book read in the middle, so start in the beginning, before adam and eve. .. The world that was (tohu va bohu) Hebrew word for became waste… Once upon a time there was a war in heaven (wherever God is, that’s, heaven, and the devil drew 1/3 of mankind unto the earth, roughly estimating 1/3 of billions of souls God created, followed the devil, so God ushered this age, (flesh world age) to give people free-will… Your soul, my soul, has existed before this flesh world age, and NO, it’s not reincaratation =carne, we lived in spiritual bodies then, BUT TODAY, WE LIVE IN WHAT IS CALLED MYSTERY BABYLON, the u.s.a. is mystery Babylon, and she’s in the process of being destroyed. The end simply is these, “the end of satan, the destroyer ruling here in planet earth. the devils 4 hidden dynasties, zech 1;19, these are the HORNS(horns symbolized as POWER) that scattered, Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem. 1. he controls ALL governments of the world. 2. he controls ALL educations systems. 3. he controls ALL economies of the world. 4. he controls the majority of ALL religions in the world, including Christianity, for most religions have LEAVEN, in them, false doctrines, trust no man, search your own truths…I believe most Spanish people belong to the tribe of Judah, Benjamin, or levite, and the rest of the tribes are scattered through out the u.s and also ALL over the world, You’ll find that NM has a rich history of the crypto jew, Sephardic jews, example Albuquerque, meaning apricot tree, is a name that the crypto jews used to hide their identity, (crypto jews hide their identity with their last names MartinEZ velasquEZ, manzanarEZ,(apple) Eretz Israel, you are Israel, for the INQUISITION MURDERED MANY, and soon people forgot their heritage… As for good and bad, it’s my belief that people allowed ”little creatures”’ to live in their temple, and they YOKED with them, becoming one in personality behavior, the mysteries of life are ALL in the bible, you just have to seek them out… the language that’s spoken here in nm is called ladino, a mixture of Spanish, Hebrew, and latin words….It’s sad that here in the USA, could care less about the word of God, and the reason being is that the USA was blessed because of God, ((spoiled people, other people from other countries frequently mention the WASTE, and SPOILED behavior of americans) but that’s coming to an end…. It’s sad to say, but what ive seen in my life time, ONLY in SEVERE TRADEGIES do people find humility, respect, and honor, and appreciation…APPRECIATION IS KEY TO HAPPINESS…appreciating your wife, kids, house, car, maybe just water, a smile, someone good, maybe, APPRECIATION IS KEY TO HAPPINESS…freewill, I decide, but remember, this little creatures, tempting you to be someone else, BE YOURSELF, fight to be better, for to be good, is a hard fought battle….All our righteous acts are the linen we were in heaven, it’s all written in the bible, the love letter sent to us by God, but before it was written in books, it was written in the heavens, starting with virgo, and ending with the lion, the KING returning to re-claim the earth!!!! The pyramid of Giza, representing 144,000 pillars of God who will in the END, STAND, true-blue, loyal servants who understand, and who will stand against the WATCHERS, (BOOK OF ENOCH), they are coming, and God gave them only 5 months to deceive, and then the end will come, and the beginning of a new era, 1000 year reign of Christ…. The alpha and the omega, THE CORNER STONE THAT’S MISSING at the Giza Pyramid… ‘Freewill, and Gods intervenes in people lives, and others he wants a person to ask HIM, and the ones He intervenes, is because He has something that He wants them to do, and He knows they will do what He wants, it’s that’s simple, life’s a stage, and we are merely players in the show, let the show continue, hope that helps, but I best continue my sermon where else, your a very intelligent person, as I seen many here in these blog to be, the VEIL IS ABOUT to be lifted, and someday everybody will know, because TRUTH IS ENCODED IN OUR DNA…. BYE…

      • JL says:

        I didn’t expect anyone to notice, Thank you for your reply. Yes, the answers are in the bible if you can extract the information and have a long life to decipher it all properly.

  116. Muset says:

    My 15-year-old neice arrived back from a school trip to Europe on Easter Sunday.

    By the time I showed up for dinner she had already expired from jet-lag, as I totally expected. Her sister passed on her salutations and a little Eiffel Tower key chain, which I immediately installed on the single key that I carry. I have been to the Tower myself many times but I never bought a keepsake reminder.

    The Tower has another purpose, other than being cool. On the Tower there are written the names of six dozen famous French scientists and engineers. One of those scientists is Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier, who used the existing laws of physics and mathematics to predict the existence and location of the planet Neptune and was immediately proven correct by his peer, Johann Galle.

    From that moment in 1846, there was no doubt that the universe can be explored and known with science and reason. Today we are progressing and discovering new truths about the nature of the cosmos at an exponential rate. There are many more discoveries coming in my own lifetime, I hope.

    If I could know everything about any subject, it would be cosmology– everything.

  117. The Wolf says:

    Why? As my math professor once told me, “math is everything.” Thus the complete knowledge of math would allow me to understand everything. Physics is math, English is math. How the planetary body functions, how any body functions is just math.

    It is all math.

    The Wolf

  118. Charlie says:

    Physics…i want to know how the universe works. Followed closely by molecular chemistry. And of course biology on all levels. Oh there are sooooo many!

  119. Lettuce says:

    think my ship is listing from all the money I took onboard. 🙂 🙂

  120. Charlie says:

    Telomerase activity, schrodingers cat, quantum entamglement, cold fusion, time travel, momopoles, multiple universes, an end to ageing, a vegan bacon that tastes just as good as the real thing…sooooo many answers to be found!!!

  121. Charlie says:

    I also agree with wolf….math is everything. You can overlay numbers/symbols over the entire universe…the theory of everything, a quantifiable equation for natural weather phenomenon, so many formulas to be found with numbers. Fractals and the like but there is one short coming…as witnessed by the jeopardy competion with watson….the human element can prove difficult to quantify. What is black and white and red all over…if a plane crashes on the border of canada and the us, where to bury the survivors…where do warm waters halt…how cold is a cold shoulder… 😜

  122. Diggin gypsy says:

    The book of revelation in the bible I wanna be able to follow along with the signs of the last days

    • rose says:

      Try doing research on the parable of the fig tree. It started in 1947, the commandment went forth. So we getting close to the 70th year mark, I suggest a man by the name of Dewey Bruton, Daniel Endtimes, video, on this web page under Abraham the jew , I made a comment under peculiar, I think, their I give the actually correct name. As for the mathematical calculation, the answer is the golden ratio, the finger prints of God, check it out, quite amazing video. Try this links, world events and the bible, with Brandon Ward….., Sheperds Chapel, Arnold Murrauy, fantastic, teacher, I learned a lot from him. Also try end time headlines, gives all end time current events….. The bible is some what complicated because theirs a lot of figure of speech metaphor, etc, etc, and if you haven’t studied for a long time, it’s hard to catch up. I would say, go to Brandon ward, world events and the bible , he was also a student of sheperds chapel, don’t know him, but I can tell, he was also given the SEAL OF GOD, WHICH MEANS THAT GOD WON’T GIVE THAT to anybody because of accountability, because I know more than the average, (and please don’t that that in a arrogant way or manner) but tell u my personal testimonial, all I can say, is that, God called me out, the 144,000 how they were given that seal, they are the ones who fought satan on the first earth age, they were the first ones who stood against satan and the fallen angels, u see, you were there too, but that memory, we don’t have, we have to seek out truth. Im a seeker of truth, and also, I asked God for wisdom, and understanding, im more accountable because I understand and ive been on my quest for 20 plus years, hope that helps, theirs people out there in the world, Christians, who know this, but also, theirs a lot of Christians asleep at the wheel, and willing choose to be blind. take care!!!

  123. rose says:

    another thing, theres multiple levels of Gods truth. What ive noticed thru years of listening to other christians, who no don’t identify with sheperds chapel teaching, what I ve seen or witnessed is that God gives different gifts, to different people, as for dreams, I used to think they were dreams, in a sense, but came to find out that sometimes God speaks to you in dreams, ive have 3 occurances with that, and God doesn’t speak to me in a audible voice, He speaks thru other people when im looking for answers and sometimes God reveals truths right away, and other times, it takes time…. I noticed also that theirs a time, and place when God want His people to move… Everybody has gifts, everything we are in intelligence, charm, money, success, you name it, they are gifts from God. people, when they finally get that, it’s God who moves us, and we are his servants, whether we realize it or not….

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