Relic Runners: Treasure Hunt Board Game

Relic Runner board gameChasing down valuable treasures is excitedly brought to the game table in the Relic Runners board game.  Published by Days of Wonder, the game provides a great way to spend time together as a family, whether stranded at home or not.  Relic Runners is recommended for 2-5 players and for ages 10 and up.

Each player takes on the role of a daring adventurer on a mission to collect the most victory points by the end of the game.  An introductory for the player’s quest is as follows:

“The ancient relics had lain dormant in the darkest reaches of the jungle since time immemorial.  But once word of their discovery broke out, all manner of would-be archeologists rushed in…….In Relic Runners you are a fearless Explorer, traveling the jungle in search of lost temples full of forgotten treasures and relics…….!”

Sounds awesome, and it is!

Players begin by choosing their characters and preparing for their initial venture into the jungle from base camp.  Players will need to return here from time to time to replenish supplies, but hopefully this revisit is quick and planned strategically.  Since it is a race to excavate forgotten Temple ruins and Shines, in order to loot and capture the lost treasures before anyone else, players never want to waste precious time.  A wrong move could cost letting another player grab a priceless relic before you!

During the game, players create pathways to navigate quickly around the board.  They should pay close attention and manage their rations wisely.  These are needed to explore.  Turning over tiles from on a Ruin/Temple space represent the exploration of a temple and expends a player’s ration in doing so.  Since there are three levels of tiles, symbolizing various layers of ruins, only one is turned over at a time. When these tiles are flipped over, they reveal what a player has found.  An explorer never knows what he might find!  It could be gold coins, an extra supply of rations, powerful effects to further an explorer’s cause, a Relic, or who knows!

In addition to being aware of rations, a clever explorer learns how to utilize and expand his toolbox for the most benefit.  A proficiently filled and used toolbox could make the difference in winning or losing the game.

relics in relic runners board gameOne of the most lucrative goals for the game is capturing the Relics.  Sure finding all the other great stuff lost in the jungle is fun, but you really want to uncover the Sacred Toads, Crystal Skulls, Birds of Paradise, and Grimacing Jujus.  I just love these! They appear on the board once the last level of a temple is excavated.  The colorful and amusing pieces make collecting them all the more fantastic; not to mention that by gathering an assortment during explorations will reward you a good amount of Victory Points.

Simple movement, with strategic options and skillful planning by the player on how best to explore the relic filled jungle, makes the game exciting for all.  It’s an easy to learn ‘move and explore’ game!  What fun there is to be had on the next rainy day or game night!  Journey always!



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3 Responses

  1. Nate Beck says:

    Nice! I’ll definitely be looking for this one in stores or

    Interesting game pieces as well.

    Thanks Jenny 🙂

  2. cathleen says:

    My kids will love this! Thanks!

  3. Nate Beck says:

    This is a board game we just have to have! It looks a lot like Forbidden Island. Thanks Jenny

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