Questions with Duncan

I am so thrilled to be hosting ‘Questions with Duncan’.  Duncan Burden was one of the initial researchers for the Maranatha Puzzle; and as this site’s home page relates, it was this treasure hunt which first encouraged and greatly widened my own quest for wisdom and understanding.  I am truly thankful for the incredible journey it has inspired.

Although the competition of the puzzle is over and completely in the past, the quest the puzzle instigated continues on; for not only myself, but for many others who held interest in the hunt.  It was clear there was deeper knowledge to be gained by pursuing the numerous topics brought to searchers’ awareness through the hunt.

It was recognized that the Puzzle Team’s investigative study into the particular mystery of Rennes le Chateau had unearthed answers to some of that area’s enigmas.  And since true Wisdom is not limited, what the team unexpectedly discovered was realized to be all reaching.  This powerful Truth will begin to make itself known.

One of Duncan Burden’s chief passions throughout his life has been, and continues to be, Freemasonry. His extraordinary experience and insight into this established system offers a unique perspective towards historic mysteries.  His written papers involving research on Masonic matters are held in high respect for their factual; yet illuminating nature.

Duncan’s expertise in this field opens up a whole new approach for exploring; without straying into the esoteric realms of topics.  His sound findings and thoughts are a welcomed touch on such a rewarding and worthy journey to Truth. Delving into some of the remaining mystery with him is an awesome opportunity.

I’m so grateful for his time to answer a few questions concerning subjects the puzzle touched upon!


More can be found at  (Duncan Burden’s own website concerning Freemasonry and the Secret)


Questions with Duncan (excerpts (with comments)

First Question posted 2/26/2015:
Mr. Burden, Which books do you recommend I should read to help find the ‘Lock’ for the Hexagram Key?  ~ Nate B.

“I think rewarding ones would be Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and Practice, Robert Lawlor, it gives a wide understanding of actual Geometric classical use. I would suggest all of it, but to pay attention to a passage that relates to the mathematician Kepler.

Another would be The Byrom Collection by Joy Hancox. This is a heavily read, and I do not, as many don’t, concur with much of her assumptions, but her story gives a clear observation of the geometric subject matter during the 17th and 18th century.

A third offering would be to really just research Eulcid, to look at his work – not opinons of his work, but his actual teachings.” D


Question posted 3/2/2015:

Thanks Duncan. Can the meaning of the Key and Lock be found without knowledge of the secrets within Freemasonry? ~JohnC

Yes, I do believe it can. Much is said about ‘Secrets’ within Freemasonry. Although there are those inside and out of Freemasonry that believe there are hidden ‘meanings’ to the Fraternity, the actual secrets are quite literally only the gestures, handshakes and passwords. So really they are tools to help discover anything else.

But I don’t believe that is what you mean – or if not – it is not what others may think you mean. I think a Masonic mind would find it easier to appreciate, the Key and Lock, but it is not vital. If you wanted to gain an insight into Masonic rituals, they are available in books and on the internet. I hope that helps. D


Question posted 3/8/2015:

Duncan, you have spoken of the “Key” in the 1st Maranatha book being related to a “Lock” which was meant to be found in the 2nd book which was never published. My question: Is the Lock something that evolves out of the Key itself or is it something that exists completely separate from it? ~ HaywardG

Oh good question. I always said that when I had to decide on the most clearest answer, I would say both; BUT in honesty, I would say that the lock does indeed ‘evolves’ out of the Key. D


Question posted 3/14/15:

Dear Duncan, it seems the TimeMonk Project (Maranatha Puzzle) was being used to reveal sensitive information from the past. Do you feel it is safe to reveal it now? And are you having help? ~  Gellis

Ooh, the only way I could say that the information could be considered sensitive, is that I know, for example, many Masons believe you simply do not discuss ANY masonic material. So there are those who would STRONGLY disagree with the puzzle and this conversation.

The reason I am up and chatting again is because I wasn’t ready to discuss it before. I am genuinely sorry for not speaking earlier, and I thank you for being here to listen, but the whole Maranatha thing was a huge negative thing in my life (no matter how amazing the answer is); the puzzle and the effects of it, really broke me. Sounds pathetic, but it’s honest. Now, I am stronger and in a better position to chat. If that is ok with you guys.

As for help, no, other than technical help now. The main reason for not looking for help is through concern for others. I don’t imagine anything like death threats, it’s just I haven’t forgotten how some people are quite passionate about these subjects, and went to great lengths to invade and damage people’s privacy. I was even concerned for Jenny and her support. I have come to accept certain things that happened to me, but I would hate someone to offend (or worse) someone who was helping me now – sorry – does that make sense? D


Question posted 3/17/2015:

Mr. Burden, I don’t understand. Why is it important for things to be hidden in the first place?  ~ anonymous

Oh, I like these questions. I know a lot of people don’t get the concept. Like some people just aren’t scared of horror films, or don’t get any thrill from succeeding in doing a crossword- some people don’t see anticipation as a method to instill value or respect for something. Seriously not saying that is a fact for you Mr/Ms Anonymous. (Rather ironic, no offence, to ask why something is hidden, when you hide your own name – perhaps I don’t need to answer the question?).

The answer is simply; if anyone was gvien a medal for no reason, would they value it for the rest of their lives? If they ran a race, a challenging race, and won that medal, would that medal mean more to them? I believe it would.

The process of hiding something is not simply to obscure it. It’s to hide it with the intent of it being found. As such, the reward of discovering becomes as valuable as the prize itself.

Often, especially when the prize is a specific piece of knowledge, the process of hiding is to ensure that those who are seeking become (in the process) learned to appreciate and value the prize – if not, the prize could be just a geometric shape – which, without the appreciation of what it means, is almost valueless.

I suppose the counter argument would be ‘why not just convey both?’ The problem with that is;  it is more common for wanting to read a conclusion, rather to read an explanation. To learn to appreciate somthing sometimes takes too long for people. People aren’t willing to put in the effort. So encryption has been, for at least 1000 years, the most effecient way to seperate those who are dedicated, from those who are just curious.

(As for me, I wouldn’t describe myself as dedicated – just lucky) D


Question posted 3/20/2015:

Hi Duncan, Does the Grail of the Maranatha series allow one to literally transmute metals as in the story of Flamel, or is that all symbolic? ~ NateB

No, its symbolic. Its about a theory that begins in essence with the Pythagorean schools; that nature and creation are ruled and understood by mathematics and, more directly, expressed in Geometric form.

This concept extended through the Renaissance and was still openly taught in the early 20th century under classical studies. Flamel’s transmutation is an allegorical investigation of geometry in the physical reality.  D


Question posted 3/27/2015:

Mr. Burden, Do you feel you have discovered all that there is hidden on the Grail of Rennes le Chateau or do you feel you are still missing pieces?  ~ TD

With regard to what I personally would term as the ‘Grail of Rennes le Chateau’, as in the subject that was sold at the village, I am confident that the issue, for want of a better word, is solved.

Yet, we are talking about various people and thier lives, and subject matter that spans centuries, so there is always extra things to find out. I am still chiseling away at things. D


I will continue to post Questions and Answers in this ‘Questions with Duncan’ segment for a little while longer.

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Thanks!  And best of luck with whatever you seek!