MW Treasure Hunt: The Sacred Scarab


Purchase and download the Scroll. Then solve the clues to be the first person to email a correct submission to in order to claim a $250 Cash Reward!

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Released from the secret files of Mysterious Writings comes the Winter 2017 MW Treasure Hunt entitled:

The Sacred Scarab.

(Read release post here: MW Treasure Hunt Released: The Sacred Scarab)

How to Play:  Purchase and download the ‘Scroll’ entitled The Sacred Scarab.  Then solve the clues, and email a correct submission (which includes: The discovered Key, A Description on how you used it, and the Treasure found) to with the subject heading ‘MW Treasure Hunt Solution’.

The Scroll contains clues, both visual and verbal, which will lead a person to the finding of a Key and the Treasure.

The first person to send in a successful and correct submission will win a $250 cash prize.  The amount will be sent to one winner.

A correct submission must include:  The discovered Key, a Description on how you used that Key to find the Treasure, and what that Treasure is. 

The Sacred Scarab is a complete Armchair Treasure Hunt.  No physical object needs to be retrieved from a secreted location.  The Cash Prize of $250 can be claimed via Email with correct submission.


Solved Hunts: To date: A total of $1250 dollars have been awarded to winners of the MW Treasure Hunts:

Summer 2017: The Philosopher’s Stones (Series of 4 each with $250 prize: All 4 awarded)

Fall 2017: The Ring of Old: ($250 prize awarded)

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