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The Sacred Scarab: Be the first to submit the correct solution and solve the cryptic page of The Sacred Scarab to receive the $250 Cash Prize!

Solved Hunts: To date: A total of $1250 dollars have been awarded to winners of the MW Treasure Hunts:

Summer 2017: The Philosopher’s Stones (Series of 4 each with $250 prize: All 4 awarded)

Fall 2017: The Ring of Old: ($250 prize awarded)

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UPDATE:  SOLVED!  $250 Cash Prize Awarded!

Released from the secret files of Mysterious Writings comes the Fall 2017 MW Treasure Hunt entitled; The Ring of Old.

This Treasure Hunt is meant to be solved within a short amount of time, as another MW Treasure Hunt will be released on December 21st, 2017!   Treasure Hunting fun ALL YEAR ROUND!

How to Play:  Purchase and download the ‘Scroll’ entitled The Ring of Old, solve the clues, and Email the correct answer, with correct subject headed Email, to

The Scroll contains clues, both visual and verbal, which will lead a person to the correct answer and correct subject heading for the submitting email.  The first person to send in a successful and correct submission will win a $250 cash prize.  The amount will be sent to one winner.

The Ring of Old is a complete Armchair Treasure Hunt.  No physical object needs to be retrieved from a secreted location.  Cash Prize of $250 can be claimed via Email with correct submission which includes BOTH ‘correct secret ingredient’ and ‘correct email subject heading’.


The following is a little more information on what this newest MW Treasure Hunt Release is about.  Sign up to the MW Newsletter for continued updates.

In the heaps of secret files at Mysterious Writings is an intriguing section of old spells.  Many of these spells list certain ingredients which are very rare.  Items that are either extremely difficult to come by or must be obtained from only a specific place; like the slime of a snail on the 42nd parallel; gathered at 3AM EST.

The Spells note that if the precise ingredients aren’t used in creating the concoctions, then the desired outcomes will fail once the Spell is cast.

While searching through these charming recipes, MW came across several puzzling poems. Upon further inspection, MW realized some of these poems were providing clues to discover ingredients used in the most potent of Spells.  The poems encoded the very things needed to find and craft magical brews.  The formulas would only list the ingredient as being the title to the poem. Solving the poem granted the actual name of the item, and sometimes where to get it.

MW is still working on identifying the meaning to poems in this mound of secret files.  We might need help.  However, a few have been decoded and confirmed.

Because the Fall season is a time when witches abound, and coincided with the release of the next MW Treasure Hunt, MW thought it would be fun to share one of these poems to use as the Fall 2017 MW Treasure Hunt.  Will you decode the poem, reveal the name of the hidden ingredient, and win the $250 cash prize after being the first to submit a correct claim?

The MW Scroll will instruct those participating in the Treasure Hunt what exactly is needed to send in as a winning submission.  This will be two things for The Ring of Old:  The Hidden Ingredient and the correct word to place in the Subject Heading of an Email submitting the Ingredient.  Both are vital.

The FALL 2017 MW Treasure Hunt is entitled ‘The Ring of Old’.   It was released on September 21st and offers a $250 cash prize to the first person who submits a correct and complete entry.

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