Pokemon Go and Six Top Reasons for Treasure Hunting Fun!

Pokemon Go gameI’ve searched for lots of different things, from silver bound unicorn horns to million dollar chests of gold, and so searching for Hidden Pokemon wasn’t going to go by my wayside! Back in the 90’s, I would have to rush home after picking up my kids from school so they could catch the beginning song to the Pokemon Cartoon- the countdown of 100. Gotta Catch em all! They were on a mission to learn all the Pokemon names and sing it. They finally got it, and still know most of the song 20 years later!

And now, thanks to the new downloadable app called Pokemon Go, we can have a blast catching Pokemon in the ‘Real World’. We’re loving it. (learn more details on the game here)

But along with the fun in playing the game, there are other great reasons why Pokemon Go can be such a treasure to play. I asked a few people who have also been out playing the game what they thought was so awesome about the new ‘Reality’ game.

Here are the top six answers:

1)Spending time and connecting with Family

This was the number one answer. The gathering together and spending time with family was the most popular reason for why people are loving Pokemon Go!

Teresa Valerio Parrot, Principal of TVP Communications.com had the following to say,

“This 41-year-old mom spent her weekend collecting Poke balls, hunting rattatas and waiting for eggs to hatch. Pokemon Go provided me with a connection and something fun to do with my 15-year-old daughter. I’ve never Poked anything in my life before this weekend, but to have a joint mission and focus, some giggles and lots of exercise was more than I could pass up. For two blissful days, we had our own secret language and a common goal. My daughter enjoyed teaching me about something she enjoys (I’m still painfully horrible at the game and am not sure what the heck we’re trying to do). Thank you, Nintendo, for giving me some quirky and fun time with my kiddo— I’m forever thankful.”

Now that is a fantastic reason and treasure found! Who can argue with that?


2) Getting outdoors, exploring, and visiting attractions, historic sites, and monuments

Although you can find Pokemon in lots of places, they are almost always found at local attractions, historical markers and important sites. The game takes players to these locations, and so while playing the game, they are noticing history all around! It’s a great eye opener and introduction for players to realize how much is out there to appreciate.

Below is what Kristian Larsen, 22 years old, Business Owner of PL & Partners said about playing the game and seeing sites:

“My brother (20 years old) and I (22 years old) haven’t really had similar interests for some years. This has led to us not talking a lot. But as Pokemon GO was released we both found a similar interest in it and went out for hours, seeing new streets and points of attraction in our city. It was a great experience and a great game. I believe it will help more people get outside and meet more people. I have personally walked over 15 miles this weekend because of Pokemon GO, where as I normally never leave my room.”


3) Making new friends

With lots of people playing, you run into other players looking to catch Pokemon too! You end up chatting and meeting new friends. Lauren Cozza of a PR firm in San Francisco offered her thoughts on this; “Pokemon Go brings people together through 90s nostalgia. I’ve made friends on the street who are looking for Haunters and have teamed up at Pokemon lure stations. It’s amazing that we can now live out our childhood dreams and be Pokemon trainers.”


4) Something to do while traveling

Last Saturday we had a family reunion to go to which was a couple hours’ drive. We’ve taken the trip many times before so searching for Pokemon provided this trip with added excitement!

I easily related to Paul Cram’s (paulcramactor.com) reason for why Pokemon Go is making headlines and a joy to play:

“I am an actor who works on films across the country. It’s amazing to be able to kill some downtime by hunting treasures (pokemon) while traveling and seeing other peeps doing the same. It feels like I am Ash from the Pokemon cartoons. So glad technology has caught up with the cartoon.”


5) Business opportunities

Kristian Rivera, who is a digital marketing specialist at Fit Small Business, a rapidly growing website for small businesses, and who when not helping other small business owners, manages a startup where he utilizes his experience in product management, digital marketing, analytics and business development, had the following to say about Pokemon Go:

“From a business standpoint, there are so many possibilities. We’re seeing local businesses utilizing this to get more customers in their doors. I’ve seen places that have opened up their WiFi hotspot and advertised their location specifically for players of Pokemon Go. They’ll visit for the Pokemon and may walk out buying something or, if it’s a restaurant or bar, players may end up staying there to eat and play.

What would be interesting is if Niantic was to offer business locations redeemable vouchers, to give away as a promotion to customers that visit, for something within the game/app. Or a particular, rare item or Pokemon that will drive players to frequent that business since the app is heavily location based. It’s similar to what is going on within retail stores that utilize beacon technology.”


6) “Getting geeks out of their mom’s basements!”

This answer had me laughing, and a good thing, since it was given by comedian Dan Nainan (www.comediandan.com). Dan has performed for President Obama and Donald Trump, toured all over the world with Russell Peters, and performs across the country; so if you see him running around with a phone in hand, know he is probably only playing Pokemon Go and not trying to be funny. He just is.


So go ahead and download the app, get out there and explore, and have some amazing fun seeing new things!

That is Treasure!

And it is out there to be found! (along with finding Pokemon!)

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  1. Jenny Kile says:

    I’m off to go catch some Pokemon now! 🙂 I’ll let you know what I come back with.

    • Iron Will says:

      Oh yeah! I saw that just this morning on a twitch video stream lol I was like WTH is this some new survival game like The Forest (no pun intended)?? Then I saw a charizard appear from behind a boulder and was like Oh, some new pokemon game.

  2. 23kachinas says:

    I watched the Youtube video Pokemon Facts: The truth behind the Professors and find it interesting what specialties each focus on. Perhaps one of those brilliant Professors could explore the cumulative health effects of electromagnetic radiation on human biology? They study topics such as evolution, myth and nature so it’s not a stretch by any means.

    Something about teaching what’s not in the book…the bees, birds and critters thank you for listening.

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