Order of Clues and Hints: Featured Question with Forrest


consecutive order (2) - CopyDear Mr. Fenn,
You say the clues in the poem are to be followed in consecutive order.  You have also said the book holds sublte hints.  Are these ‘subtle hints’ in consecutive order (in relation to how they help with clues in the poem) too? ~ Thank you, joseph


That’s right joseph, you should start with the first clue and follow the others consecutively to the treasure. Hints in the book are not that organized.f

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  1. Jenny Kile says:

    That is a neat Question, Joseph. Thanks for asking it. Although I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve read the book, it makes me want to read it again…..to consider once more what those ‘hints’ might be….

    Plus, I always feel inspired after reading it…..Thanks Forrest for that, and this latest answer….!

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    I often wonder how those ‘hints’ might be presented in the book’s stories. Are they direct, implied, etc. for understanding specific clues in the poem? Or do they all hint to the general location of the treasure chest (in some way), and then the poem would detail and direct a person to the exact spot?

    What do some of you think? (If you want to share)

    I realize there are probably many ways the hints could be ‘sprinkled’…..and applied.

    • E* says:

      Jenny – What if the “clues” in the poem are figurative,…while the “hints” in the books’ stories are visual?

    • Jenny, he also said, “All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search. f”

      So I don’t know if the book has more hints or rabbit holes. I think with enough imagination one could make the book “hints” justify any solution. I think folks put way too much emphasis on the book along with his scrapbooks and other communications. He said in the poem he’s going to give out hints/clues, and he has been clear on the hints/clues he has given; not in Idaho or Utah etc.

      I wonder if he could say anything that has nothing to do with the treasure. It seams everything he says leads someone to a solution; at least in our imaginations. What a tangled web we weave……But its fun.

      • Jenny Kile says:

        Great points, Goofy….and you are right, it is fun….the best fun…lol….

        I just find it interesting that right after the poem in the book, he adds ‘and there are other subtle clues/(or hints) sprinkled in the stories’. It makes me wonder what was Forrest thinking when he decided to write that. I lean towards ‘location’ because he mentions it in the next line, and not hints towards understanding specific words used in the poem….if that makes sense…. (for example, I don’t think brown gravy is a subtle hint for the use of the word brown in the poem) (at least not today…lol)

        • Jenny, I think we have to remember who we are dealing with. Fenn is a master of marketing. I don’t think Fenn could talk very much without inadvertently giving what could be construed as a “hint” about the chest. For example if the chest is in Wyoming and he told stories about Wyoming is that a hint? Some are certain it’s in Colorado because he doesn’t talk much about Colorado. The New Mexico crew knows it’s there without a doubt because of what he has said.

          So is someone correct? Sure they are, Fenn has inadvertently given “hints” about all the states. This is not accidental, Barnum and Bailey would be proud of Fenn’s promotional skills. He’s very good at fanning the flames and twisting the over emotional chasers into a knot.

          Fenn obviously enjoys interacting with the searchers and being part of the chase. While I think it’s great fun and very interesting to hear what Fenn has to say and see the items he puts on display; we must be careful not to take our eyes off the ball.

          • Jenny Kile says:

            Your comments make me think, Goofy, thanks for them. I love a good exercise.

            If I get some time next week, I’m going to expand on them in a separate posting….all wonderful; writing helps me think and I want to ponder/explore on your words more…. but only after I finish my Holiday Ornament…lol….that needs to come first!

            • Absolutely get that ornament made and picture sent in. There are lots of creative people out there; it’s going to be a tough competition. Be sure to send Fenn an envelope so you can get your arrow head.

              Looking forward to reading what you have to say Jenny.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jenny and Forrest,

    I went through the book this last time and took notes of what the stories were about and wrote some of the clues down. In my opinion, most of the clues point to Wyoming. It sure would make it easier if the clues in the book were in order, but oh well. My next place I am looking, I don’t see exactly the path that I’m supposed to be taking, so I am just going to go up there and take a flight around and look at what it actually looks like then pick some spots to look based on what I saw and go from there. And above all, have a fun and a great adventure! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  4. locolobo says:

    LOL!! Thanks, old son, for that answer. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive when I saw the subject matter of this latest question. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see your answer. But, mt concerns were for naught….. As usual, you answered very adroitly.
    Speaking of putting things in order, did you ever get that phone cord untangled??(I hate that also) …..don’t forget to set out milk and Oreos for Santa and have a Merry Christmas!!

    Jenny, thanks again for this wonderful site and for hosting Forrest!! Mr. Fenn, thank you for the Chase and your continued participation. Your presence adds a whole ‘nother level to the fun!!!

    Everybody, hope you are enjoying the holiday season and Good Luck to All!!…….loco

  5. spallies says:

    “That’s right joseph, you should start with the first clue and follow the others consecutively to the treasure. Hints in the book are not that organized.f”

    Are we too assume he is saying here that the clues are in consecutive order in the poem??? He does not say poem…I don’t think it is safe to assume anything with Forrest??? This could just as well mean once you figured out all the clues and what order they should be in you follow them consecutively…:) And back to square one… again…:)

    • waterhigh says:

      He has said the clues are in the poem, ergo—don’t overthink it.

      I wish I’d taken better notes the first time I raced through the book, you know, the little discrepancies that niggle at the back of your mind (but then got lost). Sometimes, I also think there might be hints in what’s missing, or unsaid.

      Thanks, Jenny. I think that is one right straight answer from Forrest.

  6. spallies says:

    Thanks for the advise waterhigh. Gotta go time to land….. Hope it is smooth….

  7. Forrest Fenn says:

    I just received an email from Lynn D. She asked an interesting question about call signs that fighter pilots use in the air. In combat each pilot is assigned a different call sign for each mission. When I was shot down in Laos my call sign was Litter 81, which meant I was flying with the 309th Squadron and leading the 8th mission of the day for that squadron.

    In non-combat squadrons a pilot usually could select a call sign he liked and the guidelines were simple. It should have two syllables, easily understood on the radio and no more than two words.

    I’d be interested in knowing what call sign your bloggers would select if they were test flying an F-100 out of Tyndall AFB, Fla. I’m waiting to hear your choice Jenny. f

  8. TB says:

    9 clues? OK so just to let everybody know I am just as lost as you are but the way I’m looking at 9 clues is 1 clue can give a multitude of answers. Example if someone said it looked like a rainbow you wouldn’t just think of one color you would think of many and to complicate things even further 5 people would possibly have different colors in mind all the answers are correct but theres only one thats right and thats the one that forest was thinking so did you understand what I was saying everything that I just said was understandable but incorrect gramitacly. So what I’m trying to say is what was Forrest thinking or experiencing when he wrote not what you were thinking when you read it. Also like if one of the clues was about fishing and you read up on it could you go out and do it, I doubt it, I think you would probably get skunked. So a combination of study, experience, and transitional thought, whatever that means, is where I’m heading. Know the poem, know the books, know the tapes, and maybe some extra research and then get out and about. That is what he wants us to do. Get outside! I very seriously doubt if he spent much time on the couch. And since I’m just as lost as you are I would love to hear about your lost thoughts. Sorry I’m so confused but I’m trying to think in someone else’s mind. Have fun out there, I know I am.

  9. spallies says:

    Ha nice and smooth dispite the bumpy weather the pilot let the co pilot land then made a crack that it was smoother than he tought it would be….. I think I heard the stewardesses laughing. I was impressed it is pretty windy here tonight… I think he did a good job…:)

  10. Chad says:

    Well Forrest,

    I’d probably go with “Rebel 11” or “Saint Andy 11” if I was the first test flight of the day. Rebel, because the 325th, out of Tyndall today are known as the Black Bears, and the Ole Miss mascot is the black bear. St. Andy because of the proximity of the aquatic preserve.


  11. Forrest, I was under the impression fighter pilots got there call signs from other pilots? But, I guess what I know comes from movies. What was your call sign? For me I don’t know what I would chose for myself, because what I would call myself would probably be way different than if I let my wife chose 🙂

  12. 42 says:

    Thanks Mr. Fenn, always enjoyable when you check in and get us thinking. My call sign… “Swan dive 42” as opposed to ‘nose dive’. I know absolutely nothing about flying a jet or solving your poem, but in swimming it’s a graceful move.

  13. Onecorgi says:

    I wish you would make it clear to the old timers and new timers what is required to solve the 9 clues. Or if different to solve the poem and/or if different to find the chest and/or if different to find your hidden treasures of gold nuggets, coins and artifacts, or whatever else the chasers have in mind. Please help us focus on what is true to your design and not our machinations.

    I have given you fodder to make hay with but this is a sincere request.

    You know the types of folks that post here. Obfuscation is the name of the game for a few folks. It would be ‘good’ to help others with their focus. Would you in sum tell all what is “required” to find your hidden treasure chest?

  14. Ed says:

    Yea Forrest mine would be ‘slow Joe’

  15. astree says:

    I believe that all you need is the poem, just as Forrest says. As well, that the ‘hints’ are not needed, but not so obscure or convoluted, or hard to find. The part about following the clues in consecutive order seems a bit trickier, and perhaps a new perspective is needed for that.


  16. Lynn D says:

    Mr Fenn. You forgot to tell us your call name.

  17. Lynn D says:

    I think I would like the name “Boston” as well.

  18. astree says:

    Thank-you, too, to Jenny, Forrest, and Joseph for this. Need to really ponder the ‘consecutive order’ piece, that’s pretty important, and quite a few questers have spent time discussing it.


  19. Elementary says:

    “Wonder” it is – as my call name. Used as either a noun or a verb, it expresses so much!

  20. Elementary says:

    Thank you Jenny and spallies.

    AND…..Who can “forget” those “one-hit wonders”! (smile)

  21. astree says:

    E* wrote …. “Astree – So are you implying that Forrest’s chosen call sign was “Pickles”? ”


    Well, it wouldn’t be the worst choice. ( I really like the way he named the lures). Actually, I was referring to the books on the bookshelf, a tease.

    But, anyway, when I use the following site for “Forrest Fenn” I get “Flashdancer”


    (“E Star” gives “Doctor”).

    Happy Holidays, ( In Idaho?)

  22. astree says:

    I’m still struggling with the “consecutive order” comment. Did Forrest actually say, or agree, that the clues are presented in consecutive order, from top to bottom (or even from bottom to top), as one reads the poem? Cant, get it to line up.


  23. astree says:

    E-star wrote:

    ” The Wolf – Yes,…it looks like that WILL change:


    May promote world peace




    Happy Holidays

    • E* says:

      Astree – I have always wondered if Forrest started out with one of these?:


      • The olf says:

        His favoutite bird is a “whipowerwill”

        • E* says:

          The olf – That was really cute! 🙂

          And I see you’ve changed your screen name to “olf”:

          The olf is a unit used to measure the strength of a pollution source. It was introduced by Danish professor P. Ole Fanger; the name “olf” is derived from the Latin word olfactus, meaning “smelled”.[1]

          One olf is the sensory pollution strength from a standard person defined as an average adult working in an office or similar non-industrial workplace, sedentary and in thermal comfort, with a hygienic standard equivalent of 0.7 baths per day and whose skin has a total area of 1.8 square metres. It was defined to quantify the strength of pollution sources which can be perceived by humans.

  24. astree says:

    That’s too cool, both of you.

    Is that him, with S. “Lander” ? ( no, I don’t think so ).



    PT-19, Cox 049, myself 🙂

  25. my call sign would be ,Freedom,because that’s why I know i’m up there

  26. Yiga says:

    Just googled Tyndall, since that seems to be where I would be flying from if I was flying the f-100. But I am a peaceful, nature guy, so I would chose East Bay. I like the water, and bay grasses.


  1. August 15, 2015

    […] You should start with the first clue and follow the others consecutively to the treasure. Hints in the book are not that organized.f   (from Order of clues and Hints: Featured Question with Forrest) […]

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