One of Freemasonry’s Greatest Riddles by Nate W. Beck

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Nate W. Beck

Like an old familiar ghost, Freemasonry is a topic that haunts my dreams and ideas as a researcher of Biblical mysteries. At least once a year it makes a visit and poses questions that never get answered, but urge me on in the Quest for Truth anyhow.

It’s a good time for the strange and mysterious, and the ghosts of dying historical and cultural conundrums. With this time of year for growing things to die and All Hallow’s Eve and all.

I’m not a Freemason, but am more familiar with it’s history and ritual than most Christians care to be. So, the question my old ghost asks this year is “What Is The Greatest Riddle of Freemasonry, and What Does It Mean?” Honestly, I don’t care to answer what it all means, because I honestly do not know. Perhaps no one ever will. Well, there is one guy, but he’s not……well never mind on that… But, I will answer the first part of the question. As I do happen to think I know what the Greatest Riddle of Freemasonry actually is….it’s something I like to call the “Rule of Three”, though perhaps it should be called the Mystery of Three, as much as is the Doctrine of the Christian Trinity. So, here it is. I promise this will be rather short, but profound!


An old Masonic document of 1723 titled A Mason’s Examination contains a poem that says “If a Master Mason you would be, Observe you well the Rule of Three.”

In Craft ritual there are Three Primary Players. They are King Solomon, King Hiram and Hiram Abif the Craftsman. Each of them share a special password known as “The Word of a Master Mason” These three notify the masons who work on the Temple of Jerusalem that they will share in this password when, and only when, the Temple is finished and completed.

All Three agree to only pronounce this special Master Mason Word in the presence of All Three. If any of the Three are not present, or missing, then the Word shall not be spoken and cannot be given. Well, later in our story there are some stone workers who are tired of waiting for this special privilege and they decide to wait til Hiram Abif is alone worshiping in the unfinished Temple to force him to reveal the special PassWord, which he refuses to do, and so is murdered by Three Ruffians!

King Solomon and King Hiram order men to search for the missing Hiram Abif and the missing workers, and they eventually find both Hiram’s dead body and the fugitives who murdered him. Then something strange happens. Master Masons are asked to go and seek for that which was lost at the death of Hiram the Grand Master. Master Masons are expected to search for the special Word that can now not be given by either King Solomon or King Hiram.

One of the Greatest Riddle’s of Freemasonry is why is the special Word of a Master Mason impossible to reveal without Hiram Abif when the Word was obviously already known to the other Two Kings??? Why are Master Masons charged to locate something that is lost, but at the same time not lost???

“If a Master Mason you would be
Observe you well the Rule of Three?”

What does it all mean? My ghost is not telling.  What do you think?


By Nate W. Beck

Text Copyright 2017 by Nate W. Beck, All Rights Reserved.




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35 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Freemasonry is so filled with ‘questions’ which encourage each of us to search for our own answers and Truths. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Nate!

    • Nate Beck says:

      Thank you Jenny. So fun to share even though I know none of the solutions to these things. But it’s fun to look for the answers anyway, and maybe that’s enough. 😀

  2. Buckeye Bob says:

    Nate, I think it must be something like this.

    Or maybe this goes even deeper.

    • Nate Beck says:

      That’s hilarious Buckeye lol. It indeed used to be given in the Royal Arch just like that as Jah-Bul-On, but they don’t do that anymore, at least not in English lodges.

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        I looked that up out of curiosity. The mysterious origins are interesting, but I wonder if it’s truly something from the founding of Freemasonry why it’s use is limited.
        Which brings up the possibility that two of the three parts are actually from the founding. Or all three, if the discovery were made but not shared.
        Interesting stuff.

    • ace 340 says:

      nice one.

    • ace 340 says:

      Still laughing. Those frogs struck a chord. g

  3. ace 340 says:

    Nate, Do the Freemason believe in reincarnation? Only three know the word and the others are to find what (or who) was lost. g

    • Nate Beck says:

      Hi ace 340,

      I’m sure many Freemasons do believe in reincarnation, but as a doctrine I am not aware that it is taught in any of the Masonic rituals. However, the doctrine of the immortality of the soul is taught very explicitly, which some might take to mean the same as reincarnation. Hope.that answers your question. 😀

  4. JC1117 says:

    Good article, Nate. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve never been a Freemason. Never even stepped foot inside a lodge…

    There are certainly some deep mysteries there worth researching.

    From what little I know about Freemasons…I believe they inherited (some of) their knowledge from Solomon’s Temple…likely through the Knights Templar. That would certainly make sense.

    Very cool…

  5. Nate Beck says:

    Thank you JC1117.

    For myself, everything I know about Freemasonry comes from books mainly. It helps that the Blue Degree Rituals can be obtained by anybody who wants them lol.

    It was fun sharing and writing 🙂

  6. Crimsonblaze says:

    I will have to spend a little more time thinking about this but I was always told the rule of three meant that bad things happen in threes. The first thing that came to mind after reading this was two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

  7. Buckeye Bob says:

    Nate, I have a little story about a historical documentation to share but it’s not something I want to do publicly, out of respect for an institution. It may be nothing anyways, but it’s a very curious thing in my mind.
    How can I contact you?

  8. Crimsonblaze says:

    The word is it’s? That was a 24 hr solution! What comes between 2 an 4?

  9. Nate Beck says:

    I wonder if any Freemasons ever read any of my Masonic articles, but never leave any comment?

  10. Nate Beck says:

    Hey guys,

    If anybody wants the Blue Degree Rituals of Freemasonry in their entirety, they are available in Walton Hannah’s book titled ‘Darkness Visible’.

  11. Nate Beck says:

    Also, many people tend to use Malcolm C. Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor, but it is somewhat incomplete. Walton Hannah in ‘Darkness Visible’ reproduces the genuine United Grand Lodge of England Blue Degree rituals in their entirety with nothing missing.

    Many people talk about the so-called “secrets of the higher degrees”, but I have found the higher degrees I have read to be boring and not very interesting, to be honest.

    All of the really interesting stuff is in the Master Mason and Royal Arch degrees if you ask me 🙂

  12. HappyThoth says:

    “the place where three roads meet”

  13. HappyThoth says:

    buenas dias JC

    Like a diamond in the sky

  14. Nate Beck says:

    Hello All,

    Bout to work on my last Masonic article titled ‘TREASURES OF THE ROYAL ARCH OF JERUSALEM’. Pretty excited about this one. Should be finished in about a three weeks.

    This article will pretty much conclude my research into Freemasonry and its secrets, as I don’t think there is anymore I could write about it.

  15. Nate Beck says:

    Buckeye Bob,

    I’m still looking forward to the info you have to share privately 🙂

    On the edge of my seat!

  16. Nate Beck says:

    Hi all,

    Could the Pythagorean Theorem be the answer to this riddle of Freemasonry? You need all three parts a2 and b2 and c2 for the equation to work and create a perfect right angled or squared triangle, which is important knowledge for Masons and Architects!

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