Oak Island Treasure Mystery

Oak_IslandOak Island. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - httpcommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFileOak_Island.png#mediaFileOak_Island.pngThe mystery of Oak Island has captured the interest of numerous treasure hunters over the years. To date, all have gone away without learning what rests at the bottom of this famed Money Pit. Recently, this mystery has gained the attention of a larger audience. This is partly the result of History Channel’s series entitled; The Curse of Oak Island.  A third season is in the works and will be released soon.  Hutton Pulitzer mentions what viewers might expect in this final part of the series in a recent Six Questions I conducted with him (click link).

One of the main reasons for the show’s success, and increase interest towards the mystery, is because there is a genuine historical enigma to solve. It isn’t entirely a mere tale as some buried treasure stories seem to be.  For over 200 years the area has seen continued exploration with questionable artifacts being recovered.  From this, it is believed the location could possibly conceal an extremely valuable treasure.  What it might be remains to be understood.  So of course, it is a fascinating story!

Below is a brief summary of the Oak Island treasure story.  It only touches the surface on the vast history and information available on Oak Island’s enigmas and theories. The island rests in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, and so is conveniently situated in an area which has been historically visited by those sailing across the Atlantic.  I wanted to post the summary in order to provide a page for discussions, links, news, and updates to be placed for those intrigued by the curiosity.  Even though, I am not actively working on this particular challenge (we can only do so much), the page will strive to keep readers informed on new theories, ideas, and finds for this possible treasure cache.

The legend of Oak Island’s buried treasure begins in 1795 when a young boy, named Daniel McGinnis, noticed a suspicious circular depression on the ground.  Other anomalies, like a supposed tackle block in a tree overhead with sawed off limb, led the boy to wonder if a pirate’s treasure wasn’t secretly lowered down and buried there.  Filled with excitement, he, with two of his friends (Anthony Vaughan and John Smith), returned the next morning to start digging for whatever might have caused the disturbance in the ground’s surface.

Accounts say after a few feet of digging the boys came across a layer of flagstones hindering their way.  Removing these, they were able to continue down and soon discovered a layer of oak logs. Further down, another layer of logs were said to be found.  They supposedly dug down to around 30 feet and realized to go further, help would be required.  They stopped their excavation with a mission to return later to find the treasure.

It was eight years before they started digging again with the assistance of others.  On this occasion, the party of treasure hunters were able to descend 90 feet down; again finding peculiar items as they dug.  It was at this level of 90 feet that a coded stone with mysterious writing is thought to have been discovered.  Although the stone is missing today, it is recorded to have been deciphered to say, “Forty feet below two million pounds are buried”.

The pit flooded with water at this point and it is this constant flooding of water in the hole that continues to be a major obstacle for learning what lies at the bottom. Throughout the years, various excavations and drillings have been attempted to determine what might be unearthed.

As mentioned, questionable and unnatural remnants have been continually found within the pit and area; giving seekers confidence something truly could be buried deep below the surface.  Millions of dollars have been spent on exploring the hole.  It is believed by some to be a highly complicated and complex shaft with clever traps set for anyone trying to reach the bottom.  This supposed system of protection for the ‘treasure’ is what captivates and spurs on the search.  The question is asked, if a treasure is hidden at the bottom, what could it be that warranted the creation of such an extreme hiding place?

I think it can be said the hunt for what lies at the base of mysterious shaft will not end until this is revealed!

Best of luck with whatever you seek!

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10 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Here are some links to additional information (will be expanding):



  2. Carolyn says:

    That’s awesome that you were able to ask the questions. I watch the show about Oak Island on TV and am curious if they will be able to get to the bottom of the pit and get us all some answers. They have found interesting things already.

  3. Nate Beck says:

    Oak Island is what I would call a tragic enigma. I firmly believe that something was hidden there, but due to the carelessness of explorers and treasure hunters, whatever was underneath those layers has long ago washed out to sea. I think Oak island explorers would have better luck exploring the ocean floor around the area. So far, I haven’t seen anything substantial that has been found, but have always held hope that somebody would eventually find something….I still hope.

    Great article as always Jenny 🙂

  4. Danny-boy says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Also important, and missed from your write up is the scan of the area which reveals a suspected shaft/tunnel leading off the main shaft down, and a room with a sofa sized ‘artefact / anomaly on the scan’ in the centre of it.

    I know that part of the story is found on the links, but thought it pertinent to raise it on this page too…just for more intrigue 🙂


    • Nate Beck says:


      Thanks for this. Well maybe there’s the hope I was waiting for :-). “Sofa sized” could indicate a trunk of some sort.

      I always figured the drilling enterprises simply pushed whatever lay there out to greater waters, but perhaps it can still be retrieved?

  5. astree says:

    Thanks for the summary, Jenny.

    Oak Island mentioned in the article, just published today.


  6. HaywardG says:

    One of the most compelling and enduring mysteries to date. Glad to hear so many still interested, as well as to watch the series on TV.

    Reading about the evidence of the small piece of parchment with traces of mercury always gets me excited and then makes my heart sink. To imagine an industrial still underground, shedding whatever might be there to pieces. Oh well, perhaps a necessary sacrifice.

    I highly recommend to anyone interested, to watch this documentary about Peter Admunsen and his discoveries that led him to Oak Iskand, through the works of Shakespeare, be the true hand of Francis Bacon.


  7. Jon says:

    Thanks for the page. It looks like it will become a good resource for Oak Island.

  8. Jay says:

    Given that there are tunnels/shafts that bring the seawater to the supposed chamber where the anomaly lies, things could be washed out thru these. But in the History channel show, these were found to be covered by a fibrous covering of some sort (don’t remember exactly what it is, coconut tree fiber or something similar), and this fibrous covering that keeps the tunnels from being filled with silt or other detritus would also keep things inside. I doubt there would be anything larger than a pebble that could escape thru that fiber, but it might be worth sampling the sea floor around these openings to see if there is anything unusual being deposited there.

    I found out about Oak Island more than 20 years ago when info was hard to get (hours searching libraries). The web gives up a lot of new info,,but there’s a lot of supposition and crap out there too. What I wouldn’t give to be a part of the History channel team that is making that show. I really hope they find something amazing, and would bet they will. When they do, I doubt we will get to see it all. The real “treasure” they find will likely not be disclosed and will be covered up under the “national security” guise. I believe that there is something down there that is of major significance to the Knights Templar/Masons, and quite possibly to xianity.

    Or it’s a big, elaborate poop joke. They’ll find an ancient commode that Jeebus supposedly crapped in, but the turd got washed away into the sea. Maybe there’s a piece of corn/olive stuck in the fibrous mat somewhere than can be carbon dated, maybe a piece of DNA so they can clone Jeebus.

    Bring it On.

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