Mysterious Places: Exploring the Ghost Town of Alvira

Historical Treasures of times past:


First of MysteriousWritings Vlog……

Treasure the Adventure….

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2 Responses

  1. ROLL TIDE says:

    Absolutely love poking around the old ghost towns and other such places.
    Back when I was a teenager in Bama, we had a favorite swimming hole at a creek not far from the old house my cousins were all raised in. One day after swimming, we decided to go walking in the woods.
    We came upon and old house that was still fully furnished. It had old pie-safes, wood stoves, wash basins . . .
    There was even clothes still hanging in the closet and old tattered sheets on the bed. It was absolutely intriguing. It was as though whomever had lived there , just got up and left one day and never came back.
    And, I must confess that I scored a few old Saturday Evening Post magazines and some old envelopes with old stamps on them. We left everything else as we’d found it.
    Kinda spooky, but really cool at the same time.
    Thanks Jenny.

  2. astree says:

    Great day adventure, Jenny. The format ( of having a captioned video ) made the tour enjoyable. Looks like the cemetery(s) is still being maintained, so the area must not be too isolated. That area might be a good place to hide a treasure :).

    ( I had to pause for a few seconds, something was rattling around in the back of my head ) … as Halloween approaches … the LA-based show “Elvira’s Movie Macabre” (Cassandra Peterson). Ok, # 37 of Season 1 🙂

    I tried to look up Alvira, PA on Google Maps, and it wasn’t listed. Seems a bit sad.

    Thanks, Jenny.

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