MW Treasures Explorer Updates and the Mysterious Old Hill Burial Grounds

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Finding Geocache from the Old Hill Burial Grounds

Geocache locations can often take a searcher to unique spots off the beaten path.  I recently had the wonderful opportunity to discover such a place, and while there, I left behind MW Treasures Explorer 3 (trackable tag) to begin its journey to new and adventurous locations for us to all enjoy and learn about.  Just what places might they take us to explore next, and encourage us to personally visit, is always a surprise! They are acting like ‘travel agent explorers’.

MW Treasures Explorer 1 and 2 have already left their initial starting spots (Vietnam War Memorial and One of Seven Cities of Gold (Coronado’s old ruins) in NM). These MW Treasures Explorers are traveling currently in the hands of other Geocachers.  They’ve visited a few different locations during this time, and will soon be dropped in another Geocache!  Where?  MW doesn’t know and that is the adventure of it all!

For those not familiar with Geocaching, it is a ‘real world treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devices. People navigate to a particular set of GPS coordinates, and try and find a hidden Geocache (special container) at that location.’  This definition is given on a prime site to learn and get started.

Trackables, like the MW Treasures Explorers, are coded ‘game pieces’ found in these ‘geocaches’. A log book and other small items to trade can be found in the hidden containers as well.  Each trackable, however, has its own unique code, which is used to log in/track its movements on ‘’.  The special trackables are meant to be ‘retrieved from one cache’s location’ and ‘moved to another location’ based on its goals.  MW Treasures Explorers’ goals are to explore the unknown and discover new locations!

A mobile App can be downloaded to your phone, which allows your phone to be the device used to find geocaches. So no matter where you are traveling, you can easily turn on the App, find Geocaches and explore!

Although some Geocaches are hidden in ‘ordinary’ spots, there are many which lead you to some amazing places.  That was the case with our adventure of the Mysterious Old Hill Burial Grounds!

old hill burial grounds grave stone

Revolutionary War grave honored

Within a small patch of wooded acreage, secreted away from the nearby town and highway, was this hallowed spot.  Although there is a sign along the road, and a mowed path is there to direct you to the old hill burial grounds, it still remains isolated and basically unknown.

We had visited this spot once before (via geocaching), but went back on July 4th with MW Treasure Explorer 3 in order to place Explorer 3 in its hidden Geocache.  It was the perfect day and place to begin a MW Treasures journey.

The quiet cemetery honors war heroes, and there were a few graves that were Revolutionary War Graves.  It’s a beautiful spot.  There are old gravesites resting among relatively new ones, but the solitary scene offers such a peaceful feeling.

Visiting on July 4th, recognizing and realizing the price paid and gifts given from those in the graves of the Revolutionary War, and others, was quite intense.  We appreciate the ‘hidden geocache’ for taking us there!

Watch the short video to share in the adventure!


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  1. Nate Beck says:

    Very cool 😎. Geocaching sounds like loads of fun.

    Always makes me sad to see neglected burial sites, especially those of service people. A good reminder Jenny, thanks.

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