MW Game Night Ideas:  I Spy Games

Some of you may remember playing a type of  I Spy game in the car during long road trips.  (This of course was probably before the time of all the current hand held devices and fancy tech gadgets we have now).  I used to play a game with my brothers and sisters where one person would say, “I Spy with my little eye something…….”; the player would complete the sentence offering a clue- either the color of it, or maybe saying the letter the object began with.  The other players would then try and guess it!  Many miles on roadways were passed happily doing this.

Now, there are other ways to enjoy I Spy games.  At home or in the car!

If you want to challenge yourself while playing a game with younger kids, I Spy Eagle Eye is the game to play! It is fast and furious, and younger kids often beat older players!  It’s extremely fun and will have everyone on high alert!  It’s a perfect game for both parents and kids to play together!

(The game is recommended for ages 5 and up, and for 1 to 4 players.  It includes Spy boards, cards, and a bell!)

Play begins with each player receiving their own Spy board.  Players then take turns flipping over a card from the pile of Spy cards placed in the center of the table.  On each Spy Card is one item which can be found on a player’s card.  Whoever finds this item on his card first rings the bell!  Play doesn’t stop there.  Players continue to search for an item matching, card to board, and yells out, second, third, or fourth (if 4 players).  Each player receives points based on how quick he found it in comparison to the others.

A player wins when a pre-determined point total is achieved.  We usually play to about 20 or 30.  Sometimes, though, it is just fun to play a few quick rounds and not keep score.  The laughter and excitement in trying to find the items is winning enough for all!

There are also the clever I Spy Books!  My kids loved these (and so do I).  These are like games.  The books are beautiful, creative, and interesting. The pictures of I SPY grab everyone’s attention and encourage players to be extra observant and to think imaginatively.   Each book includes the challenge:

“Picture riddles fill this book;

Turn the pages!  Take a look!

Use your mind, use your eye;

Read the riddles- play I SPY!” 

Players/Readers try and find the objects listed within the images. There are lots of different themed books available, like I SPY Christmas, I SPY Treasure Hunt, or I SPY Spooky Night.

Another I Spy product is I SPY Spooky Mansion!  This game encourages players (2-4 players, ages 5 and up) to seek out items from different rooms of the Mansion and collect keys.  The first player to collect 5 keys and get out of the Mansion wins!

I SPY products are fun little treasure hunts in themselves.  They are great to play and have fun together.

Play a game today!



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