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UPDATED POST: December 21st!

MW Treasure Hunt: Released December 21st, 2017:  The Sacred Scarab

Another exciting MW armchair treasure hunt, with your chance to win a $250 Cash Award, is HERE!  It is entitled The Sacred Scarab.

From within the numerous Top Secret Files of Mysterious Writings was found a Cryptic Page featuring the ancient and symbolic Egyptian Winged Beetle.

This peculiar page holds clues to a hidden treasure, and it is this page which was released on December 21st, 2017.   If you solve the clues of the page, discover the ‘treasure’ of The Sacred Scarab, and you are the first to send in a correct claim, then you will be awarded a $250 cash prize!

The Sacred Scarab marks the third of a series of successful treasure hunts hosted by MW.   Every three months a new MW armchair treasure hunt, from the secret and mysterious files of MW, is released.

The MW Treasure Hunts were launched first by the search for The Lost Philosopher’s Stones.  Over the 2017 Summer Season, each of four coded scrolls involved in the MW Treasure Hunt, revealed clues to the location of a hidden stone.  Each stone offered a Cash Prize of $250 to its finder.

All four Scrolls were solved by the end of the season and the cash prizes, totaling over $1000, awarded!

Then, in September of 2017, The Ring of Old armchair treasure hunt, was released.  It, too, held a cash prize of $250 that was awarded to its winner!


Now, on December 21st comes another totally armchair treasure hunt.  This means that ALL clues needed to solve and claim a $250 cash award are contained within the Scroll.  There will not be any need to travel to a secreted location to retrieve a hidden item in order to claim the prize.  The adventure can be enjoyed from the comfort of your ‘armchair’ at home.

So get ready for some more exciting adventures!  The Next MW Treasure Hunt is NOW released!

Will YOU be the one to claim the $250 cash prize?


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