Metal Detecting Coin Beach in Delaware

metal detecting

My first coin while detecting

The coastline north of Indian River Inlet in Delaware has earned a nickname Coin Beach after the many shipwrecked coins being discovered there.

I found my first coin with a metal detector on Coin Beach, Rehoboth, this last weekend. First day of 2017.  And ok, although it wasn’t a coin from any known sunken ship off the coast, like it could have been one of the numerous British and Irish half pennies of the 1700’s washed up from the Faithful Steward, it is still a treasured coin for me.

I’m sure I will smile every time I think of this ‘first coin’.  Not only is it the newest coin I could have found, it is of the least denomination!  It was a 2016 penny.  Makes me laugh.  It marks that whatever coins I find from this point on is upward when considering monetary value.  However, if you know me, you know this 2016 penny will always be my most treasured and worthy coin. Absolutely priceless. Know it will be framed.

coin-beachThere were actually a few other people metal detecting Coin Beach the day I was there.  It was New Year’s Day and considered warm for the 1st of January; a perfect day to get out and enjoy treasure hunting at the beach for the start of New Year fun!  A little girl (maybe about 10), who was also there, had found a quarter and a penny!  Again, maybe not a Gold Rose Guinea which are occasionally found on Coin Beach, but still treasure.

I’ll be going back.  Most likely after a storm when new possible bounty could be washed up. Metal detecting along the many beaches of the East Coast (where allowed-always check for rules) offers an exciting time.  You never know what the waves might offer you to discover.

It is known the area along the Delmarva coast is popular for finding lost treasures of the sea.   Abundant ships with their cargo needed to deliver goods at inland ports along this area.  Philadelphia was one of the largest Eastern ports and so the waters here were heavily traversed upon.  And of course, not all ships, thousands of ships, didn’t make it to port because of unexpected weather patterns or issues.  The concentration of shipwrecks along the eastern coast is one of the highest.

For this reason then, taking a stroll along the beach, with a metal detector in hand (or even with just a sharp eye), brings a great chance for finding a lost treasure.

I enjoy exploring for all types of treasure, but metal detecting along the beach holds a special place of adventure within me…… oh…what am I saying….they all do!  All of them hold special places within me.

Best of luck with all that you seek!  And treasure the adventure…..always!


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14 Responses

  1. JL says:

    Nice find Jenny,

    You did much better than me, my first find along a old road in Arkansas was about two-thirds of a modern penny. The other third looked like electrolysis had eaten it away somehow.

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    lol JL…..still the first find and treasure though. A whole one would have been so less interesting!

    I can’t wait to go again. I normally detect inland, but the ground is frozen now and so the beach is it. I believe it was my ‘lucky penny’ for treasure hunting!

    • Iron Will says:

      My first find at Hillsville VFW where they hold the flea market each year… was a 10 carat gold wedding band with 10 sand grain diamonds in it. I was so excited till I went to cash it in and got 30 bucks lol

  3. JL says:

    To be completely honest that was the first find with a metal detector of my very own.When I first moved into the house I am currently in I borrowed my neighbor’s detector to find a culvert she said was in my drive way. After finding it I then spent a week shoveling out both ends. Only living there about 2 weeks anyone who drove by was sure that the new neighbor had lost his mind.

  4. Twingem says:

    Hi Jenny!

    Congrats on your first coin find.

    The world is such a small place at times. I’ve spent may days in the past 45+ years on that very beach. My parents bought a placed on the Indian river bay when I was a very young kid (cedar shores). Our view of the inlet bridge was amazing from across the bay. We spent summers there, and I loved the winters there. Sadly, my mom is about to sell “the beach house” – too much for her to drive from dc area and the three flights of stairs at her age. I have such great memories there – fishing, claming, body surfing. Miss it. You are blessed to be there for sure. I love in Colorado now and love it, but the ocean has a special place for me still.

    Anyway, congrats again!

  5. waterhigh says:

    Sounds like fun, Jenny. I thought about getting a detector a couple years ago (before my first FF treasure hunt out west.) In January, a sunny beach sounds better!

  6. Lia says:

    Jenny, thanks for sharing your fun adventures with us, and for your outstanding blog forum!
    Warmest wishes in 2017!

  7. I love metal detecting, I have a jar full of old pennies. My first was a 1902 penny with an Indian head on it.

  8. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny,
    You paint a pretty picture with that detector in your hand. Congrats on your first find, it’s not about the small change, it’s the big memory. I won’t tell you about mine first find. But I did detect an early 1700’s Spanish silver coin in the Sierras awhile back. While we’re talking detectors, has any body seen my gold bug? Lost it a couple of years ago chasing twin fin fish up in the Rockies.

  9. JC1117 says:

    Congrats on your first coin find, Jenny.

    I love metal detecting and wish I had the time and the place to go at present. We’re snowed in pretty good here in Salt Lake City.

    And I totally agree with you…that coin needs to be framed. 🙂

    And like you said…the sky is the limit in your new hobby…in comparison to your first treasure. lol.

    As your children’s book states…Higher and Higher. 🙂

    My 4-year-old daughter asks me to read that book to her regularly. She likes the feel of the book cover, too…and tells me that it’s “soft and fuzzy”. 🙂

    Thanks for your blog and for sharing your stories. I’m sure some of us traveled to that beach and smelled the air and metal detected while we read your story.

    I know I did.

    • BW says:

      After ordering ‘Higher and Higher’ I too commented on the feel of the cover and I am wayyyyyyyy over 4 yrs. old! The cover is unique.

  10. astree says:

    Thanks, Jenny. I remember camping at Indian River with a friend’s family. I was unaware of the treasure hunting aspect.

  11. Lyzee says:

    metal detecting is on my bucket list …. even if it is local down at the river or anywhere with a bit of historical significance … mostly American Indian history around here and a bit of civil and revolutionary war.

  12. Lyzee says:

    PS: The local river here has an American Indian name the Monongahela … it flows north.

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