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John Davis: MW Team Writer

john davis author of rainy street stories

John Davis

John William Davis is a retired US Army counterintelligence officer and linguist. John is a 1974 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. There he majored in history, minored in English, and was part of the ROTC program. Commissioned in 1975, he started as an artillery officer in the 101st Airborne. Thereafter, he went into counterintelligence where he served until the completion of his military and civilian careers in 2012. A linguist, Mr. Davis learned five languages, the better to serve in his counterintelligence jobs during some 14 years overseas.
After his assignment to the 101st Air Assault Division, he served in West Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands during the Cold War. There he was active in investigations directed against the Communist espionage services of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. His mission was also to investigate terrorists such as the Red Army Faction in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy, and the Combatant Communist Cells (in Belgium) among a host of others. A linguist, he worked closely as a liaison officer with investigative and police agencies in the lands where he was stationed. He learned German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Flemish as part of his career requirements.

rainy street storiesHis work during the Cold War and the bitter aftermath led him to write Rainy Street Stories, ‘Reflections on Secret Wars, Terrorism, and Espionage’. He wanted to talk about not only the events themselves, but also the moral and human aspects of the secret world as well. Upon retirement, he was approached by the publisher of Red Bike Publishing, Mr. Jeff Bennett. Jeff offered to publish a book about John’s career overseas during the Cold War and his role in that war’s bitter aftermath.

Rainy Street Stories has been endorsed by a Pulitzer Prize winner, professional intelligence officers, authors, and journalists. It is now in many American libraries, and those of Cambridge University in England, Amherst, UAH, and Old Miss Universities to name but a few. After his career as investigator, linguist, and liaison officer during the Cold War, he moved to Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. There he continued his career in counterintelligence until his retirement after a total of 37 years in the federal government. He lives in Athens, Alabama, with his wife Jane. Their three sons live in Alabama. Marty, his oldest son, is married to Terri. Will is a science teacher and wrestling coach and his youngest son Kenny works in the movie industry.

John’s hobbies are historical research, book reviewing, and hiking. Together with his wife Jane, (who was the 2012 Alabama Citizen Diplomat of the Year) he guides foreign groups who visit America for cultural and business awareness. This State Department program has recently featured groups coming to Alabama to study Combating Violent Extremism. As a result of these visits, John has published two major essays in Police Journals, one on community policing and another on identifying the potentially violent young person. They received a family award in 2015 for their contributions to Alabama Civic life, and the 2015 Global Ties National Award.


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