How Many Armchair Treasure Hunts Have You Worked On?

First a huge CONGRATS to Amy S.!  She won January’s MW GiveAway!  Her prize, a FREE copy of the Fandango Armchair Treasure Book, is on it’s way!

One of the ways to have entered January’s MW GiveAway for the chance to win the free copy of the Fandango Armchair Treasure Hunt book was by answering a simple a question.  The question was:

“How many treasure hunts have you worked on?”

Options for answer were:

  1.  Only Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt
  2.  More than 5
  3.  Less than 5
  4.  None, unless I win this book! 😊

From the entries, and answers provided in this survey, it seems about 20% of people have worked on More than 5 treasure hunts.

There was a tie percentage of 36% for the answers ‘Only Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Less than 5’.

Around 8% answered, ‘None, unless I win this book’.

I thank everyone for participating in the MW GiveAway and providing answers.  Not only do I love hosting MW GiveAways, but the surveys and answers involved help me determine how best to create content for readers on MysteriousWritings.

As many realize MW isn’t just a website for Forrest Fenn’s hunt, but many others (both past and present). It is a leading source for multiple treasure hunts. And… MW is also a website discussing much more than armchair treasure hunts.  It shares insights on numerous other mysteries and actual lost and found treasures from around the world.  MW loves the search for all kinds of things, and encourages all to- Get Your Quest On!

I love MW, and appreciate all those who visit.  You are inspiring to me!  Thank you.  (Learn more about Fandango)

Next month’s GiveAway will begin on February 1st.  It will be announced in the MW Newsletter which is released the 1st of each month, and on MW’s website.

Oh, and for those working on the MW treasure hunt: The Sacred Scarab, remember there will be a clue released on the first of each month in the MW Newsletter (and other channels) until it is solved.  The $250 cash prize will be awarded to a winner, and become part of the over $1000 dollars of prizes awarded in MW Treasure Hunts already!

Best of luck to all that you seek!   Treasure the Adventure!

Latest MW Videos:

Winter Time Excitement! (just a fun video of us zooming down our driveway on runner sleds! We take advantage of the snowy/ice weather.  It made a perfect track)


Advice from Forrest Fenn on How to Solve the Poem to Find his Treasure Chest


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13 Responses

  1. nice,all it would take is a wipe out for me,or walking up that hill,i’d be out of breath,but looks fun for the younger group.

  2. Buckeye Bob says:

    Nice sled run.
    Ha ha at the cats running for cover.

  3. JC1117 says:

    Fun video, Jenny.

    I really like the upbeat soundtrack, too. It sounds like Nascar…with some engine braking sounds.

    I’ll assume it was engine braking…and not the effects of hot chili on a cold winter day. 🙂

    Did I just type that out loud? lol.

    Seriously though…that sledding day looks like a blast. It reminds me of my childhood.

    Thanks for sharing. It put me in a good mood just watching it.

    Now to go get a hot bowl of chili. 🙂

  4. Madesquare says:

    When I showed up to college in Waterville my roommate (who I didn’t know and hadn’t talked to) and I both had brought copies of Masquerade. I remember sitting in armchairs in the dorm room for about half a hour together puzzling over the book before getting bored and going to do something else. Freshmen have the attention span of mayflies. A few months later I read in the paper that the hunt had been cracked. But over the years I would still pick up the book and admire the riddling words and the fantastic paintings. When the 25th anniversary homage hunt Menagery came out I worked on that, mostly out of nostalgia. Then I had a new apprentice show up at the farm and almost his first question was, “is there any treasure around here?” Turns out he was an avid hunter who had been to the California goldfields. All of these events apparently triggered my brain somehow so that when I was flying home from NYC after a book promotion I picked up the infamous Hemispheres and got sucked right in. A friend later got me interested in Fandango which is hidden near my home, so I work on that sometimes. I’ve also dabbled in the Secret and couple of others, now including the Sacred Scarab-

  5. astree says:

    More than 5,… 7 solid hunts if I didn’t miss any:

    Treasure – In Search of the Golden Horse (as a birthday present, go me into treasure hunts)
    A Treasure’s Trove (and some of “Alchemist Dar)
    ….. Vegas Die (did not even pursue it through the end of the story)
    ….. Beale Cipher (if it can be called an armchair hunt, did moderate research)
    The Thrill of the Chase
    Endgame, The Calling (and some Sky Key)
    Breakfast Tea and Bourbon

    (did not work on Masquerade, not aware of Armchair Treasure hunting at the time)

    • Madesquare says:

      When I think about my identity as a treasure hunter I keep coming back to the idea that I’m just an old Masquerader. When I started doing ttotc I had three goals: I wanted a great adventure (I’ve had that), I wanted to beat the Chase (um-), and I wanted to replay Masquerade for a happy ending. That last one remains to be seen-

  6. pdenver says:

    I’ve only participated in Mr. Fenn’s treasure hunt.

  7. Focused says:

    Your welcome Jenny, and thank you for everything you do behind the scenes. I love your blog and all the mysteries it holds inside, along with your mind sparking stories.. try to stay warm…. until next time… see ya Jenny

  8. Jdiggins says:

    TTOTC is the only one for me! But it not just an armchair!

  9. Crimsonblaze says:

    I only have two chairs so I am limited to four.

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