Historical Hunt’s 2016 Land Hunts Begin

treasure huntIf you live in the New England states (or are planning to visit the area), Historical Hunt offers a search for treasures especially for you this summer. And even if you don’t live in one of the following states, the Historical Hunt’s locations are still fun to research and learn about.

Six Millings (one in each) will be hidden within the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine. Millings are special Historical Hunt stones painted with a ‘code’ for redeeming on their website once registered (registration is free). These 2016 Land Hunt Millings are redeemed for points, and at the end of all land hunts the winner will be the searcher with the most points. This year’s prize will at least be a value of $300. Updates to come during the summer.

On June 9th, the first land hunt of the season was released. It was called Prisoner’s Refuge and an image was posted with the title as a clue to the hidden location on Historical Hunt’s website. The Milling was found soon after release at Rutland Prison Camp Cemetery (Historical Hunt’s first release for Massachusetts). However, if after the first clue, the Milling continues to prove difficult to find, more clues will be given until its eventual discovery. The more clues needed, though, results in less points rewarded.

The remaining 5 state’s clues to Millings are yet to be released. You can Like HH’s Facebook page to stay up to date on when the next clues are set to be given and hunts beginning. Sometimes the Millings are found very quickly, and other times they wait for months to be found.

armchair treasure hunt

Historical Hunt’s Millings and our Prizes

My family and I were able to search for (and find) two Millings in 2013. They were great fun and it was awesome to locate the treasure. At that time, Millings were carved with a code to be redeemed for prizes right away. We had won early 1900’s $1 and $10 large notes. They, with their coded stones, sit on shelf in our house.

What was so fascinating, besides finding the Millings and winning the treasures, was visiting and learning about the historical locations where they were hidden.This is treasure itself. The places holding the stones were historical spots we truly enjoyed learning about and seeing.

And even though I am in Pennsylvania, and distance and time plays into my ability to search for these Millings on location, I still love the history involved and researching the clues. To encourage the hunt for hidden Millings, but also the exploration into the past, is a wonderful adventure being offered by Historical Hunt.

Registration is Free and the rewards are great! Whether or not actually physically searching or not, treasure is found!

Best of luck with all that you seek! Enjoy Life’s Adventures!



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