Highlights to Breakfast Tea & Bourbon’s Treasure Hunt Video Interview

armchair treasure hunting breakfast tea & bourbon

Hunting for the Breakfast Tea & Bourbon Treasure

The Breakfast Tea & Bourbon treasure hunt for a hidden ‘object’, which is used to claim a $50,000 cash prize, started on Thursday, February 9th, 2017, at 5:08 PM central time.  This precise date and time seemed to many a searcher as if it might be a clue towards finding the treasure.  Cowlazars, in his recent and excellent video interview with Pete Bissonette, author and creator of the treasure hunt Breakfast Tea & Bourbon, asked Pete if it was.  No answer was given.

However, many answers to questions were given.  Some extremely helpful to searchers.  Say for instance you were a searcher who felt the color of the straps mentioned in the book (page 190) were a major clue to finding the treasure.  The video interview offers clarification on this and suggests the colors are not key to learning the location of the treasure.  This one answer could help a searcher from going down a path of no return.

For myself, who has searched twice now for the ‘handcrafted object’ (which I think could be a Suling), felt there were numerous other answers given in the interview which helped the same.  Any help to exclude or clarify is wonderful to get.

One question and answer that I thought was very powerful was around the 31 Mark of the video.  It was whether or not the trail or path to the treasure was ‘wheelchair accessible’?  Pete’s answer was, “Could be wheelchair accessible but you would need a friend.”  (maybe to retrieve? – what do you think?)

treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt

This would exclude one trail I had searched already, and if I had had this information beforehand, I wouldn’t have needed to search there, as it was quite rugged.   And there were places I was thinking of searching, but will not now, because they are not, or could not, even with a friend, be wheelchair accessible.

Other highlights from the video include:

*The book actually contains clues to 2 other hunts, to be possibly used in the future, and Pete feels some searchers are mistakenly tuning into those clues.  However, there is a way to know whether you are following the current hunts intended clues and path to the treasure.

*Many have asked about the video of Pete hiding the treasure and why it was not received as planned.  Pete answered this by stating he noticed there is TOO BIG of a clue in the video and it would give an unfair advantage to some.  He will share it after the hunt is over.

*Pete still plans or wants the hunt to be over within six months to a year.  He feels going past this time searchers will lose interest.  For this reason, clues might be given to help searchers after a six month timeframe.  Cowlazars suggested eliminating a state each month.  We will have to wait and see, but it is great to know this hunt will have an ending within a relatively short amount of time.

*Around the 21 Mark of the video Cowlazars asked if certain methodologies for solving the hunt were hinted at within the book.  I am assuming Cowlazars was asking about the possible hinting to certain ciphers to use that have been noticed in the book by searchers.  Pete’s answer, after thinking a bit, was ‘Yes’.  Please take a listen and put in comments below what your thoughts are about these methodologies if you’d like.

We know the many anagrams involved, (like the Bourbon Side Car to Ribbon Scoured to Bonco Bruised (page 3) and then Nelson Ware anagrams to New Orleans, Earl Snowen anagrams to New Orleans, Larson A. Harisp anagrams to Orleans Parish, Aaron Philress anagrams to Orleans Parish), but this doesn’t seem to be the one Pete was referring to.  There seems to be another, or so.

*Although googling and internet research is definitely helpful, Pete said the book is self-contained.  All that is needed to find the treasure is in the book.

*Pete mentioned again there are about 14 to 15 clues to get a searcher to the ‘general area’.

*Pete confirmed the Hodaddy solve is a major clue to the location.  The Nada clue not so much. HOWEVER, because there are multiple ways to find the treasure (and get to the general location), they are not necessarily needed.  Again, please in comments below share your opinion of this part of the interview.  It would be great to some different perspectives.  (or share on forum)

armchair treasure hunt book

Treasure Hunt Book

There are lots of other tidbits to ponder in the interview.  I haven’t mentioned them all, but I do want to take time now to mention a special going on for the book for Viewers/Readers.

Now til the end of June, The printed book (free shipping), an Ebook version of the book, and the Finding Treasure Paraliminal, are available for $15.  Great deal.  I have the printed book (with the indentations on the cover — CLUES here, but to what? (see end of video), but I don’t have the Ebook or an extra book.  This is a great offer to get both now.  I think I will 😊 Here is the link to that special:

Special Cowlazars video book purchase

Thanks Cowlazars for the great video.  And be sure to check it out!




And there is a Facebook Page too if you want to join up!


Best of luck to all that you seek!  And always Treasure the Adventure!

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3 Responses

  1. Foggynight says:

    Thanks Jenny for your summary. I think the interview was good and without it I’d be hanging off a ledge somewhere instead of thinking wheelchair. I’m not sure I know exactly what wheelchair accessible means to PB, and what their partner would do….pace?

  2. I googled hodaddy and the best clue I came up with was surfer, beach, and cars. I hope this helps my new found friends down in Louisiana

  3. Jenny Kile says:

    Although there were lots of things revealed in the video, it still spurred lots of questions (they always do- lol)…. like for one example– if there are multiple clues to other hunts in the future, and some of us searchers are tuning into those mistakenly, then what is the method to distinguish between them so we know we are realizing a ‘clue’ for the hunt we are currently working on?

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