Ghost Town Adventures: Part Two

treasure hunting

CowBell find

Since our first adventure to a nearby Ghost Town, we’ve been able to go back a couple more times to this place. As mentioned in the first part of these accounts, we are exploring, and metal detecting, a location which has been lost to time. After the business from the lumber and ice industry ceased to operate, the towns which grew around these industries moved on. Today, nothing but some old foundations and ruins remain. It is a lot of fun going there and trying to imagine the communities that once thrived. We wonder what we might find?

The weather has turned and is allowing us a bit of time to do some great metal detecting. Before too long, however, the grasses and overgrowth will make this difficult, so we want to take the next few weeks and spend as much time as we can get. (still cold, but ground not frozen)

Because of reading the following section of one of the old books on the area, I don’t plan on detecting there too much in the summer. It states:

“…..hunting season provided a recreational outlet, with bear hunting a particular favorite. The woods surrounding the area, then as today, were a haven for rattlesnakes, and there was some talk when Adam killed a snake with fourteen rattles in mid August 1899.”

I think I prefer my cold weather exploring for this location. Many of the foundations and surrounding grounds are covered in high grasses, vines, and weeds in the summer, and so sweeping a metal detector during the key growth season wouldn’t work as well then either. I’ll just say that’s the reason….and the thought of coming across a few rattlesnakes has nothing to do with my choice to skip the warm detects of summer for this particular Ghost Town.

treasure hunting

rails across stream

One of the great things we found the second time we went to this area, which has helped in our search, is a shortcut across the stream. Some old rails remain lain across the deep waters, which give us a way to cross over to the place where they stored, loaded, and shipped the ice onto the train. Before finding the rails, we had to head down stream quite a bit and cross elsewhere.

We spotted quite a few more foundations of smaller homes in this area across the stream too. One of the foundations we were looking for over this last weekend, however, was of the School that closed down in 1938. From a map, we had an idea of where it would be. We wondered if we could find it. Just to do. We think the foundation pictured below might be it. What is exciting for me is never knowing for sure what we might learn or discover.

We metal detected, not only that area, but of others briefly. It seems we always run out of time. Nonetheless, I suppose the find for these latest jaunts was of a CowBell. That is better than a Boot, in my opinion, from the first time we went. And although we found other items, I can’t say we have found the item to brag about yet…..but when we go back…..we just might!! And we will let you know! Glad you are sharing in our adventure!

Best of luck with whatever you seek! Enjoy life’s Treasures!

map of school- #12

map of school- #12

old image of school

old image of school

Possible School's Foundation

Possible School’s Foundation

Stake find

Stake find

bolt find

bolt find

holding up tree falling to save lives

holding up tree falling to save lives

foundation of home

foundation of home

hiking up rocky side

hiking up rocky side

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10 Responses

  1. Don says:

    Jenny, I love your supergirl pose 🙂
    That sure looks like a lot of fun. I once had an old beat up metal detector, but your stories make me want to get another. Down here in Louisiana, winter is the time to go metal detecting (ground never freezes 🙂
    I need another hobby anyway 🙂
    Great job and thanks for sharing!

  2. pdenver says:

    Hello Jenny. Thank you for the great adventure. The story is great and the photos are great. Gosh, what a hero you are to hold up that tree! You’re so strong!

    Have you done any metal detecting out West? I haven’t done any personally. My husband and I took a walk into the forest and found an old homestead that must have been built in the mining era in Colorado. There were boards and metal shingles from the home. I brought home some pieces; old door hinge, part of the roof shingle and a couple square nails. I’ve donated most of the other pieces, but kept the square nails. It’s true what you said about wondering what it was like. I’ve wondered the same.

  3. astree says:

    Great continuation, Jenny. Thanks. Glad your family is having fun, good find on crossing the creek.

    “I’ll just say that’s the reason….and the thought of coming across a few rattlesnakes has nothing to do with my choice to skip the warm detects of summer ”

    🙂 Are the kids buying into that ?

    Looks like a great place to hike. I prefer late winter, early spring for the woods, too. Less bugs (ticks), poison ivy, etc.

  4. WiseOne says:

    Jenny, You don’t need “more cowbell!”… What you do is great! Thanks for sharing your adventures and giving us such a fun place to talk treasures and so much more. 🙂

  5. Jenny says:

    Thanks all for your comments……and fun stories too. The old homestead and treasures you found there, pdenver, sound like great finds. It’s always just an awesome time getting out to explore!

  6. JC1117 says:

    Great story, Jenny. I love getting out and exploring…especially with a metal detector. Great cowbell find! Does it still ring/clang? 🙂

  7. John Davis says:

    I remember metal detecting in Arizona. My friend turned over a giant rock and there, underneath, was a giant coiled rattler! I never before saw a human jump four feet backward from a dead crouch! What a scary fun time. Glad you are metal detecting!!!

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Well then……I am definitely not detecting in this area in the summer…….

      @JC1117- it didn’t have it’s ‘clanger’…I suppose it would still be there somewhere…but I didn’t find it.

  8. Mark J says:

    I would love to explore some of these old towns. Sound like you had a great time.

  9. strawshadow says:

    Sounds like fun, who did you think of when you found it? Nice adventure, Jenny, and what a catch.

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