Found Treasure! The Lost Philosopher’s Stone of Wisdom from MW Treasure Hunts!

solved treasure hunt

MW Treasure Stone found!

MW is so excited to announce and send a BIG Congrats to ‘Genetic Blend’ for finding The Lost Philosopher’s Stone of WISDOM from MW Treasure Hunt’s Scroll I!

Thanks all who are participating! There are $250 cash prizes waiting for YOU to find!

And as some of you might know me, I like to ask Questions!  I was so grateful when Genetic Blend said she would answer some for us all!  (it isn’t required as a winner :)).

Her story is exactly what MW hoped these hunts would offer!  Her exciting adventure in discerning the location, and then discovering the Lost Philosopher’s Stone, is so inspiring!

There are treasures that await for us all!  This one was waiting for Genetic Blend!

Congrats again and now her answers!

What did you enjoy most about the hunt?

There are several things that I enjoyed about “The Lost Philosopher’s Stones”. I like the simple format, of just one page, or “scroll”. Everything is laid out for you all in one place. If you print it out, it is easy to carry around with you, and you can make notes right on the paper. There were a variety of different ciphers involved, and there were clues contained in a historical story. The scroll also had very good illustrations. There were many “confirmers” between the ciphers and the clues, so once you were on the right track, you would know it. Everything came together nicely, and this was my favorite thing about the hunt.

How did you feel when finding the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’?  

found treasure near fence

Fence at location and pictured in scroll

Let me answer this with a story. I solved the ciphers and figured out the clues. Everything on the scroll was coming together. I was sure that I had the correct site, but in my research, I could not find the fence in the illustration on the scroll.  I searched the internet for photographs of the site that might show the fence. There was a fence in some pictures, but it did not match the fence on the scroll. Google Earth showed some construction vehicles at the site.  I found that the picnic area was renovated. But what about the fence? I went to Trip Advisor to look at photos, and someone wrote that there was a “beautiful new fence” at the parking area. When I arrived at the site the following day, looking for a parking place, there it was, the fence pictured in the illustration in the scroll! I jumped out of the car, went to the corner of the fence, saw the tree and the rock, took nine steps, turned over the rock, and found the Philosopher’s Stone! It felt good in my hand! A bit dirty, but it was a good fit.

This year, 2017,  I have traveled to Kentucky, Maine, and Arkansas in search of hidden treasures. In all of those cases, I felt that I had solid solves for treasure hunts, but in the end, I couldn’t locate the treasure. It was very satisfying that for once, with Mysterious Writings’ Lost Philosopher’s Stones, a treasure was exactly where I expected it to be. The clues on the scroll were clear and concise, and once I was on site, I didn’t have to second guess where I was going to find the treasure.

Would you recommend the hunt to others? 

Treasure hunts are always an adventure, and the “Lost Philosopher’s Stones” is no exception. Not only was the content in the scroll based on an interesting historical event, it took you to a historical place that was absolutely beautiful! I would recommend these hunts based on their design, their content and the final site where the stone was located.

treasure found

Treasured Spot


Thank you, Genetic Blend for making an awesome ending to Scroll I’s hunt and sharing your adventure and wonderful photos with us all!  SO SO FUN!

There is still LOTS more MW Treasure Hunts in Progress.  Join the fun and take your chance at winning $250 cash prizes!



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12 Responses

  1. Beth Hovanec says:

    Thanks for the great treasure hunt Jenny!

  2. Jennifer Kile says:

    Thanks for the successful ending on such a beautiful day!!! When I hid that stone it was quite different…..rainy, windy, and COLD……. it is wonderful to see it now…. it was gorgeous then, but even moreso with some sun….

  3. astree says:

    That’s awesome, Genetic Blend! Congratulations.

    Great way to start the series. Thanks, Jenny, too.

    • Beth Hovanec says:

      Thank you, astree! And contratulations to Jenny too, for creating a very cool and well put-together hunt!

  4. Buckeye Bob says:

    Wow, that was fast!
    Congrats Genetic Blend.

    • Beth Hovanec says:

      Thank you Buckeye Bob! This was a fun and rewarding hunt. Not just because of the monetary reward, but because the site where the stone was found was beautiful! I wanted to rush to the site to see the waterfall and recover the stone!

  5. JC1117 says:

    Congratulations, Genetic Blend!

    You were right, Jenny. That was fast.

    “Each of us
    A cell of awareness
    Imperfect and incomplete
    Genetic blends
    With uncertain ends
    On a fortune hunt that’s far too fleet…” – Rush, Freewill…from Permanent Waves

    • Beth Hovanec says:

      Awesome! Someone actually knows where I came up with my screen name! Love it!

      • JC1117 says:

        Just a shot in the dark, Beth.

        Rush has been one of my favorite bands…ever since I heard Tom Sawyer when I was 10.

        I read your t-shirt…so I could tell you like music, too. 🙂

        • JC1117 says:

          Another thing, Beth…aka Genetic Blend.

          Congratulations on a SECOND win!

          You’re a force to be reckoned with…I reckon. LOL!

          Now I can’t get Billy Joel’s…”Second Win” song out of my head.

          I know…I know…it’s “Second Wind”…technically.

          But I routinely like to ask myself…WWFFD? Which means…What Would Forrest Fenn Do? 🙂

          I think he’d leave the d off…like how he spells knowlege.

          Anyway…back to Billy Joel…

          Don’t forget your Second Win. 🙂

  6. Carolyn says:

    Jenny, I’m just now finding out about this. Can you please tell me how this works? Thank you

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats Beth!!
    Jenny, I love the format of these scrolls, they are fun, beautiful, and professional!

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