Found Treasure!  MW Treasures The Lost Philosopher’s Stone from Scroll II is Discovered!

Solved Scroll II

The second Lost Philosopher’s Stone has been found!  How exciting!  Congrats to STVWZ and GENETIC BLEND for teaming up and capturing the ‘lost treasure and reward for SCROLL II!’


MW was very happy to have caught up with STVWZ and GENETIC BLEND to ask them a few questions about the hunt for the Treasure and their adventures with finding SCROLL II’s Lost Philosopher’s Stone!

Genetic Blend shared the following story.  As you will read, STVWZ (which shares after) helped out greatly!  I love how the ‘treasure community’ teams up and works for the fun and adventure of all.

GB’s Story:

I was already on my way to retrieve the stone, about 2 hours into the drive, when STVWZ (Steve) sent me a text. He asked if I had solved the scroll, and I said yes, and that I was already in route. But I thought the clues led to Valley Forge. Steve said he thought the treasure might be in Fort Washington State Park. So we both continued to do research while texting back and forth.

I hadn’t solved the marshmallow clue, and decided to work on that in the car. Once I figured that out, it seemed to lend more support to Steve’s location. Both Valley Forge and Fort Washington are within minutes of each other, so I decided to search Fort Washington first, since they closed at 5pm (per the internet). Obviously, I didn’t have to make a trip to Valley Forge, because the stone was found where Steve thought it might be.

This hunt was a bit more tricky because the hints could be applied to either place, Fort Washington, or Valley Forge. There was a lot of overlap.

Here is a picture of GB with The Lost Philosopher’s Stone II on the platform at FORT HILL, Fort Washington State Park.

found treasure

Genetic Blend with STONE II! (Help of STVWZ)

And MW had to ask Steve a couple questions too!

MW:  ‘What do you like most about ‘Treasure Hunting’ and what did you like most about ‘The Lost Philosopher’s Stones hunts?  

Steve’s answers:

Treasure Hunting – I’ve always enjoyed solving problems…and have earned a reputation among my family and friends as a troubleshooter or “Mr Fix-it”. Treasure Hunting allows me to use and sharpen my puzzle and problem-solving skills while also competing of sorts for the achievement aspect, both recognition as well as potential prizes. Being part of the Treasure Hunting community has also allowed me to meet and make friends with a wide variety of folks who all share the love for this creative and fun pastime.

The Lost Philosopher’s Stones MW Treasure Hunts – I love the fact that they are in fact solvable. So many hunts start out fun, but then bog down because you need to make these lateral leaps of faith in logic to reach the ultimate solution. The Lost Philosopher’s scrolls contain all of the clues needed to go from state level down to the detailed on-site marker level to find the stones, with confirmers thrown in as well. I also appreciate the learning that happens along the way by researching the historical and geographical aspects of the treasure, the site and the subject.

Well done and keep up the great work!


Thanks Steve and Beth (GB) for your answers and story!  MW is excited to be offering Summer Fun with plans in progress for creating some FALL 2017 FUN as well!



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    Congrats guys. These hunts sound like so much fun. Thanks Jenny! 😄

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