Forrest’s Surprise Words: Walking too Far

forrest fenn surprise wordsA polite-like email from Kristie, who admits to being a desk person, prompts me to say that if you are walking long distances in search of the treasure, you’re walking too far. f



Best of luck with the Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!

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34 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks Forrest! Love surprises!

  2. Iron Will says:

    But wouldn’t 200 ft. be long distance to an ant? 🙂

    • astree says:

      It shant be more than a few miles (” Ron, your question sounds like a ..travelogue .be that bold. But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help. ” f ). That would be for two round tripe, if I got that right.

      The Count (per below), I’d favor having all the clues, and relating them to the path you’ll follow, before you leave home.


  3. The Count says:

    But what if you are in search of the clues?

    The Count

  4. C.M.R. says:

    Think about this: If google updates show vehicle tracks that Mr. Fenn can see in the update, or a road is near. Wouldn’t that be them telling him where they have been. He makes a comment about the email then says they tell me where they have been. hmmm.

  5. Jackpot says:

    Ok I’m gonna go dark now! Forrest is getting fat on info and its hard for me to being this nice. Information isn’t free and this is a two way street.

  6. Snider says:

    It’s ok Forrest,
    I love to do things the hard way, more satisfaction.
    Remember not all short cuts are good short cuts.
    Work harder and your rewards will be greater. Words that I will never forget from my grandpa.

    • Going Dark says:


      • Snider says:

        Thank you for all the new information.
        You see, it is still a two way street.
        This is something I will also never forget.

        • Going Dark says:

          But now you shall, for a brief respite
          Return to earth once more
          To bid ideu to friends tonight
          And join your friends of yore

          Then we again shall meet you
          You will not cross alone
          Your warmest friends shall greet you
          And guide you safely home

          hope you are there.

          • Snider says:

            I am a grown man, and this has brought tears to my eyes.

          • Snider says:

            Just tell me when, and I will be there.
            We can meet were the metal stands tall, and I can go no further.
            I am so exited to help you on the chase, and search your spot again.

            • Going Dark says:

              How could you speak of such a place without some foreknowing?
              Why can you go no further?

              • Jackpot 2 says:

                I never tried to go further and why would I? Only a fool wood try to go further. Good luck trying to sucker people!

                • Going Dark says:

                  I guess I would have to agree. Apparently without some cryptographic key only Fenn knows, chasing this may go on for 1,000 years and it may be that nobody ever knows for sure. Unless he gets his bracelet back I don’t see how even he can know if it is still out there. Six years some people have been chasing this, it’s not like someone can solve it in 2 weeks. I’m beginning to think the boards are a waste of time. I think I’m going to go fishing instead.

  7. locolobo says:

    Forrest, Thank you for the surprize!!

    Jenny, Thanks again for this wonderful site (it can’t be said enough)!

    Forrest, Is the term “desk person” a politically correct euphemism for “couch potato”?? 🙂

  8. astree says:

    Need to de-fog the brain a bit. Does this relate to the previous “nature” and “your health”, but knot in that order. Hmmm….

  9. DPT says:

    As tree, yes polite-like caught my eye immediately as well.

    Polite literally means polish. To make smooth and shiny. It’s original meaning of polite was Polish and burnish!

  10. DPT says:

    I find this interesting as well. When looking up desk I see drawer.

    A drawer. ” is a boxlike container in a space of furniture; made so as to slide in and out.”

    A desk is also a table to do drawings. And in the last paragraph of TTOTC Forrest says paraphrase , that he would like to meet at the great banquet Table of history.

    Banco, seat, table, desk,chair,chaise???? Hmmm.

    Thanks for the surprise Forrest and Jenny

  11. Onuat says:

    “Only a few miles”. 2 but not many more. 🙂
    Do it at an 80 or a 3 year old,s pace. Stop and smell the rose,s.
    I love surprise,s. 😍 Thanks Jenny and Forrest.

  12. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny for bringing us these Surprise Words and thank you Forrest for keeping us surprised. I’m not sure how long “long distances” are but I have a feeling they’re longer for a desk person than they are for an adventurer.

  13. Mark J says:

    Forrest must be bored of late.

  14. lifesablaze says:

    The poem to me is a gallery. “Walking too far” I get t f walker which leads me to the collection of TF Walker which includes a painting by Thomas Faed entitled “Taking Rest”. The painting portrays exactly how i felt after my most recent walk. Also Further further research reveals tf walker mentioned in vol. 22 of Agricultural Journal of Cape of Good Hope..Turbit a type of pigeon. Turbit..turbinated..spiral, whirling on an axis. Yes Mr. Fenn I have seen the banco and thought what a mighty throne. I have seen the rune in stone. I heard the sound of cannon and thought the world might burn. But Im here by the river. Safe.I am drawn to the place as a moth circles the light. I did not cross. Yet. There’s a jabberwocky yet to slay. I’ve walked these steps before. In another life. My feet are red and my mother cried 22 tears the day I was born.

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you lifesablaze…I enjoyed reading about the Thomas Faed painting “Taking Rest”. After looking at the painting, I also understood how important it is to “rest” but not ignore that which is just at your feet. I recently “rested” at a spot and should have enjoyed not only the sounds and sights (amazing views)…but understood that the place that I was resting was actually what I was seeking. I understand. Thank you.

  15. Spade says:

    I bet Kristie was surprised to see that Forrest reads his emails.

  16. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Kristie, Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    Walking too far to walk.

  17. 23kachinas says:

    Every time I go hiking, I am reminded I don’t get outside enough to enjoy the views.

  18. 5-leaf blaze says:

    Once you break into the final areas of this poem you will know exactly what “too far to walk” means. I would like to know how many people Forrest feels have found the blaze. These things are totally related.

  19. Andrew Jef says:

    . . . Another “non-clue” from Forrest, in my opinion. The word “long” is quite subjective.
    He has said, however, that he went “less than a few miles” on foot to hide the treasure.
    It’s not clear to me whether that distance is for A) One-way, carrying the first “part” of
    the total treasure, or B) One-way (away from his vehicle) in, carrying the first “part”,
    followed by a return to the vehicle, followed by one-way, carrying the second “part”
    away from his vehicle, or C) All 4 treks . . . in w/first “part”, back to vehicle to get
    second “part”, in w/second “part”, final return to vehicle.

    I think that he drove to a place within about a thousand feet of the hidey space. That
    would make his total trekking distance less than a mile or so at most. This would be
    doable for a man of 79 or 80 years old if reasonably healthy.

    Having said that, though, I don’t suggest that any searcher expect or plan to drive as
    close to the hidey spot as Forrest (probably, in my opinion) did. I think that a more
    realistic trekking distance is close to 2 miles each way. This is based on my solve
    and BOTG experience, in which I am very confident . . . especially based on what I
    have learned by actually being there . . . it’s a lot different that what I saw online.

    The above is just my opinion. Yours may differ. Please keep safety a high priority.

  20. Iceman says:

    It might be a short walk, but it’s a long long way from WWWH to the treasure chest.

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