Forrest, Is There A Place You’d Like to Go Visit?

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(What can I say.  I love the Chase.  I love Questions.  Of course I couldn’t end Questions with Forrest)!


Forrest, next month you’ll be 84 years old and that’s an age when most normal people start to slow down. You seem to be pretty vigorous so I wonder if there’s something special you’d like to do or place you’d like to visit while you still can. Is that something you think about? ~ Jenny


Sure it is Jenny. Thanks for the question.

I think about it all the time and if I live another 84 years I hope to check a few things off of my list.

One for sure. I want to go back to Montana and visit some of the places I used to haunt during my formulating years. I may do that in September if I can sneak away.

One day my dad and I were talking with Concy Wood, our special fishing buddy. Dad said, “Let’s go fish Rumbaugh Creek.” Concy smiled, and replied, “No flies on that.” (It’s an old Texas folk phrase.)

Rumbaugh Creek was on the South Fork side of Hebgen Lake and a few big trout were always cruising around that place looking for fresh food coming in with the mountain stream. I’d like to go back there one last time and take a folding chair.  Maybe I’ll also take a pimento cheese sandwich and a fried pineapple pie.  If I don’t get back up there, and I probably won’t, I hope one of your readers will visit that place for me, and send me one last drink of water from Rumbaugh Creek. I’d go to Watkins Creek too. f


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16 Responses

  1. dal says:

    So later this week I expect Rumbaugh Creek and Watkins Creek to be pretty crowded…but not by fishers..

    • Jenny Kile says:

      🙂 there’ll be no paddle up those creeks, because there won’t be any water left….lol…Forrest will have it all in Santa Fe!

      I mean, I plan on sending him some…….

    • Liviu says:

      We’ll be there next week (with my wife) visiting Yellowstone and thereabouts.
      We booked one night in Big Sky and two more in Gardiner. After that… Missoula… Fernie and back to Edmonton.

      O course I wouldn’t spend too much time looking for the chest as I believe it is “burried” in NM 😉 ,
      but I’ll take some nice pictures and probably send them to you Dal, to forward them to Forrest.


  2. Forrest Fenn says:

    I’m surprised at you Dal. You must be a worm fisherman. Where those two little streams entered Hebgen Lake the big fish used to stand in line to jump on a wooly worm or a squirrel tail tied on a #6 hook. And in the evenings when the wind died and the water was placid calm, the surface would sometimes become aswirl as big brown trout gulped the unsuspecting mayflies. Those were magic places when I was a kid.

  3. Don Luenser says:

    Thanks Jenny for the question, and thanks Forrest for the answer.
    Regardless of the treasure chest, I’m sure those places are a treasure in themselves. I have a degree in forestry and truly appreciate nature’s wonderful beauty. I hope I get a chance to do some more chasing this summer.

  4. dal says:

    You certainly make it seem idyllic Forrest. I have a new rod. I have a license. I have the desire to wade and watch. I’ll give it a go…

  5. E* says:

    And if the fishing this September at Watkins Creek is still as good as you remembered it to be, Forrest,…you can thank Lyndy Caine,…owner of the Firehole Ranch:

  6. Diggin gypsy says:

    Of course he wants to go to Montana 🙂 that’s where I’ll always go back too 🙂 great question jenn:-)

  7. Diggin gypsy says:

    Just a warning to all those that flock to Watkins creek there is a mama grizz there with her cubs. Lurking about 🙂

  8. E* says:

    Diggin gypsy – Thanks for the heads up. We don’t want to find ourselves up Coffin Creek,…without a paddle,…because of that protective Mama Grizz,…now do we?:

    “Lynda Caine possessed intimate knowledge of the area.
    She appreciated, for instance, that the willowed
    shoreline of Hebgen Lake was calving ground for the Coffin
    Peak elk herd. In the springtime, she often filmed the grizzlies
    that lumbered down from the Great Divide to stalk the weak
    and unsuspecting at the water’s edge,
    and for her, the thought of upsetting this
    precious habitat was unthinkable.”

  9. mary says:

    Had a drink from another lovely mountain stream, I will bottle some up for you!

  10. Woody says:

    I am surprised that you never mention the bull trout that are all over Montana. I only hear about the Brown trout. Was there any bull trout where you fished as kid in Montana.?

  11. Mark J. says:

    I was wanting to ask Forrest a 2 part question similar to this.
    1. If he could visit any place other than the 4 states that are part of the treasure hunt, that he has never been before, where would it be and why?
    2. If he could return to a place a place he had previously visited that is not part of the 4 states in the treasure hunt, where would it be and why?

  12. astree says:

    Thank-you, Jenny, for your on-going efforts for the treasure hunting community and puzzlers (and thanks to Forrest, too, for his great responses).

    As you posted on 22/7 ( = Pi ) .. noticed this


  13. Hello Mr. Fenn, I hope this ? finds your health good and your spirits well. I would like to you ask you my second question to you: If someone is handed the Poem without your name attached to it or your name being googled in any fashion, can they still find the treasure?

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