Forrest Fenn, Who Will You Tell?

hot newsMr. Fenn, Should the chest, for example, be found today, would you be able to tell searchers that the chest has been found in the same day? ~Johnny Q


Well Mr. Q, you present a question that’s hard to answer. There is so much talk on the blogs that whoever finds the treasure may be driven underground and not say anything to anyone.

If I am convinced it has been found then I will announce it immediately to Dal and three major media outlets. It seems logical, that if someone solves the clues, they will retrieve the treasure immediately. Until they do, no announcement can have teeth. With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring.f



Thanks for your answer, Forrest.

This question and answer brings up some interesting topics. One would be, to those that are searching, do you plan on at least letting Forrest know you found the treasure (if you find it in his lifetime)?



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63 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    I know if I were to find it, I would certainly return the bracelet to Forrest and quietly go my way. What are your plans?

  2. Seeker says:

    This answer Is more than just interesting. If I’m reading it correctly, there are at least 4 answers in one.
    1. contacting FF about the discover of the chest is the way of knowing it would be found… but only with factual evidence the chest was removed and in possession of the finder.

    2. It seems that the anticipated ‘announcement’ would only happen when the chest is ‘physically’ no longer in it’s hide. Not just the poem solved completely or discovered.

    3. Untill the action of removing the chest is completed, Others should not heed an-others searchers comments they found the chest.

    4. Not so much a direct answer, but informative [ maybe ] I have noticed that what seems to be a cautionary advice… ” With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring.f”
    Fenn has made many comments towards upcoming winters and Spring time, in regards to the hunt. Is spring time important to the solve? it just curious to me. As well as, keeping one’s discovery of the chest if not retrieved, silenced, until it is.

    which raises a questions for me… Has a searcher given Fenn a complete and correct solution to the location of the 10″x10″ spot and not gone to retrieve it? Or even know they are correct?

    Good question Johnny Q

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi Seeker….I took his mention of snow arriving as if the chest is already, or will definitely be soon, be affected by the weather and the search season over for most until spring.

      And if you have a solution….sit tight.

      This answer gives a lot to think about. And we might have all winter to do so…that makes for a long hard winter…

      • Seeker says:


        I too, wonder if someone may have sent and e-mail or had a conversation telling the location correctly. do they know or feel it’s correct and not gone as of yet? or do they not know it’s correct and still debating when to take the journey to find out.

        “With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring.f”

        Does this say, the snow make the ” course ” difficult or impossible to travel, even that the course is close to travel… there are many mountain roads closures. that are seasonal…happening every year between point A to Point B.

        Or is a time of year [ spring ] important to understand the poem solution.

        I’m leaning towards the first. But one just can help to read into, the chest may have been discovered… if only on paper.

      • Chris says:

        Yes the roads are closed for the season. So yes I am keeping quiet until early spring. You wouldn’t want to go there in the winter. 25 miles from anything and if you got hurt you would freeze to death. I emailed FF where I saw the box at. Someplace he and his family went every year. In Jenny’s next question FF makes a remark about “she” finding it. Just because I am named Chris I am not a female. If I am still alive in the spring and someone hasn’t gotten to it first I will go retrieve it. I will anonymously announce that I found it.

  3. Mark J says:

    It is possible that for some, they may not have the means to retrieve it immediately. All the more reason to be quiet.

  4. Mb4urk says:

    Sometimes rugs are pulled out from under our feet , and hearts are broken.

  5. 42 says:

    Interesting, direct info from Mr. Fenn. Hope they figure it out and can recover that TC!

  6. Woody Bogg says:

    I think FF is giving sound advice to those that have a good solve to the poem. Also anyone that has

  7. Woody Bogg says:

    Also anyone that has experienced the cold and dangers of wintertime in the rocking mountains knows it would be smart not to take the risks of harm compared to waiting until spring and anyone traveling in winter can easily be followed to the location other than another snow filling in the tracks or warmer weather melting them away.

  8. germanguy says:

    “With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring.f”

    It seems to me that his statement is saying that the challenges of winter being what they are, if you know where the chest is and haven’t retrieved it yet, stay quiet about it until Spring arrives, and you can go get it. In other words, don’t discuss it over the winter months on the blogs.

    “If I am convinced it has been found”

    What would be Fenn’s definition of ‘convinced’? For a moment, let’s imagine that the area in which the chest is hidden, is small enough that it can be searched thoroughly, and I do mean thoroughly. Rocks overturned and loose tree stumps moved to reveal what’s under them (even though I doubt any of this is necessary) would this be convincing enough for Forrest to acknowledge the chest being found? He and only he knows the conditions surrounding the location of the chest, and basing this on not just 1, but 2 thorough searches of the area. Keep in mind, I’m talking about an area that has boundaries. (Think of an island surrounded by water)

    • The Wolf says:

      I like that comment “if I am convinced”. I have thought about this for quite some time and I pose this question”
      If a searcher who doesn’t want everyone to know but only wants Mr Fenn to know and thus he reveals to Mr. Fenn the correct solution or near solution such that it gets to within several feet of the chest and proves they were there but does not tell him whether they retrieved the chest and in fact makes no mention of the chest other that the correct solution, does this provide sufficient evidence for FF to spring his promised press release, or does the searcher have his cake and can eat it too?

      I ask this because I speculate Mr Fenn would not ask if the searcher found the trove if they are close, as to not tip their hand. Mr Fenn has high integrity and I do not see him proactively asking questions.
      The Wolf

  9. Lori says:

    What I hear is Forrest saying: if the treasure is found soon, stay quiet until spring.
    Sounds like great advice!

  10. locolobo says:

    Logically, it appears that Forrest has received no communication that convinced him the chest has been found. Communication would be email, USPS, telephone, and/or what he might have read on the forums…. No announcement has been made, so no concrete evidence has been submitted to Forrest.

    He is also saying he will make no announcement without absolute proof the searcher has the chest in hand. (re: Until they do, no announcement can have teeth)

    I think you will have to submit a photo, of the chest and contents, to Forrest in order to convince him! The searcher can choose to leave it (for whatever reason??). But the only way to substantiate that the searcher was not just in the area, perhaps within a few feet, is to submit a photo of the chest to Fenn.

    And he raises the point again that the chest could be found and he might not be notified!! (although, I do think he will know, perhaps some time after the fact :))

    As The Wolf indicated, Forrest will not ask questions or say anything that might validate the searchers solution. I think he will just say, “put up or shut up!! …..In other words, “Where”s the Beef”!!! 🙂 🙂
     
    Thanks again, Jenny, for hosting and allowing us to voice our opinions!

    (oh, “teeth” and “driven underground” are possibly hints!!!……….IMO 🙂 ……….loco

    • E* says:

      locolobo – You said, “(oh, “teeth” and “driven underground” are possibly hints!!!…IMO”,…and I agree:

      You never know if the Grizz has experienced enough snowfall, yet,…to think it’s time to go into his den to hibernate,…or NOT! :-O

      It might be better to just wait until Spring, right? Even if you DO get a great hint from someone,…who should have kept silent,…on the blogs…

      • locolobo says:

        Well, hello again E*. LOL!!…Sorry to be tardy in responding to your reply. I do not subscribe to any of the Blogs, so don’t get emails. Unless I have an active discussion going, I just go in and catch up every day or so.. Only reason I saw your post was because I came back to look at something else…..If you respond to something after a day or so, I may not see it, so don’t think I’m snubbing you.

        On the “teeth” and “driven underground” comment. Teeth was in reference to what I’m looking at as “no place for the meek”. Has a mouthful of teeth, but not a griz. LOL!!

        “driven underground” is a reference to my “no paddle up your creek”….again, not hibernating grizz.

        If they work for you with a grizz, great……Good Luck to Ya!!! 🙂

        **hope ya get this??

  11. Liviu says:

    “It seems logical, that if someone solves the clues, they will retrieve the treasure immediately […] With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring”

    This basically means that you can solve the clues and find the location of the chest without being in the woods. IMO

  12. Matt says:

    Jenny my Question to Forrest is would He disclose the location of where the chest was?or would he leave that up to the searcher? by disclosing the location he could thrust the finder into legal this his intent to redefine the laws of ownership? thank you!

  13. Erica says:

    Good Afternoon Jenny,
    From Forrest’s previous comment do you think he just gave away that the chest is NOT in New Mexico? If you read closely to what he is saying you can impley that he’s saying already it may be to harsh to go looking for it. And if you look at the current weather in New Mexico, their isn’t anywhere in the state that one would consider to be “too harsh.” New Mexico is still very searchable, yet Forrest is saying to wait until next Spring. I’m curious if anyone shares this possible insight.

    • sixer/jenny says:

      Hi Erica, thanks for your question….I think you make a great point and that possibility did cross my mind. I am not sure if I am willing to totally dismiss NM because of it though…..I’m glad we have the winter to think on….

    • dave says:

      That doesn’t make sense Erica. Where does he say anything about current weather being bad where it can’t be retrieved? He’s saying you can recover it right now or wait till spring and if you know where it is, then you should be quiet about it. We know he doesn’t like big mouths.

  14. Seeker says:

    Nice answer Jenny, Have you been taking lessons from Mr. Fenn lol

    Another interesting part of the answer is, ” It seems logical, that if someone solves the clues, they will retrieve the treasure immediately. Until they do, no announcement can have teeth.”
    Why “retrieve”?
    Does this mean someone has told fenn the location, but has been unable to travel to the area [ for whatever reason]? Or could it mean that someone shown where the chest sits, but does not say they took it or not? example a single pic of the find and spot , but yet fenn has no true way of knowing they left with it – nothing to ‘completely’ convince him the chest was ‘moved’ from the spot? Just seems logical that they would have..

    Either speculation or scenario is fine by me, I want to know the solve !!!

  15. William says:

    Interesting points Seeker, If thats the case I wonder if Forrest curiosityis running wild?

  16. William says:

    Also I wonder why a person would be that close not see it or if they did get the treasure why not tell Forrest? I thought there would be a sure way for him to know it was found but with your assessment that he might not be sure but any of this is only speculation anyway! The searcher he might be referring to hasn’t went to retrieve it yet but the sounds of it that this searcher has been close for awhile IMO but maybe the searcher found treasure just not that one yet.

  17. Paris says:

    “With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring.f”
    This statement tells me that someone did solve the clues and Forrest Is wondering why they haven’t went yet IMO

  18. puttputt says:

    Clickety clickety click! Not bad for sum dum hick!

  19. Judy Ms.Girl says:

    Sounds like the mouth has to be quiet until spring because the snow covers it up and has changed the situation. It is in a cave and you go through cold water to get inside, but not during the snowy months!! Am I right or what? I will try to keep figuring it out and go retrieve it when conditions warrant! Thanks, Mr. Fenn You Rock…..

  20. puttputt says:

    Tomorrow is Spring! Can I scream now? JK.
    Next week has a good look to it. 🙂

  21. Jackson says:

    I don’t think anyone could actually ‘find’ the treasure sitting at their desk.
    A few of the clues, one has to actually be there to figure out what they mean.
    And also, the chest is ‘hidden’. I’m not too worried about it. Ha…

    • sumbuddy says:

      Kinda funny, last year 3 oct, we here the suggestion to “stay very quiet til spring”. Now, here we are, 5 oct, talking spring again. Curious.
      You can’t find it if you don’t look, and I’m not waiting til spring.

      • anna says:

        Hope you find it sumbuddy. Sumtimes I think Forrest throws those type comments out in the fall to keep interest high thru the winter. If folks still think it’s possible, it builds interest for all.
        At sum point I was called sucker on the blogs for thinking I had a viable solution, and then told by f himself he had never been to my search location. That said, as I lose interest in his chase it thins the field for new frogs to sit on the log in forests bog. Wish you success – truly!

      • Newbie says:

        I think there are some high mountains to crossover, snow might get up there, best to wait till it’s safe.

  22. djjmciv says:

    Recent comments on a year post?

    Losing Fenn = Losing interest on the site

    • sumbuddy says:

      I doubt that.
      But for ha has, jenny, will you please forward this question to Mr. Fenn?
      Why is Amelia Earhart so important to you?

      • Falshire says:

        i like ur styl, sumbuddy

      • JL says:

        Just guessing which is all I ever do .
        1. She was independent
        2. She was a pioneer in aviation
        3. She was comfortable in the wilds of the RM’s
        4. She took an eternal flight into history

        probably lots more, maybe Fenn met her at some point but he was 7 when she went missing so not likely but not impossible. I speculate that Emilia was big news when F was a youngster and all the news stories had bite.

  23. Crow says:

    Is this answer still ‘current’? Does he plan to carry out his response in 2016 or later?

    • Sherry says:

      What response?

    • Brad Hartliep says:

      Crow: I think Forrest has proven that he speaks the truth much more often than 84% of the time. And I think we can be assured that if someone finds Bronze Beauty and proves it to Forrest, which I am sure requires nothing more than a (recent) photo of the chest or something inside the chest, sent by e-mail or snail mail, then Forrest will be happy to reveal to the world that it has been found ..

  24. Strawshadow says:

    Keep thinking about Amelia.
    Who would I tell? I would quietly post here on Jenny’s, drink the six pack, rehide the chest then go look for Pokemon. Or something like that.

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