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The Scrapbook of Forrest Fenn

Dal Neitzel has created ‘Forrest’s Scrapbooks’.  On his blog, which talks about The Thrill of the Chase and all things ‘Forrest Fenn’, Dal is sharing pictures given to him by Mr. Fenn.  The images are not specifically related to the million dollar treasure hunt, and yet, they certainly are of value!

Like Dal has often mentioned, if you are involved in the hunt, knowing more about Mr. Fenn’s life may help you understand his way of thinking and offer clues to the treasure’s location.  But, this is not the only value they contain.

My favorite, so far, is number 17, and not just because of the number.  Lol(some of you will know what I mean).  It contains a wonderful poem Forrest’s dad gave to him, and this is some of the true worth of Forrest’s Scrapbook!  Be sure to check it out!

(The image above is NOT from the scrapbook and is merely a random picture of the Rocky Mountains)



The Power of the Spiral

Geoff Ward has recently released an updated version of his book, Spirals: The Pattern of Existence.  From his extraordinary answers to Six Questions, the 2013 revised edition can certainly be expected to hold even more remarkable examples of the Spiral!  To include just a sentence from Amazon’s description of the Geoff’s book; “The spiral is the age-old intuitive symbol of spiritual development and our identity with the Universe.”  

I was reminded of just that power of the Spiral while recently reading Cities of Gold by Douglas Preston.  Within his book, Preston describes his own difficult and adventurous journey in the retracing of Coronado’s 1540’s exploration of the Southwest.  While questioning his completion of what turned into a grueling task, Preston noticed a petro-glyph of a Spiral.

The following is written in Cities of Gold about this experience:

“I traced my finger around the rough indented spiral.  Once, many centuries ago, a Hohokam Indian had stopped here and chiseled this sacred figure into the rock.  Where was he going?  Did he live in the valley?  What was the importance of this hill?  Was it sacred?  In thinking these thoughts, I had a momentary, dislocating sense of time and scale, a fleeting sense of something immense, dignified, and very human.  It was a sudden glimpse back into a very different past, a past whose meaning had vanished forever with its makers.  I suddenly knew why I was making this journey.”

The spiral, magical indeed.


The Curse of the Voynich Manuscript

Nick Pelling’s book, The Curse of the Voynich Manuscript, is available for purchase for those interested.  When Six Questions with Nick Pelling was posted back in August 2012, his book had been sold out after his work was previously highlighted on a National Geographic episode.  The process of reprinting is now finished.

As I mentioned in the Six Questions, Mr. Pelling’s book is not only an amazing walk through history, but his research on the strange manuscript is intriguing and persuasive.  And even though the complete decoding of the Voynich remains to be accomplished, many questions concerning the coded pages have been carefully addressed.  The book offers a powerful look at the ‘world’s most mysterious manuscript’.


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