Featured Question with Forrest: Trade or Keep

A tiny space with some of Forrest's collected treasures

A tiny space with some of Forrest’s collected treasures

Hi Forrest,
As a collector and trader of things, how do decide which to keep or trade?  It would seem difficult at times to part with items.   Best, Mahlon


I was never much of a trader because it was time consuming and at the end of the day you are even, theoretically. It always was better for me to buy from you and have you buy from me – and be done with it.

I did part with things I wanted to keep, but making payroll was a priority, and cash flow, a necessity. Fortunately, I was able to keep a few things that I still enjoy holding in my hand. f


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34 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    So many treasures! And each treasured for so many different reasons!

    Thanks Forrest and Mahlon for another great Q and A.

  2. Iron Will says:

    I like the photo the most. Would love to know what some of the items there are…


    1- the item to the left of the ballerina?
    2- the animal in the lower right that looks like a gremlin?
    3- the man carving beside the brandy bottle
    4- Is that a silver unicorn?

  3. Mark J says:

    I would love to spend time perusing the shelves in Forrest’s study.

  4. Iron Will says:

    Is that a Crash Car Delivery Cycle toy?

  5. colomtnman says:

    I like Dumbo in the lower right corner!!

  6. Halogetter says:

    I might focus on the Korbel. The least expensive (although perhaps not, considering its historical provenance, the lips it’s touched…), but most conspicuous wallflower within its company of artifacts.


    • astree says:

      I was only able to briefly read this response, and look at the picture, yesterday. But, the Korbel immediately caught my eye and held my curiosity.

  7. astree says:

    Found on the wikipedia about Korbel: Brown-Forman distributes Korbel Interesting about the word “brandy” too. (And, usually when I hear that word, it reminds me of the song by Looking Glass).

    KORBEL also has the word “broke” in it, but the artifacts on the shelf appear whole, so not seeing anything with that particular piece. However, BR + Y …

    Korbel means “pitcher”.

  8. Forrest Fenn says:

    That Korbel brandy bottle is the one Jackie Kennedy left in our wine cellar after staying in our guest house at the gallery. I wrote about it in my TTOTC book. f

    • Halogetter says:

      Yes, Forrest, hers were the lips I had in mind above, although there were a few others including yours.

      I enjoyed that story; the imagery of it was quite vivid, and it was like a secret window to Jackie that you would not find in mainstream media.


    • anna says:

      Mr. Fenn Sir – you’ve led an incredible life. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I started writing down stories for my own children until I realized how boring my life is compared to yours. Maybe I’ll find your treasure, meet you, and truly have something exciting to write about.

  9. astree says:

    Thanks, Forrest and Jenny, for the continued interaction with the Chase community.

    It certainly adds another dimension to the treasure hunt.

    Jackie Kennedy seems a very interesting perdon, I will do some reading on her background.

    Re: brandy… yesterday afternoon I had some skin cancer cut out of my forearm. What started as a spot smaller than a dime turned into a four inch stitch. The aid who administered the numbing agent was named andy. I think he hit it about 25 -30 times with the needle, to gradually numb it ? I had joked with him about “gotta wonder what they did before modern medicine” and talked about a couple shots of strong alcohol. “Ether, they used ether”. He also told me the numbing agent (lydacaine?) didn’t work so well with redheads, so learned something new.

    Thanks again.

  10. Chris says:


    You have stated publicly that you have never mislead anyone as to where you hid the treasure. Considering that statement and your writings in your book would you be willing to state that you pretty much openly told everyone where to look? As in ” not to far but to far to walk” from the poem and ” for me now — —- — — — —-” from the book. If this is not a clue then it is for sure misleading.

  11. Chris says:


    I recall FF having stated on this forum quite some time ago that the treasure was not on top of a mountain…. “but it might be close”. Did FF actually state ” it might be close” or did you say that. If you added it was there something he said to you give you reason to add that statement?

  12. locolobo says:


    Watch the video and you can hear Forrest say it himself…..https://agypsyskiss.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/selected-quotes-notes-commentary-from-the-collected-works-video/

    “People tell me their climbing on top of the mountain. When these guys are making a mistake I don’t want to interrupt them.”

    “I’ll tell you that it’s not on a top of any mountain. That’s a big clue ’cause there’s lots of mountains out there…it may be close to the top…”

    Jenny has stated several times that she posts exactly what Fenn sends to her. Without changing spelling, punctuation or any other content.

    You really need to do some research. You could answer many questions for yourself. 🙂

  13. Ramona says:

    I see it. Genius again.

  14. astree says:

    The book stack acrostic looks like


    or PINO , (spanish, pine) or having fun with the pinon caper.

  15. 23kachinas says:

    Nice collection Forrest. It’s the tiny happenings in our lives that give us condensed joy.

  16. Walrus says:


  17. WALRUS says:


  18. Jdiggins says:

    I don’t think hoax is a very kind word. Sure, there is some “Elmyr De Hory” applied to the chase, in some aspect, IMO,, but I do believe the chest to be real.

    • Jdiggins says:

      I also would like to state that I believe forrest fenn to be a truly honorable man, and I believe in HIM. Those who choose not to believe are entitled to their opinion, though they need not force it upon others….

  19. Jdiggins says:

    And, regardless, the treasures and treasured memories that have come from this adventure ARE NOT a hoax, so, hey, I did find treasure on this hunt!!! Seems like it was worth it to me!!! 🙂

  20. BW says:

    Jenny, will you please identify all the items in the picture, i.e. Silver horse or silver unicorn, is it dumbo or a bird, etc. Thanks.

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi BW…..I am going to need to get some help from Forrest on some of those items…..:)

      Let me get back to you on this……maybe I can do a whole post on ‘This Shelf’. I’ll see what Forrest says.


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