Featured Question with Forrest: Things We Should Have Kept

flower in handIs there a particular piece of art that has passed through your hands that you wish you still had and why? ~markj

I wish you’d not reminded me markj; there were so many paintings I wish we’d kept. The fact is, I wanted to keep a lot of things, but, I needed to sell them to keep going. A retail business lives on cash flow and I was always checking our accounts receivables to see if we were going to make payroll at the end of the month without going to the bank. Sometimes it was uncomfortable but we always made it. I really hated borrowing money and always thought we couldn’t lose our business if we didn’t owe money. Once, I did borrow a few bucks from a friend to get out of debt.f



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4 Responses

  1. astree says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Do you supply the picture (e.g., “flower in hand”), or Forrest ?

    Noticing the first letter , begin last four sentences, and wrap around

    AS I “O” IT , and his last sentence is about “owe”.


    • Jenny Kile says:

      I supplied the image, astree.

      And if he borrowed money he would still ‘owe’ money and still be in debt…….lol….made me smile. The windmills of our minds…

  2. markj says:

    Thanks for the response Mr. Fenn. I imagine at some point you would also run out of space to keep the things you would have liked to have kept.

  3. astree says:

    Jenny wrote: ” The windmills of our minds… ”




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