Featured Question with Forrest: Pottery Shards

Mr. Fenn,

forrest fennWere pottery shards ever repurposed? I wonder if they were ever shaped into arrowheads to be used on small animals? ~ Thanks BW

Sure they were BW. In our digging we found a few hundred human effigies that were shaped from pieces of broken pottery vessels. I picture many of them in my book, The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo.f


Further Information on the Spindle Whorls from The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo book…lots of interesting images and facts in that book.

san lazaro pueblo








Other Links of Interest:

Prizes for the Egg Decorating Contest (talks about the Pottery Shards and the ‘Gaming Pieces’ from San Lazaro)


Best of Luck with all that you seek!  Enjoy Life’s Adventures!

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41 Responses

  1. Ramona says:

    That’s very interesting. I love pottery shards.

    • decall says:

      Hey Jenny, was the picture selected by you or Fenn? Good work on your site. Both of my grandparents are from AZ. We found lots of pottery and arrowheads, even some corn grinder stones.

      • Jenny says:

        The image was selected by myself, decall. I have the book, and thought I would pick an image from it to show how some of the shards are reworked.


  2. E.C. Waters says:

    Yep. In the shapes of record albums and jade bi. Predictable again.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      I remember in TTOTC when Fenn called out Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth. I thought that was strange. These whorls kinda remind me of the shape of the Imagine memorial in Central Park. Oh, hey, what was that dude who murdered John Lennon reading when he got arrested?

      • Ellen says:

        Quite interesting reading on this subject. Thank you E.C. Waters…with both the Strawberry Fields Memorial (Imagine) and the strange connection of J.D. Salinger’s novel with more than 1 assassin.

        Things I did not know!

        • E.C. Waters says:

          It might not actually be so strange. For the past several weeks, I believe this will have been an intentional connection.

          My theory is that Strawberry Fields in Central Park will be correlated to Strawberry Fields in Colorado Springs, where I believe the treasure is waiting.

          What was Fenn saying about Jackie Kennedy Onassis leaving brandy at his place? She left a whole “lake of life” in Central Park.

  3. Mark J says:

    It is interesting how they reused and repurposed so much, and we throw so much away.

  4. twingem says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest for sharing. I like it!

  5. WiseOne says:

    Human effigies… burn in effigy… Kind of reminds me of TTOTC book burning posted over on CC.

  6. Duck Hunt says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest.

    Kids today have no clue about how much fun it was to breath fresh air, clear your mind and to walk down a road playing kick the can. Could totally see myself sanding down shards of pottery to make intricate chess pieces.

    Pressure and time. Right Andy Dufresne?

  7. JohnR says:

    Is the skull on the rock pic in that book? Anyone have that book?

  8. Jake Faulker says:

    Our whorl is spinning out of control.

    • Jake Faulker says:

      Too much control in our whorl.

      • Crazy Eyes says:

        I will give it a whorl………..
        WE are brought into this world with no direction only an inner voice that we follow. If we are lucky we encounter certain special person or persons along the way that help us in our journey. Our inner voice can lead use down many paths that smooth and polish our edges changing the shape that we started with. If one is very fortunate they might encounter a life-changing event that helps them to follow their dreams, teach them to focus and therefore repurpose an object that is fundamentally sound but slightly off on their journey through life.

        How did I do Jake, documentation is important in the end to someone?

        • Ivey says:

          Documentation is a must in this treasure hunt. I’ve so much documentation, I think I’ll send some off to my pen pal before I go alone in there.

        • Strawshadow says:

          Crazy Eyes, you hit the nail on the head. I love your ideas, if I could just see behind those crazy eyes. My question to you is one of a point. Do you prefer an arrow point with a straight edge or one with serrations? Speaking in a whorly fashion of course. Oh forget that it confuses me, I need to refocus, sorry for interrupting.

          • Crazy Eyes says:

            That is a great question Mr. Shadow.
            I originally preferred a very sharp straight edge enjoying the abilities it took to achieve such an edge, then one day I cut my finger to the bone with a work knife sharpened by a file. A painful lesson to learn but I instantly saw the advantages to having a serrated edge. In retrospect, I don’t have a favorite I consider them equals depending on the task at hand.

  9. 23kachinas says:

    I have this Secrets of San Lazaro book on loan from the library, they are bugging me to bring it back but I don’t want to yet. This copy is 661 or 2000 (first edition) with a dedicated to Laurie and a letter written by Laurie inside. Cool huh?

    In 2000 I painted a freestyle painting that looks similar to Plate 37. Fun to think that anyways.

  10. Can I kick a can down your road? Or just give it a whorl,

  11. BW says:

    Mr. Fenn, thank you so much for answering my question. After sending Jenny the question, I remembered the Easter contest and the prize (game pieces from shards of pottery). Then I had a DUH moment. Searchers once before commented on my “weirdly worded” questions. I sure hope you aren’t calling me a dummy. jk 🙂

    • sunbuddy says:

      Well I do still maintain my youthful tendency towards provocation, It is one of the very ruff edges my lovely wife K has helped me with. You know me…. but there is only one way I see that you could have that information. If I remember correctly it was stated as multidirectional no reference to your intelligence. My past always comes back to haunt me. But I figured it out a long time ago. Some of us have many parts to play, very imaginative. If you think back to when I showed up, I asked who you might be, but you were in denial.

  12. Joey says:

    San Lazaro “secret” reminds me of a tiny room a small child could go in. I can keep my secret where!

  13. Muset says:

    Were any of the whorls older than 1520? Was cotton spinning imported from Europe or was it part of the ancient culture?

    My father would tell me to go to the library and read the book…

  14. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny, Mr. Fenn and BW, I’ve had my eye on that book for awhile. Can’t wait to give it a whorl.

    • mb says:

      I’d love a copy of that book too, maybe it will tell me how to spin my wool, still sitting in the corner Jack

  15. jack says:

    That’s good real good. I saw that one also checking on me. In the corner till early AM then head for home, gotta beat the matriarch. That’s beat as in cross the finish line first……

  16. Crow bar says:

    If anyone is interested in the Coronado connection, Fenn is mentioned in this book. 1542 42lbs

    If anyone wants to know a crowbar is where old crows go to drink!

  17. Spallies says:

    I wonder if they ever made whorligigs out of them:)

  18. Duck Hunt says:

    Completed my first read of The Thrill of the Chase this afternoon. A whorl of powerful emotions within. Makes me happy to share this blue marble with all of you.

    Sign says “please touch, we are responsible.”
    Makes me reflect upon my parent’s home where I grew up. Secluded and beautiful with a cabin and trails out back. They always welcome guests who have come as far as the USSR. Had an entire girl scout troop show up once when the girls were washed out by the rain. Nothing like waking up in the wood surrounded by nature. Makes me wonder how I wound up living in the middle of town with nebby neighbors.

  19. Ramona says:

    Whorl it at me. “Whorl”, that’s a fun word isn’t it? Just don’t hit me in the head or you’re going to be in a whorl of trouble. LOL.

  20. WiseOne says:

    The “Wright” Stuff? by Gary
    Maybe in our universe, the planets are like whorls, (worlds) spinning endlessly on their axis’ (spindle)…
    Or maybe I’m just a Dreamweaver. Ooooh…


  21. 23kachinas says:

    8 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

    Which one are you?

  22. SL says:

    Am not understanding the deletion of today’s post. ?


  23. sunbuddy says:

    I know sumbuddy has a lot of interest and lots of practice with primitive tools….do what you think best. I would give it a whorl for at least 15 years. K loves sf.

  24. WiseOne says:

    Waiting… Watching… Where’s the Weekly Words?

  25. Timberwolf says:

    I have found hundreds of Spindle Whorls… most had to be left in place due to being on public lands. I have also found shards that have been deliberately shaped and edges smoothed for what could be game pieces. Shards were often ground into small pieces and added to the clay for temper which aids in shaping the pot and for stability in firing. Thus, some pots have minute shards from previous pots. The ancient ones rarely ever “wasted” material such as our current “throw away” society.


  26. J. Sullivan says:

    Who knows if it’s even out there??? Seems we’ve reached a logger jammer.

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