Featured Question with Forrest: Opportunity Knocks

trail through woodsMy question is… when the treasure was hidden, did you follow the clues just like they are mentioned in the poem or did you just go to where you wanted to hide it, knowing that the poem would lead someone there? Does that make sense?  ~Tim



I knew from the beginning where to hide the treasure. It wasn’t until later that the clues were provided to find that spot. I don’t know “…that the poem will lead someone there,” as you asked, but the poem does provide everyone with that opportunity.  f



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20 Responses

  1. jdiggins says:

    Wow, Jenny, thanks so much! I don’t think you realize how valuable you and Dal are to this chase! Great work, thanks so much! I always look forward to more questions with forrest. And, Mr. Forrest, I love your answers! 🙂

  2. Forrest,
    I believe what he meant was do you have to follow the clues on foot exactly, like each one leads to the next when your outside…. or could you figure out the clues with just the poem and no exactly where to go?
    Matt T….

    • Sam Smith says:

      Clues…IMO one should be able to figure the poem out and know exactly where to go…ff as the architect built the poem around the hiding place and hid the location in the poem itself…Basically you must find it in the poem, then go there to find it on the ground…There is a method to do this, but it isn’t easy to find or figure out…I think you will recognize it when you find it or see it laid out…Good luck in your endeavors…

      • Thanks Mr. Smith-
        Yea I guess since ALL you need is the poem my theory is that the location of the chest must be with in the poem….
        but F also said a map might help… and here is where I think the poem might relate to A map…. a map that fights all the clues from the poem on it and that is how you know you are the chosen one ready and confident to go pick it up…

  3. The Wolf says:

    Now that clue upthrusts my curiosity to seek the the truth!
    The Wolf

    • Seeker says:

      Clue Wolf? Truly? I see some thought provoking ideas in the Q&A….Lets look at it a bit closer. Does fenn truly “know” that the poem will lead someone to the chest? Nope, the poem provides the information to do so, But until recovered, There’s no way of “knowing” IF it will be found by the poem leading one to it.

      What I find interesting is ” knew from the Beginning” ….The beginning of the Idea of the challenge itself? the beginning of fenn’s place, where the chest lays in wait? or is the beginning – the same from the poem?

      “It wasn’t till later the clues were provided”…Is this saying the clues ‘he’ placed in the poem? or did some of the clues not exists at the beginning of the idea and came about during the 15 years of “re-writing” the poem? Another way of looking at that is…are some of the clues made or placed by fenn himself, not just in the poem, but in the field? Example; could the Blaze or even all the 9 clues, be a “Creation” of Fenn’s? and he just hints in the poem on where to begin it.

      Thought provoking yes… clue? maybe you could Hint, what you see, that I’m missing? Dang blinders are blocking my view again.

      ps. Can’t wait to read the rough draft… honestly.

  4. Joe says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks so much for all your time and effort in gathering questions and getting Forrest’s answers – always interesting. I find some harmony with his response, and I hope you’ll allow me to post one stanza of (what I call) a poem I’ve written that embodies The Chase for me. Perhaps some day I’ll acquire the courage to post the entire thing somewhere, but, in the interim, here’s one stanza I feel is relevant to Forrest’s response. I call my little poem The Sight, so the last word in this stanza has special meaning.

    Soon it shall end, this search of mine,
    Shall end for all of time.
    And should the trove escape my eyes,
    I’ll feel the gain of greater prize.
    Yea, Forrest offered all this path;
    To those The Chase they took:
    A more-than-worthy aftermath
    ‘Waits those willing to Look.

    Thanks so much. Kind Regards.

    • jdiggins says:

      That’s very good, Joe.
      Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • jenny/sixer says:

      Excellent Joe…beautiful…..I would love to read your poem in its entirety.

      It’s awesome to see how the Chase has touched so many…. Forrest gave us all such great opportunities to explore…

    • The Wolf says:

      Atta go Joe – thats the spirit!

    • 42 says:

      Forrest and Jenny, many thanks for your time and thoughts to continue this portion of the chase. It adds dimension and food for thought. I appreciate you both!

      Joe, Really nice verse. Please consider posting the complete poem.

    • spallies says:

      Thank you Joe, I haven’t had this much fun since I was a kid. But being grown up makes me enjoy it more and cherish it more…:)

    • JC1117 says:

      Hey, Joe! (Lol. I wonder if Forrest remembers getting called that in the Philippines. That’s an inside joke unless you’re a “paleface” who has spent time in the Philippines.) I enjoyed your poem, also, Joe. Thank you so much for sharing it…and a big Thank You to all who give of their time and talents to contribute to The Thrill Of The Chase. It is fun, isn’t it? Really, it is.

  5. William says:

    Is it weird that I have more questions now than answers!

  6. lia says:

    Dear Forrest, sometime I hope you will be able to tell us how old you were when you first found your very special place, and why it has held that place in your heart and memories. I understand it would be too big a clue now. We wonder if you and Skippy fished and swam in a stream; or you took Peggy and your daughters on a picnic with a beautiful view; or if perhaps it’s a place of solitude where you communed with nature or God in a meadow of wild flowers. It’s fun to wonder about.

  7. locolobo says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. And, thank you for your participation. It has been educational and entertaining. It is no wonder the children, of all ages, loved to visit your gallery. Well done, old son. 🙂

    Jenny, thank you, again, for providing F

  8. locolobo says:

    ……I was trying to say,

    Jenny, thank you for providing this venue for us to interact with Forrest, and vice/versa!!

    (don’t know why the post “sent”, dang computers???!?!?

  9. Judy Ms.Girl says:

    I agree Mr. Forrest has given us a new cup of wine to drink from and enjoy the many flavors and blends of life out in the wilderness! Many have found their own special places to hold dear and keep secreted away. Thank you Mr. Fenn. Also , I had asked before and no one answered this question: “In what time zone is the special place that contains the Lock Box Treasure Chest?” One of my solves is the only place not on Mountain Time and is still in the search area. I have almost too many areas and want to narrow them down. Just asking. Thanks, Jenny Let’s all keep up the Chase and Bring it Home… Ms. Girl IN AWE AND WONDER

  10. Crack Pot says:

    this page is like heaven has finally opened up; “a beautiful mind has come to the chase” I truly believe it was crafted with help from above with bombs going off or something deserving such as pulitzer wrench, adjustable of course (in and out or up and down and all around maybe too) I always said Forrest was a genius; thanks for the life saver.

  11. Strawshadow says:

    Heartfelt reply f.

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