Featured Question with Forrest: Lock and Key

600px-Pin_tumbler_with_key.svg[1]Hi Forrest, The medieval chest looks like it has a pretty fancy lock which must have been very difficult to make in those days. Can you please describe how the lock works and how it was made ? ~ Muset


Muset, don’t underestimate the metalsmiths in ancient times. They made remarkable objects with iron and bronze. The lock works like most others. You put the key in and turn.

It reminds me of a story. About 23 years ago when my oldest granddaughter was young I told her that if I put a key in her belly button and turned it, her pants would fall off. She’s still laughing, and reminding me that I said it. f



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53 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Makes me laugh too….thanks Forrest.

    Do you have a picture of the Key? It’s in the Chest, right?

  2. E* says:

    Jenny – We had a pretty detailed discussion about that Medieval Bronze Chest,…over at TTOTC.com. I think the latch represents a battering ram:


  3. HaywardG says:

    That is an amusing mental image, I laughed also.

    Another ‘Lock & Key’ here too!

  4. Mark J says:

    Ancient mechanical items have always fascinated me.

  5. Spallies says:

    That would be really cool if when you actually put the key into the lock of the chest you could hear a “click” when you turn it and it unlocks 🙂 Ohh wait I think he said the chest was unlocked…. Maybe you could lock it back up and unlock it just for fun 🙂

  6. Iron Will says:

    That is true…never underestimate the remarkable objects of Iron and Bronze combined. Something truly unique can occur. 😯

  7. Muset says:

    Thanks a lot for posting that Jenny, and thanks for the answer Mr. Fenn. I might have missed it as I’m in Madrid right now, but I was thinking about the Chase while dining at Hemingway’s favorite restaurant (so they say) last night..

    I still don’t get how you can stick the key in the hole with that latch covering the keyhole… I’ll check out the TTOTC chat as E* suggested.

  8. astree says:

    Great question, Muset. I’m wondering about the latch, too. Wonder if he put it to a test, before placing it in/at the hiding spot.

    Iron Will. picking up any thing with the “about 23 years ago”?


    • Iron Will says:

      I threw out my back and strained a calf muscle from the gym, so I haven’t really been focusing on dissecting anything from his comments this week. I do think that maybe 23 is a number like 11, 12, 18 and such related to his poem. His fly scrapbook had one of the pictures with 23 flies I believe in it. Everyone who’s structured his poem in grids for number dissection though have done it incorrectly. He told everyone not to “mess” with his poem, but yet everyone that’s shown their work through this method has most definitely messed with it. 🙁

    • E* says:

      Astree – Are you referring to line 23 of The Poem? Did Forrest say “About 23 years ago…” to make that number work as a hint to that line?:

      “If you are brave and in the wood”

      Does that mean maybe that the “title to the gold”,…an actual title from Forrest,…is located between the wood lining and the bronze exterior of the chest? And do YOU think that lining IS wood,…or do you think it is a faux finish in bronze made to look like wood?

      And did you know that “in the wood” in the olden days had an additional meaning of insane? So you have to be CRAZY to receive title to the gold? I am crazy,…so I qualify. 🙂

      • lia says:

        I qualify as squirrly in a cute chipmunk sort of way, and wild and crazy in many ways. Count me in for that title to the gold too E* There is plenty to share. I you share the gold with me, I’ll promise a meeting with Brad;)

        • E* says:

          lia – Brad and Bart the Bear II will BOTH be at The Chase Victory Party,…because they both will have helped me to locate and retrieve the Bronze Chest. If you miss the party,…you can see it all in my Academy Award-winning movie. 🙂

          • lia says:

            E* don’t forget me when you’re rich and famous. R&F people have a way of finding new friends who are also rich and famous. I’m a simple girl and ‘lifer’ with my friends thru thick and thin but I may need a new family if someone doesn’t find that tc soon. My solution candle is burning low and may be extinguished soon;( im giving the poem one last effort after Easter.

            • E* says:

              Lia – I am sorry you are feeling that way. I like to make new friends,…but I am much more careful now,…after my bad experiences in the past. Can you keep a SECRET???? 😉

              • lia says:

                E* I’m known as a secret keeper and confidant. How do you plan to convey your secret to me and maintain secrecy?

                • E* says:

                  Lia – I am sending Bart the Bear II over,…he is good at keeping secrets also. I don’t think anyone will mess with him on the way there. He will use the Secret Knock,…so you will know it is him,…when you look through the peephole,…and not some other Grizz. 🙂

                • lia says:

                  E* Bart must be lost in the wood or overslept his hybernation alarm. Typical of THOSE Alaska brown bears, just eat salmon and sleep. It’s easy to keep a secret if your mouth is full or you’re snorring. Still here waiting for the secret.

                  (Can’t connect to ttotc or stay connected. missed 5 days there.)

                • E* says:

                  Lia – Update: Bart the Bear II is now guarding the gates,…on the trail to my spot,…to protect My Grizz from CRAZY searchers on The Chase,…who are going to be headed out there in droves,…with their guns and bear spray in hand. Someone has to look out for the Grizzes,…right? His job will be easy,…since there are still “heavy loads” of deep, slushy snow on the ground. And My Grizz can introduce him to the new delicacy of previously frozen Elk carcasses,…which have been secreted under the snow pack for several months. And then they can take nice nap “in the wood”. 🙂

        • E* says:

          Lia – Remember this image I posted,…over at TTOTC.com?:


          Based on your description of yourself above,…I think you should use it as your avatar. Too bad people can’t connect,…we have Soooooo much fun over there! 🙂

      • astree says:

        Hi Estar

        Great to hear from you, lots of good questions. I don’t know what, if anything, the reference to 23 might mean, just looked a little curious to be precise about a number but maybe that’s just the mood he was in.

        I didn’t know “in the wood” meant “crazy”, interesting – I wonder if that’s yet another meaning he intended. ( by the way, “In the Woods” is now playing at theaters ).

        Happy Easter ( still in Idaho, right?)

        • E* says:

          Hi astree – And a Happy Easter to you also. Yes,…still in Idaho,…in close proximaty to where I think the treasure lies….

          I haven’t seen you much lately,…playing with us over at TTOTC.com,…with the A-team. Are you having problems loading The Lounge page??? 😉

          • lia says:

            E* Lia here! Sorry I was absent for a few days over Easter weekend. HUGE connection problems at ttotc. takes 5 mins to load and then can’t hold the page connection for more than 30 seconds. Tried to make it thru the posts and gave up. Did see that Deb’s dream reminded you of something to tell me. Was is the ‘fishing allowed’ see owner sign?? I’m here and on Dal’s if you can post there. love the A team but too frustrating w/out connection. BTW, you’re one brave chic, planning on Cabin creek with the grizzleys. If you make it out alive, call me and I’ll buy you dinner to celebrate. I know a few great places where the moose put their nose to the dining room window. (taunting Dal, lol!!)

            • E* says:

              Lia – I think the Blob Buzz page is too long again,…so Mike will probably create a new one. That is why I post on the page dedicated to our beloved Jenny (which is also great PR for her site!). I was beginning to think I was “alone in there”,…over at TTOTC.com,…but I am CRAZY,…so I often talk to myself. 🙂

              And thank you for the dinner invitation! One of my best friends here owns a restaurant that used to be called “The Rustic Moose”,…and it used to have a giant bronze Moose sculpture out front (by Michael Coleman,…who ALSO ate a porcupine,…while trying to be a mountain man,…when he was 12). I see Moose all the time here,…everywhere (sorry Dal!).

              And I just thought,…because of that header on the fishing video page,…that it might be a HINT!!!! Maybe if you go out to that private property you found,…you will find a sign like that one,…and then you will HAVE to go see the owner to pay. I am sure a nice Pimiento Cheese sandwich will fit the bill. And bring a fly fishing rod,…so they think you are serious. Wouldn’t that be great,…if that is how Forrest has it set up? 🙂

              • lia says:

                E* you may be into something or the property owners will think I’m on something 😉 but the area is 2.42mi and worthy of a fly rod if you can stay clear of the willows. I may take a Zebco spinner and cheese;) Will be an enjoyable search over the river and through the woods. Still looking for grandmothers house near this beautiful canyon meadow with a pretty stream running through the middle. It all fits except the type of ppty.
                Since you appreciate my art, I tried to post another of my Native American colorings where I ground my own pigments from red ochre, yarrow and huckleberries. Couldn’t get it to post at TTOTC.

              • anna says:

                E* I noticed you and lia enjoy Bart the Bear and so thought you’d enjoy this Movie. It has a great opening line that fits Forrest perfectly, “Oh Lord, what would I do without my home and Peg?”


                • E* says:

                  anna – Thank you! You found a movie with Bart the Bear,…that I haven’t seen! And I just researched it,…and the info. said he was just a bear cub in that movie. I can’t wait to have a good enough connection to watch it. 🙂

                • E* says:

                  anna – I watched most of that movie,…which brought me such peace! But it was made in 1974,…so that could not have been Bart the Bear:


        • E* says:

          Astree – I am trying to get better at anagrams:

          “Estar” – That is Easter without the second e.

          Astree – That is Easter will ALL the e’s.

          Happy Easter! Love, E* (there’s that missing E)

        • astree says:

          Hi E*,


          Yes, the “Estar ” was about that, and there’s also a ‘gaze’ there.

          I have been quite busy, I stop by ttotc at time, I post only occasionally. I haven’t tried the Lounge in quite a while, … wait … okay, just tried it. It gets stuck / frozen after loading the first few lines.

          Only loosely connected, here’s a quick article on a $33 Million Faberge egg, bought originally for $14,000


          Be Well,

  9. Jdiggins says:

    My older brothers and sister used to tell me my bellybutton was going to grow into a giant hole if I ate my boogers! 🙂 Couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 but I remember! Made me think…last booger I ever ate!!! Lol!!! 😉

  10. The Wolf says:

    pants? A PAIR of pants or Jeans… why do they call them a pair? Is that a MIRROR image of a pant? Maybe if I hit a few golf balls it will come to me …

  11. waterhigh says:

    Bet you were always the “fun grandpa,” Forrest.

  12. Anyone here got those 9 tumblers to fall… from that locked up puzzle.

  13. anna says:

    Forrest, your fun sense of humor must have created great memories for your grand kids. Nice of you to share a story with us. Hope your family enjoys a blessed Easter weekend.

  14. Remember to celebrate with a six pack. Iron beer 🙂

  15. Hi Jenny

    As I prepare for my hunt. Do you know any other treasure hunts out there in the Montana, Wyoming area’s? Thank You so much.

  1. April 5, 2015

    […] of Line Club". I'll also add, that sixer13 (Jenny's) site, recently posted Forrest's on Lock and Key, where he talks "about 23 years ago…" 1992 = 2015-23 19,9,2 SIB = PEACE sib = light […]

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